The Ice Cream

The only thing this man lacked was to try again the delicious flavor of that ice cream. It tasted as pineapple. But its real flavor was from those special moments with his brother in their childhood. They were inseperable, but different circumstances gave rise to their separation. He remembered when their father, once, took them to that special grocery store when they were kids, and told them to choose only one thing to eat and share between them, because they had behaved very well as brothers. They decided to pick up that huge bowl of pineapple ice cream. And at home, while watching that superhero movie, and laughing out loud, and playing, they devoured it all. It had been the best moment of his life. There were no worries, no concerns or problems; the only thing that existed in there was innocence and love between brothers.


So he started thinking if he should call his brother and tell him to see each other, but, something stopped him. He really missed his brother, however, he knew they were better in that situation... away from each other. They would have been 11 years since they last saw each other in their father's funeral. And the only thing he remembered his brother said was "Take care, Tony.". That last message was the end of that brotherhood. His brother was his partner in crime; they did all together, and even though they were from different ages, their relationship was very good.Tony knew his brother got married. He also did, and was very happy about that. But neither of them went to their special moments. Well, Tony sent a letter wiith the invitation to him, but he didn't assist. Their conflict was enormous that it influenced on that. Tony wanted to reedem himself, but he couldn't find the way to do it. He went to the church and decided to confess it all to the priest, but that wasn't the way. He needed to talk to him. He needed to have contact with his brother. But what he really wanted was to get back to the good old days. He was incapable to move on; what he needed was to hear three words. "I forgive you." He was so desperate that his wife didn't know how to help him. She was thinking to make a call to his husband's brother and arrange a meeting between them, but something in her heart told her that the only one who needed to fix this problem was Tony.


How was it possible that a strong relationship between brothers had an end? Or maybe it was just a time in order to fix everything, but a very long one. Their father used to say that when his moment arrive, they needed to be more united than ever. They would only have each other, because "a brother is the most blessed and important thing someone can have." And it was true, so that relationship still had hope of being healed.



So suddenly, Tony decided to took action. He took the phone, and with a big nervousness, made that call. His hands were shaking and his heart was accelerating very fast that for an instance, he wanted to hang up. No one answered, but he tried again. The phone dialed, and the same process with his body started to occur. A kid answered. And, unconsciously, Tony knew that the little boy was his nephew, so he, in a very friendly way, asked him to put his father on the phone. The kid took around 10 seconds to do it, but Tony felt hours passed. "Hello, who is this?", his brother replied. Tony had no words. But he did answered, and said, "Hi Matty, do you... still remember the taste of that pineapple ice cream?"  And with a faltering and melancholic voice, Matty said: "Of course, I always do."

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Last thing for her


This is a story about Gabriel, he is not like any other 15 year old, the thing about him is that he cares a lot for his family and always looks after them, especially for his little sister, and there is nothing he loves more than her.


It was an early November in 1980’s, Gabriel had just suffered a great loss, her little sister Karla, she was just hit by a truck last night, It was dark and snowy, and Karla wanted to go out and play, unfortunately for her, the ball went past the fence, and when she tried to go and pick it up in the middle of the street a truck came by, the truck had no front lights so she couldn’t had seen it coming, that was the reason of her cold and lonely dead, she was not found till the next morning by the maid who went out to water the plants. Gabriel was devastated; he didn’t know what to do because her little sister was everything to him. Something strange happened three nights after the accident, late in the night Gabriel woke up because she heard some whispers, they came from the bathroom, when he decided to man up and check it out, he found out it was her little sister, the second he saw her, he just had so many mixed feelings that he wanted to throw up, he didn’t know if he was dreaming, he was confused, scared, happy and many other things when he saw her. She was under the sink crying, she felt lonely and afraid and felt like nobody cared for her, Gabriel started talking to her, at first, he was mad and start yelling because he couldn’t understand the fragility of life, the decision that got her killed, the kick of the ball that wasn’t supposed to go past the fence, there were many things he wanted to say, but instead of letting her know what she already knew, he decided to help her, he didn’t knew what to do to make her happy, why was her soul still here, why couldn’t she go and rest in peace? Karla told him she didn’t wanted to go yet, there were still things she needed to do and didn’t wanted to left them undone, I guess that is why Gabriel could see her, their brother bond must be so strong he can even see her and try to help her in the afterlife. Gabriel all confused and happy, decided to help her, he asked her what unfinished business she had there, so she began to tell him, for starters, the neighbor lend me a doll some time ago, I loved it so every time she asked me for it I just made an excuse so I could keep the doll for more time, she also wanted to give the lady in the store some money she owed her, it was a small village so everyone knew each other, Karla asked for some candy in the store and she promised the lady that she will give it back. Gabriel was even more confused, he told her those were insignificant things and that she shouldn’t be worried about that kind of stuff, he just wanted her to rest in peace. Karla told Gabriel, “Oh, and one last thing, I couldn’t go without telling my brother how much I love him and that I wanted him to live a happy and long life, oh, and also you can keep all my toys!” After that, little Karla banished, and Gabriel started crying.

