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Grosse Ile, Michigan, U.S.A.

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I haven't updated this in a few years, minus slowly putting up poems and songs. Today I have decided I should update. All of my poems are now updated with spell check and I have added in folders to organize the songs from the poems, and my new dreams diary. I have dreams very often, usually 3-7 dreams a night. I tend to remember them which a lot of people have said is something they wish they could do. I have decided since I hear those comments I would start writing down my dreams I have the best I can remember them each night. Then while talking to a friend, she told me she would like to read them. Seeing as bringing them to her would be difficult I came up with the idea of posting them on here. I am going to try my best to actively write down and post my dreams that I have on here. Along with posting some of my older dreams I can recall. As well as any back story that may describe them. If there is no back story the authors comments will be left empty. I will not post the dreams unless I have a pretty decent memory of everything that happened in them. Now I should probably write more then just about my poems\songs\dreams on here. My name is Nicholas Casey Jones. I have been writing poems and songs for a decent amount of hears now. I have always been very fond of writing as a way to release my emotions and to connect with other people. Other interests of mine include video games, helping friends, and general things like that. I have been playing video games since I could hold a controller. Starting with Atari. As I grew and the video game systems did, I continued to play them. I have always been a fan of them. Always enjoyed the challenge of all types of video games. I even have three tattoos currently. All of different video games. If anyone is interested in playing I am on Xbox Live and RuneScape. On both my name is Jonzy2005. If anyone else has any questions for me feel free to contact me.

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It is kinda deep and sexy. And looks like well a navel.

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''Fate doesn't create a destiny and let you live it out through your life, you create your own destiny and seal your fate'' Nicholas Casey Jones


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