something inside me died

open door's

Screaming inside how can I feel like this. Life seem's to be unkind, forgot what happiness feel's like. Been here so long I can't see it even if it hit's me in the head. Here I stand looking in the mirror hating the person staring back at me. Knowing how sad it is, resentment clouds my thoughts, leaving a bad taste in my mouth and so much hate in my soul. I feel lost in this world with nothing to

give and nothing to gain. What have you done, now I'm sitting here wondering what have I done?   

Author's Notes/Comments: 

not my best moment right now but guess we all break at times

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Here Comes The Rain


You made my day as black as night
My life feels loss of meaning.
You’ve turned dark what once was bright
How can you know what I’m feeling?

Did you know that once you filled my life
Your loss would be unreal?
I could’ve avoided the pain and strife
If you had told me how you feel.


Here comes the rain
I’m crying in pain
Sighing with the wind
Swaying in the trees
Here comes the rain
I’m carrying the pain
I’m falling to my knees-
Here comes the rain.


Why did you say that I am not enough?
Why pierce me to the soul?
Because now, like the winter wind outside
My heart’s become so cold.

Here comes the rain
I’m crying in pain
Sighing with the wind
Swaying in the trees
Here comes the rain
I’m carrying the pain
I’m falling to my knees-
Here comes the rain.


Here comes the rain
I’m crying in pain
Sighing with the wind
Swaying in the trees
Here comes the rain
I’m carrying the pain
I’m falling to my knees-
Here comes the rain.

The Cage

Trapped deep within
The cage
Of her mind
Is a creature that longs to
Be set free.

It howls and
It rages,
It screams and
It cries
For the freedom it shall never be granted,
For it is trapped deep within
The cage
Of her mind.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hmmm..... Not sure about this one.

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Our Son in Vain

Our son
Our son
He cries out in vain

Running in circles
Stay close
Stay sane

He has your eyes
He shares your name

As a cool breeze shivers the spine
He feels our pain

I will journey close to where you are
Just to feel you somewhere
All has changed
Love always remains

Feel it in the breeze
The way you sing my name

Our son
Our son
He cries in vain

-2011 Kailyn Charron

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Haunted by many dreams of my ex. I had one particularly vivid dream of us having actually had a son together.

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When Anger Occurs

Felt like I was floating,
But really I was falling.
So wrapped up in your lies,
I didn't hear the truth calling.
To tell me you're the devil himself,
You keep you're heart a shelf.
Somewhere deep inside the whole you crawled out of.
I thought you were sent from above,
You said I was sent from above,
And I believed you,
Shows what I know about love.
Blinded by false light,
You took away my sight,
All I did was feel the wrong that I thought was right.
I should've known better than this,
Cupid totally missed;
Or maybe went right through you because you're so heartless.
You're so heartless.
You get what you wanted by taking it away from someone else.
I'm sick of you're taunting.
Its ruthless and haunting.
What happened to your heart?
Should've seen this from the start:
You are heartless.

You know I loved you so,
I never wanted to let you go.
You said forever and always,
Then lost track of the days.
Forever always ends up being trouble for me,
How much you affected my life,
Then took off in flight.
You never had a thought of what you left behind.
My mind filled with worry,
My eyes filled with tears.
I'm surprised I haven't drown from the crying,
That's lasted for years.
I hope maybe one day you'll learn a lesson
From playing with peoples' hearts,
Then ripping their life away.
People try to heal me,
Like they know what I'm feeling.
All the trust I've lost,
All the hate I've gained.
Its so unreal;
My body aches with hurt,
My blood pumps through pain.
Then I see you smiling like its some kind of game!
What a shame,
Well game over and all people rule the same
Because they're all so heartless.
No one will confess,
They do what they want,
Then push it away.
I'm sick of the lying,
The hate and the fighting.
What's wrong with this world?
Filled with all this hurt,
But you're still heartless.

I'm losing controll,
I'm about to let go:

Because you're so heartless.
You're sick and dishonest.
Take without asking first,
Then push it in the dirt.
I'm losing my gripping,
I think I am slipping.
You took what was best,
Then left all the rest,
Now I'm heartless.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for people with broken hearts. Mainly me.

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so easy to say

I forgive you


it doesn't truly resonate

not to the deepest depths

of my being


I think I've forgiven

but my body reeks




sticks to me like superglue

makes me blame... it's all you


how am I to finally be

free from this

stop punishing


myself and you 

all of you

I want forgiveness to be true


I wish I knew...





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