Unrequited Love

buh-bye na

buh-bye na

wala na
talagang pag-asa
wala ng ibabaling

kahit itong
ay 'sang uri
rin lang ng
aking salamin

ang taglay mong

ay ipasasantabi ko

ang taglay mo ring
angking kariktan
ay nawawalan
nitong nilalaman

para sa akin
ito'y nabalewala
sa aking umaga.

kaya't buh-bye na.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to someone whom I liked recently and which was written in an informal Tagalog/Filipino/Taglish format.  Thank you for reading on.


Reedited on: 08.11.2023 (I have simply changed the "din" to "rin" to adhere to proper Tagalog grammar rules.)

sa tuwing sasapit ang umaga

sa tuwing sasapit ang umaga

tinawag niyang pimple
ang bundok,
tinawag pang parisukat
ang tatsulok

kung minsan ako'y nagtatanong din
sa pagbabasa
ng bibliya
sa ating pormal na wika—
kung ito'y karapat-dapat ba?

sabi naman ng iba,

naaayon daw
ang mga ginagamit na

uri ng pananalita

sa lipunang

kinabibilangan nila.

ako ngayon ay tila
hindi na maka-laban,

dahil sa nakagawian na.

Aking Kaagapay (in Tagalog language)

Aking Kaagapay





Tila siya ang babaeng parang

hangin para sa aking hininga

Dagliang ito ay mahirap makita

Magiging kasundo sa
lahat ng bagay,
para bang damit

na bumabagay

Puwede bang
isipin na si babae ay
parang isang paboritong


Puwede rin ba na si babae ay

maging parang

mga titik sa

librong binabasa?

Kung puwede lang sana..

na ganun nga

at makakasundo
sa maraming bagay—

Matatawag si babae na

aking kaagapay—



Dreamscapes keep pulling us together.

Landscapes crumbling beneath our feet.


Trying to hold on but we’re slipping.

Dying to know why you’re letting go.


Interested in closure,

Invested in the truth.


The past begets the present,

The fast fading of what wasn’t. 


Hard to accept it,

Cards in my left hand.


Make a play and it sets it,

Take a loss and forget it.


Dreamscapes keep pulling us together,

With the land falling from beneath our feet.


Take a hint, she says to herself,

It’s over before it ever began in a beat.

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tanging ang puso ay magsumamo (in Tagalog language)








tanging ang puso ay magsumamo




palagi raw matamis
ang "oo";
ang nagsasabing
kakilala ko


biglang tingin,
biglang liwanag—
mga awitin nating


—kumusta ka
lahing bituin?
kay tanyag mong


sana lang—sa
hapon na ito,
tanging ang puso
ay magsumamo








I’m not crazy

There was something there 

I refuse to believe you’re unaware

Of all those moments and what we shared

Not only is it incredibly unfair

To be painted as someone impaired

Because I noticed exactly what was there

Maybe I’m right and you needed some flare

So you used my emotions regardless of the tear

It caused in my heart when I became aware

That I was nothing more than an ego stroke

Because it all seemed like the perfect joke

Fool the girl into heartbreak

By letting her know she was never great

Not even close, it was just a prank

Either way I don’t care

If you actually liked me deep down somewhere

Because now I know the definition for overrated


And next time I won’t be so easily baited

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I will dangle from a thread,

Before I let go of you;

You will have to pick me off,

Say, "fuck off",

And flick me away.


Make sure I'm long in the distance;

See that it's dark,



Do not care.

Just walk away;

Leave me to stumble 



My way to the light.


When I call your name,

Please be silent.

Do not call out to me,

Even if it's kind of you to guide me.

Maybe I'll get lost,

Or someone will find me along the way,

And take a left,

When I ask to go right;


So, when I get to where I need to be,

Maybe you will be nothing to me.

That is the only way to get rid of me

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"Delaney's Dance"

by Jeph Johnson 


Your bloodshot eyes met mine steel blue
And for one brief moment life seemed brand new
The dance you dance on the avenue
Is a different dance than I'm used to
Yet for awhile I did conclude
Things could still be good for both our moods
But no matter how much I want them to
It seems my dreams never come true
They began but we got confused
And now I don't even have a clue
Why love like this I wanna persue
Or why for hours I waited for you
On the dark night of the crescent moon
You danced away to a barbecue
Now I don't deserve one such as you
But I desperately need myself a muse

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Delaney, 2016 

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"Crystal Clear Dysthymia"

by DaddyO


A weak little boy in a "daddy" disguise
Bought all the toys money could buy
For his babygirl to leave on the floor
He gave her his world, but she wanted more

When she was annoyed she'd never cry
For she was his joy and he trusted the lie
With dysthymia permeating her core
Her idea was simply to walk out the door

Instead of trying to reconcile love
She left behind miles and miles of
Heartstrings securing his heart to hers
Her destiny's clearing while his vision blurs

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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