We all are fallen
Fallen from heaven
Not what we're supposed to be
But some are forgiven
And can keep living
If I show the love given to me
"Why would God allow...?"
Questions asking how
Pale next to His grace
More like, "why am I not dead?"
His love in my head
Radiates off of my face

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Help is on the way

Help is on the way

like a calm before the storm
Ima bout to blow
the fucking top off this world
carry the wounded and broke
the fallin from long ago
that have been the ones left alone
to feel the cold
I'll Give you the strength
to get back up on your feet
Sick of seeing people walk on by
Kill the dreams
hate on the fallin
feist on the weak
dont worry !
I'll move mountans
build bridges
put the wieght of this world on my shoulders
i only ask for one thing
Thank you!

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The Burden Of Love And The Consequence Of Blind Devotion

Azrael's War

"Was it not I who fought for you, who cast down punishment upon my own brethren in your name...who stood by your side during the first rebellion, and slay my own blood...was it not I who existed only to carry the greatest burden; one hand holding the light and the other bathing in blood. Now this mark of shame I shall bear for eternity...these horns of punishment I once cursed upon the fallen, I now carry."

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