its time again...

here it comes; the balance.
there comes a time when you have to
put away old stories and start the new
its time again to close the chapter
on a well loved book.
its the old framework and
the old dramas that keep you tied.
the world loses colour if but
for a brief moment in an epic life.
time to put away the hash words and the harsh love
and soften the hard line. Erase it lightly-
it doesnt dissapear anyway, write over it, gently;
for it is part of the piece still and the smudged remains
will still be echoed in the next story
the world hasnt changed so much
its just the writer's changed direction.
People hate you for doing whats right,
they hate you when you do whats wrong for them
they hate you for doing what you need to do.
they hate you when you shine,
they hate you when you fall
they hate you for anything at all.
The cold hard bitch of reality
bites her son hard and the bastard
of the duke of shame who put in hiding
comes out to taint the other contenders.
Florid shame and unbridalled foolery.
woe is the man, woe is the woman of any version
who came from any womb without:
a repentant bone,
redeemed flesh and
rested soul free just one day of sin
though sin is actually nature
and mother fights our father...
who cares what credit is brought
in value and given in shame.
Who cares what idle eyes and
lazy minds think. not I.
A stalwart knows how to be a stawart and a chamelion
how to be everybody else.
I rather admire a sloth who
with careful thought and consideration
is an expert in passing time.
What value does this balance bring?
What story so richly untold
will set the new beginning bar?
its time again to put away the loved
and kiss them as you tuck them
to the back of your everloving heart,
making room for the love yet to exchange.
How fickle the world is?
Casualties from an imaginary war'
resolved with a simple choice.
a graphologist without care...
It is time again to pack away the troubles
of the many counted crows
who cares what people think?
its time again to think about it.

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Dont ask and I will tell you no lies...

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