second chances

My Nextdoor Boy

This Love


Like a gift, I never even expected,
Like a dream, really coming true,
My life felt, complete at last,
When you said to me, "I Love You."
Words I never expected to hear,
From the love, I always recalled,
Caress my soul in warming glow,
And have left me so enthralled.
I never thought, when we met again,
It would ever lead us, to all this,
Even though I never forgot your smile,
Never forgot, the taste of your kiss.
I truly feel the hand of God,
For only He, ever knew my heart-
That only God could pair us together,
When it seemed, I was falling apart.
I no longer live in saddened state,
No, now I live in such total joy.
For the rest of my life will now be shared,
With my long-lost, nextdoor boy!

Author's Notes/Comments: 
I Love You So Very, Very Much, My Sweet Gary!!
Forever Yours,
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I'm Gonna Love You Right

This Love
We've both had our share,
Of hard times, sadness and pain,
But now, despite the losses,
We are now, each other's gain.
I see into your gorgeous eyes,
The longing there, for affection.
I know too well, that feeling, Babe,
And know too well, that rejection.
I vow to make you, always smile,
To bring sunshine into your days.
I'll let you know, how much I care,
In so many wonderful and different ways.
I will be the one, to hold you close,
To take care of, your every need.
I want to be your life's helpmate,
And let life, take us, where it will lead.
I'll be there whenever you want me,
Be it in morning, noon, or night.
Because My Darling, know this truth,
I promise...I'm gonna love you right.
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Do You Even Know?

This Love


Do you even know?

Can you even fathom?

Could you ever have guessed?

...How much I have loved you?

How much I wanted you?

How much I love...and want you still?


That I carried a torch,

That burned out of control,

Yet had to be smothered,

To only smoldering embers,

Hidden inside me, till they burned,

A scorched mark upon my soul?


That never, ever, were you forgotten?

Even when maybe, you thought-

No one cared, no one loved you,

That someone out

Never forgot, never stopped

Never could, even if I tried.


That you were the only one,

Who most impacted my heart,

Who made me really feel alive,

Who seared your very self into my soul-

A place I never allowed anyone else access-

And now, still, only you reside, forever.


 Do you even know...

That now, that we have again connected-

At last...that if I died today,

I could die happy, content,

Knowing that my one, long-treasured dream,

Finally and blissfully...came true






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Let me lie

Let me freeze again

Till death do we part

And we are on a fast road there

Let me die

Let me live

For death is only the beginning


And I will rise again


I am Atlas

Cursed to uphold you all

Show me the universe

The world in my hands

The sun at my back

Clouds and nebulas are my clothing

Ill carry your world


Time and I converse

As you are born and grow

Earth and I speak

I call out your name

Don’t feel so low

I’ll carry your world


Show me your strength

The fire in your eyes

The desire in your fight

Sometimes I feel so low

About to explode

I’ll carry your world


The world in your eyes

Adventure in your smile

Love in your life

Strength in your touch

Laughter in your youth

Ill carry your world


I call out your name

The world on my shoulders

You hear the thunder from my voice

The lightening in my eyes

The load is not too heavy

I call out your name

I’ll carry your world


For I am ATLAS

Cursed to uphold you

I'd drop the world to catch your tears


I’ll carry your world

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I Love You

To My Wife

I want to say I love you

But you’ve heard it all before

In different ways

Different places

New schemes on how to say it

How do I make it special?

How do I get across

Just how much I want you

How much I need you

How much that I love you

That I’d give my life away

If I could make you smile once

And I would say it’s worth it

Because I’ll spend my whole life

To make you happy

I’ll give my last breath

To make you feel safe

And needed


And loved

Outside of You, A Psalm


Outside of you, nothing about me makes sense.

You created the stars with your breath, the sun with your voice.

Great is The Lord, my God, the great leader of hosts!

Who can tell of your greatness, your mercy, your love?

Who can begin to mention who you are; what you do?

Who among men can understand your place?

Men fall to their knees before you and children run into your arms.

Who is like you oh Lord God?

Who is like our daddy in heaven, who is everywhere at once;

Rejoicing next to the reunited lovers, and the hand on the shoulder of mourners?


Light and Dark

Where where is darkness
There is light
Where there is daytime
There is night
Where there is peace-time
There is war
When comes after
Look before

Together Forever

To My Wife

If life is a game

And love is a place

Then I'd ever be

Within your embrace

But now we are far

So far from each other

But soon it's not so

In kisses we'll smother

When time is a memory

And space is a dream 

Together forever

Rid of fates scheme

Laying together

On a midsummers day

Gone into the light

Wisped far away