second chance

Their Love

This Love


She knew this was right-

           THEY BOTH KNEW,

this was right...and good

           and only theirs.

Knew it was fate~

Knew that the hand of God

joined them as one, 

so very long, long ago.


And when His timing

was just set to perfect,

He, in His infinate wisdom

and divine, loving Grace,

                    once again,

brought them together~

Never to be cut out again,

from each other's life.


Never again to feel alone.

or be so lonely.

Or to feel so unvalued,

so broken.

But to bask now, in this~their love.

And to forever simply,

Just love

             and be loved.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I Love You, My Gary... 


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White Knight


A man’s built to save a girl
God‘s plan is deep inside
To save, and love, and cherish a girl
To make her soon his bride
Well I thought I’d try my luck
And so I rolled the die
But to say that loving’s easy
Would be a plain-faced lie
I set out to find a girl
In this lonely world
And found one really quick
Around her finger twirled
I would’ve been your white knight
If you had let me try
But you didn’t want me
And so my love did die
Looking back I thought of this
And I wrote to you this rhyme
To remind you how you fought me
For the entire time
If you call, I won’t hear
I’ll be with another
I’ll be her white knight, she my bride
And I will always love her.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem and Rollercoaster were both made over lunch at Wendy's. :D

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Would You Go With Me


Would you go with me
Far away from where we are
To another world from where you've lived
We'll follow the morning star

Would you go with me
If I led you from your fears
If I kissed away your tears
Loved you for a million years

Would you go with me
And start this life anew
I didn't lie, I only want you
To be one instead of two

Would you go with me
Love you for the rest of our lives
Better than those fakers can contrive
You make me feel alive

Would you go with me
If I told you I loved you
And that there's nothing more that I want to do
Than to live and love no-one but you

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Always fighting
My two natures
War within me causes shivers
I can’t hold it
What am I?
A man or beast
A demon or angel
Do angels burn?
Do their wings catch fire?
Mine do
My mind is in torment
It reels from it’s agony
My heart is broken
It’s lying in pieces on the floor
I look up
Who is my tormentor?
A mirror image of my own face
The past self
The present regret
What darkness is in your eyes!
I get off the ground
My bone-wings still on fire
A red halo above my head
And a blue-flame inside my chest
But who are you?
I know your face
My love
Why do you want me?
Look at me, I am fallen
And have further to fall.
Yet she picks me up
My wings cannot grab the air
I can no longer fly with her
I am doomed
And my bane approaches
But she resists my fate
And pulls me to my feet
One kiss
And everything’s alright
My body enveloped in blue flame
Now, I am loved
I have purpose
I have a mandate from the one who sent her
I have the power to love my enemies
To put others before myself
I have the power to do wonders in His Name
And I love her who saved me
Who am I?



It’s strange that I don’t know who you are, I feel as if I did once, but now
you’re just
face in
a grey
Did I know
you? Who
are you?
I think I
know you
from some


Oh, yes. A smile, a face, a kiss. There you are. Sorry, I don’t know you
anymore. See, you left me. I'm no longer am yours. I don’t know you,
because you left.                                                          Now you’re just
somebody that I                                                              used to know.
I loved you once, but you threw my love away. I guess I wasn’t good
enough for you; did you ever love me? I don’t know, I just don’t know.



                                                                            And yet, I still remember
                                                               you as you once were.
                                     You were so beautiful, charming,
                 sweet, lovely. My eye’s never left yours.
There was no-one else in my world but you.
                Everything I did was for you, and I know I had
                                      my flaws. You were my sun by day,
                                                                 my stars by night. You
                                                                          were everything to me.


Now, I still hurt. I still remember the pain. I still feel the blow, the heartache,
the suffering.                               But do you                                know what?
I still love                                    you I forgive                          you. I want you
back in my                                  arms. I need                          you. I’ll take you
back; always.                              And I know                                you’re sorry,
but let the                                  past die. All                             I know is that

you love me                                now, and I                                love you too.

Welcome back,                          I remember                                   you now;


I love you.

I always

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Originally, it spells love with the words, but I guess I can't do that on here. I though I was being clever. :P

A Light In The Dark

My Love

Ever since I loved you, at first sight
I was for the dark, and you for the light.
Everytime I see you, you give me such a fright
For I am of the dark, and you of the light.
You pulled me out, and set me on my feet
When I was of the dark, and you the light.
Without you my life is not complete
When I am in the dark, you are my light.

So do I love you, and think you be
A light in the darkness, beautiful and free.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this at age 15 for my best friend (girlfriend). That relationship ended the next year; but I still think the world of her sometimes. She was the one to set me on my feet, and I owe her for that.

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My love

A sweet sky overhead, winter over, past it’s due.
Time and again laughs follow, delighted in such victory.
Behind its wake such love and celebration,
the rose opens its first petal, the light shines through those stormy clouds.
Almost out of place, through it all and all.
My’ve come back to me.
Venus turning its gaze,
the corridors filled with whispers of promise,
the storms moves away, then spring seems to enter the fray.
It’s as though we flaunt, a revolution of change of time.
We hold our love, we hold the night in our grasp,
beautiful now, coated stars warm and loving, filled with rewards,
dance blissful under a pale moonlight, prideful in our victory
Leaving behind, leaving the hate, leaving the fear,
my’ve come back. Yes my’ve come back

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