St. Jerome

St. Jerome in the Wilderness

Master, Master come to me,

                                                                                            Savior, Savior hear my plea.           


O Lord I understand my punishment.

I will not flee this banishment.

Until a time that you are done,

For you alone art the holy one.


Through temptation I have stayed,

Loyal in your gaze and unafraid.

I bear my cross as you bore yours,

Even with the window outdoors.


I use this quill to help you Lord,

As I hear the echo of a far off chord.

I praise your name to the land,

And rejoice when I hear the voices of the sand.


Amen, Amen I say to thee,


Amen, Amen please set me free.

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My Luna

Mea Luna (My Luna)

My Luna you have been gone a thousand years
For you, I have shed a million tears.
The longing for love
Banishment to above.

The moon is a cold and lonely place
The appearance of your adorable face,
Is fading from my memory
You will be part of history

Engulfed by loneliness and the desire for admiration
Attacked from an outside presence gave you devastation
Your true self was lost to hate
Was all this part of fate?

After a century of planning your revenge
Your night, you would avenge
Fueled by anger and rage,
You escaped from your lunar cage

You were challenged by six young mares
By your sister, they were given the dare.
They defeated your dangerous spirit
Nightmare moon had a Childish fit

The bond between you and evil was broken
Finally, by six ponies, your judgement was spoken
Your dark miasma was gone
You saw the break of dawn

Instead of eternal banishment
Celestia dismissed your punishment
For the true you was revealed
Your innocence was healed

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my first poem I have ever written. I feel like I can relate to Princess Luna, because we have both been overshadowed by our older sisters. Feel free to comment, and criticize. I will only benefit me. If you do not understand the concept of the poem, you can look up the story of luna and celestia.

Brothers Divided

Azrael's War

"My brother, the one I love, the one I shall never see again; you speak of love, you speak of passion, yet was it not I also who loved you, who also stood by your side just as you stood by father's? Your lust for the mother divided our love; cast me out from your grace. Your desire for rebellion is reason for your shame, and my anger is only surpassed by my pain; the pain I shall carry for eternity; the pain of knowing I shall never set my eyes upon you again, or lie in your bosom. Your loss shall not be in vain."

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