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Winona, Texas

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Born in Salt Lake City, Utah but moved to and grew up in Texas.
Finding myself writing at an early age I quickly realized that it was much easier for me to express myself in the written words rather than to say them aloud.
Over the years and through the endless stacks of scribbled on papers
my audience and fans who I've come to regard over the years as my "Gremlins" had even noticed and pointed out the growth in my written voice. I have always tried to remain modest and humble never claiming to be great, or even bragged about my skill in this craft when with all respect I could and even probably should to help promote the marketing of my published books but instead I have always found myself simply saying
"My writing speaks for itself."

I have been asked countless times about my process, my methods that I use to produce a finished product, be it a book or a short Sonnet/Poem. Being an Indie Author I have the advantage of writing for myself and do not have to worry about appeasing the pockets of those who would disfigure a beautiful work of art. I like to think that my style of writing differs from most in this culture.

I love play on words, and those cryptic subtexts. I write with the intent of conveying a message weather that is an opinion of mine or one that I share, or even a fact or lie that I find important enough to spend time exploring.
My favorite method for writing however has been and will always be free hand. Pen to paper, there is no greater satisfaction for me then to expel my emotions, bleeding out my thoughts as the ink stains the paper reveling a truly inspiring piece of literature.

When I was younger my intention was to vent everything that managed to get bottled up inside me. As I got older I aimed for a more informed approach towards the muse that had inspired me.
All in all, while constantly changing the reasons behind the 'why' it is that I write there is however few veraciously unchanged motives holding the whole foundation together.

I have many interests and passions apart from my writing. Science, quantum physics, space, nature, and the list would go on and on as each day I try and discover something new and different to explore or study. I have loved, and I have lost all within this Illusion we call life. I have sacrificed and I have gained. I believe in Karma, the yin and the yang. As this reality is split we struggle over our irrational and chaotic dualities.

I am spiritual with a dash of cynicism towards organized religion; as I do not believe in the god of the bible or the church yet rather believe in a more complicated pattern within the spaces our naked eyes cannot see. My path in this life has been a rocky road always trying to remain a few steps ahead but finding myself constantly five steps behind.

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"I, as a responsible adult human being, will never concede the power to anyone to regulate my choice of what I put into my body, or where I go with my mind. From the skin inwards is my jurisdiction, is it not? I choose what may or may not cross that border. Here I am the Customs Agent. I am the Coast guard. I am the sole legal and spiritual government of this territory, and only the laws I choose to enact within myself are applicable --Alexander Shulgin, PhD, Chemist and author, at the DPF Conference, November1996"


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