By jfarrell


Me, I’m lucky;

I still gotta roof over my head (just);

Unlike the several poor souls I passed;

Wrapped in cardboard, in shop doorways


On my way home from work;

At 3am;

With last night being so cold and wet as it was;

I may forget it often, but I am




Even luckier than the chief executive,

Who’s getting £90 million bonus, this year;

So much responsibility;

All that money.


Seriously; I’d drink it, maybe buy a toy, and get bored with it;

The dude who is getting it… why…

He’ll use the money - new house, cars, holidays;

He’ll spread it around, recirculate it.




I do what I can; couple quid here, cup of coffee there;

On £7.50 an hour (£8.50, if I get a ‘rich’ booking)

There’s too many for me to feed.

But, I do what I can.


The difference between me and that executive?

He’ll buy things, spread it around; more people would benefit;

I’d drink it, and still only give a few quid here and cup of coffee there;

I may have a ‘good’ heart, but I’m a drunk.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

i've kknown sleeping on the streets - i'm lucky and i don't wanna go back there, and my heart cries out to those who have to sleep out tomight, in this weather

things could be worse

Things could be worse

By jfarrell


Things could be worse,

I don’t take the time to appreciate

How lucky I am.


I’ve forgotten my umbrella,

On a very rainy day;

I could have been

born in a drought-ridden country,

With no prospect of rain. Ever.

I didn’t like my chicken burger,

It didn’t taste fantastic;

I could have been

Born in a famine stricken country,

No chicken burger, nothing I may recognise as food.

I’m being kept awake,

By my neighbours loud music;

I could be

Being woken by the bombs landing on my house,

Or by the masked gunmen in my room.

There may be much in this life, in this world I don’t like,

But I am very lucky

And it’s time I realised that;

I am, and have been, luckier? More privileged?

Than most people

And it’s time to identify the brighter things in life,

And to seek them out

And try to add a little to the beauty in this world.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

i dont appreciate enough how luck i am


I do believe in luck,

There is something called ‘timing’,

That does determine almost everything,

With which we humans are ever stuck.


The excellence of the sense,

Is also a must,

To turn out to be the first,

Amid everyone’s presence.


You shall like the star glow,

If destined you are; this you must know!

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A woman, beautifully poised

Between a lady and a girl,

Gently squeeled to a stop beside me,

On the bridge.


Interrupting my concentration on

My Sandwich,

I looked up quickly, confused,

And fell in love.

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The Planted Seed

Perverse & Bazaar
erotic vein
coursing through
 burning wet sex
driven deep 
through her spine.
The dice
the table
nightfall and lady luck
swing from the moon
winning fought 
her thoughtless 
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Penny Panhandler

i'm carrying this penny I found on the ground 

around in my pocket because it's bound

to give me luck, or at least some hope

that if I run into a problem, I'll be able to cope

cause lately I've been feeling down

it's just the same old people in this same little town

I need to runaway, or at least have some change

and a penny's a good start to my panhandling stage.

Lucky Birth Seed

New seeds planting

in old mounds

made by kicking,


at the shadows

made long by

receding sun

that signals

the close of day.

At later

intervals, they

come to sprout

at the behest

of this pure

and unwieldy

random known

as time's passing.

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Bad Luck

Nature Poems

8' O clock
Knock Knock
Rain tapping
Lightning snapping
Thunder breathing under

Pat pat
See that cat?
It forgot its rain hat
It's a world full of bad luck

Pour pour
Lighting soar
There's no where to hide anymore
Bad luck forevermore

Roar roar
Thunder at my clammy door
Shake me, break me
Give me the bad luck

What bad luck!
I am stuck!

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Did I go too far


Did I go to far when I said I cared
did I go beyond
did I try to be something I can never

was my sin having feelings
when I opened up
did I show too much of my heart

Did I press my luck when I dreamed
of you
Did I see what I could never have