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My Brother's Pillow




I don’t remember where it came from. I don’t remember when it appeared. Even though, I don’t remember my brother one single day without that pillow. He takes it everywhere. One could think that the favorite belonging of an almost twelve year-old kid would be a videogame console, a toy, a computer or his dog but not Alex. Alex’s most loved thing ever is his fluffy and soft pillow. This is not the kind of pillow you would rest your head on (Incredibly I don’t like how it feels when I rest my head there). It’s like those pillows you just hug when you are lying on your bed because it feels amazing. It is as soft as the softest cotton candy. Probably it is as soft as a cloud. A bunny would feel like a rock standing next to it. A lot of funny moments come to my mind when I think about my brother and his pillow. I’m pretty sure he’d rather being without me for a month than without that pillow for one week. I can’t judge him. We fight a lot. Nothing aggressive or violent, just those childish arguments brothers always have. So how could I be compared to the most comfortable pillow on the planet? Even I accept there’s no comparison between us. I myself have managed to steal Alex’s best-loved pillow when he’s asleep. The best way to make my brother mad, to really make him mad is to hide his pillow. You can trust me when I say that my brother prefers to sleep hugging that pillow instead of having one under his head. He’d sleep on the floor if he had to choose between sleeping on a comfortable bed with any amount of pillows but his favorite one or sleeping on the floor with it. Have you ever been asked this silly question “If you had to move to a lonely island and you could bring only one thing with you, what would it be?”  Well guess what my brother would say, yeah you are right He’d choose his pillow. His pillow for him is like a treasure chest for a captain, he appreciates it that way, like a treasure, and it’s priceless. I don’t think that my brother would never ever let it go or at least not for a long time, a really long time. And that’s it about my brother’s favorite thing on Earth.






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Legal Rape





families gather in a place of condemnation,

weary, excited, downtrodden, in a 'fair and equal' nation,

look foward to a day, when they see the face of a loved one,

behind a plexiglass window framed in steel, with the aura of being 'under a gun',

little ones elated, of the day they see daddy's face,

it matters not to them, they must be in this place,

just a look, a glimpse, of so much time lost,

and mothers, sisters and brothers, all pay the cost,

arrive at the gate, the car is searched,

and in the distance, the attack dogs, hungrily perched,

the car is dismantled, and questions of interrogation,

what are these pennies for? (i didn't know i needed a reason).

reaching the entryway, a small piece of material is given,

we ask, 'what is this for'? (no answer--excuse me for livin'),

one woman steps up to be searched for the visit,

"rub that piece of material across you breasts, ma'am", (what? this seems illicit!),

she complies, without complaint, because the kids want to see dad,

and now, she too, has been made to feel she is bad,

the other officers gawk, they seem to be enjoying this,

some even appear they'd love to give her a kiss,

little ones stare, they don't know of mama's shame,

mama says to them "oh honey, the nice man's just playing a game",

he takes the material, and places in a machine,

the drug test comes up negative, his face gets mean,

he tells her, "no, wait, miss!!! you can't go!" (it's like a threat),

"you must now rub it between your legs, we're not done with you yet!",

the woman looks at me, her face is beet red,

we all feel helpless, in shock, we can't believe what he said,

she takes the piece of material, and rubs it between her thighs,

he says "no not like that! higher!" (and this poor lady begins to cry),

he doesn't apologize, or have any sensitivity that what he's doing is rape,

his fears have swallowed him completely, 

our mouths are agape,

we all go through this process, feeling so violated, and psychologically torn,

then we force the smiles on our faces, we can't complain or mourn,

and this is just one ingenious scheme, an obstacle, one tactic,

that divides families who have someone in prison--(yes, you're right, it's sick),

had i not seen it with my own eyes, how these innocent people were made to sob,

why on earth do they have these obstacles and these people in these jobs?

so the one time these people get to see their loved one in a year,

they go through the entire visit, feeling bad, ashamed, and in fear.


9:36 AM 7/12/2013 ©



my ode to brotherhood division entitled 'terrorists being grown'

belief system


To grow anything

Love; suffering

require ingredients

catalyst; circumstance


terrorists being grown

abroad and home

an alarming rate

bred with hate


Christian or Sharia

all should care

brothers and sisters

Reside everywhere


brotherhood of man

natural born magicians

loving not hating

no brother berating


reality very different

not heaven sent

controllers in shadows

maximizing humanity blows


Divide and Conquer

not much longer

Humanity coming back

with vengance; Fact


karma checks, balances

ensures all circumstances

pay for actions

should give satisfaction


loving life; sanctified

ensures your life

mantains its vibration

also empire nations


karmic there too

effecting you?

ask, your country

ever been nazi?


keep spreading light

on humanity's side

finding your truth

really help you

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To become the thing once despised

Azrael's War

"And because of my love for her, because I sought her love for my own, I am shunned and cast down; no more the keeper of more the favorite son. Shall my passion become my demise? Shall my pain lead me into war?"

"Brother, you speak as though you desire rebellion...the very thing you once stood against."


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Sidewalks ~

Unique Poems

We on separate blocks // we share different views // walking da same path but wearing different shoes // I'm walking forward // while u doing side walks // I'm writing with my pen // u writing with ur chalk // I'm focus on da outcome // u focused on da income // u trying stay underground // I'm trying to overcome // I'm living in my future // u living in my past // u living life fast // while I'm living life last // I struggle & succeed while u struggle to succeed // u get money every week // I get money every year // futuristic paper dat builds up my career // we on different climates // on different atmospheres // breathing different air // but we cry da same tear // becuz we share da same fear // dat one day one of us will disappear // cuz even tho every thing jus seems unclear we both still remember yesteryear // wen we both used to cheer // wen we both had to steer & share da same ear // but now dat there're dead we only have us // both of us sharing dat distrust // but it doesn't matter we're blood brothers who talk // even tho we walking on separate sidewalks ~


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