Fractural Pieces

Fractural Pieces

I know it sounds so cliché
But you never took the time to look my way
And now I’m gone, it’s the end of the day
And the only thing left is this song to play.

“I love you”
When said by a fool
That’s what you hear out the classroom at school
There’s no Psyche, Aphrodite
Love doesn’t end well
If love’s just a look, then you’ve tasted hell.

Real love is patient, love is kind
It fills the heart and eases the mind
Love is trust, love is time
And that is why I wrote this rhyme.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

These are just some pieces that I found in my note book, that I never really used except as free standing verse. Yes they sound similar, and have a beat like rap, but they were written at different times in different places, so I grouped them together.

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i liked the third one:)

i liked the third one:) there's this one part in 27 Dresses where the guy says 'love is patient, love is kind... love means slowly losing your mind'. when i read the third verse, it reminded me of that for a second. but anyways, i really like them:)

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