Monthly Archive for August 2013

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Long Reach Poem allets 2 Aug 1st
Sed non negavit confusa Poem C3rtifi3dShAke_... 1 #pain #sadness #sorrow #forgotten Aug 1st
Spirit Reflection Poem allets Aug 1st
Losing it Poem LostinDelerium guilt Aug 1st
Untainted Poem allets 5 Aug 1st
Just Enough to Stave off Solitude Poem deepblue 4 Aug 1st
Whispering cries of the wind Poem Azjames 6 Retrospective Aug 1st
Romulus Poem kiba remus romulus wolves mystery kindness help drama horror wilderness nature compassion humanity empathy animals Aug 1st
A Feather in a Whirlwind Poem Adam아담 Aug 1st
'13 My Potato Poem Joel 3 Aug 1st
Pirate Poem lynpi 3 Aug 1st
Phrases Poem Scandalofgrace phrases differences see me Aug 1st
Squirrels Poem Scandalofgrace Squirrels Aug 1st
Awaken Into A Dream Poem roryboliver@gma... Aug 1st
Advice Thoughts Poem BayKaraMarie confidence people life love alone sad inspirational Aug 1st
Dear Poem BayKaraMarie Aug 1st
Goblins Poem bishu Aug 1st
Honey Dew Poem bishu Aug 1st
Kampakichee Poem bishu 2 Aug 1st
Fallen Leaf Poem bishu Aug 1st
Life Poem bishu 2 Aug 1st
Maid Poem bishu 4 Aug 1st
Thoughts with Words Poem bishu 8 Aug 1st
Monsters in our Midst Poem joy Aug 1st
Remember Poem hardware 6 A POEM FOR MY WIFE Aug 1st
religious Poem nightlight1220 church, game, Hope, phrenic, religions, Religious Aug 1st
Scarlet Poem life_used_to_be... 10 Aug 1st
Chaque Jour a Son Propre Nom Poem kbissainthe5 Message Courrant Aug 1st
Where lovers come to die [Experimental] Poem HuliganFish 2 Aug 1st
Mysterious Date Poem saiom2 Aug 1st
US Government War On Animals Poem saiom2 Aug 1st
29 Of The Ways Current Wars Harm Animals Poem saiom2 Aug 1st
Thought I'd let you know Poem hardware 4 A POEM FOR MY WIFE Aug 1st
Evidence Poem RoC 2 Aug 1st
OCEAN VIEW Poem chris 1 Aug 1st
TE'O Poem chris 1 Aug 1st
CAN I SLEEP? Poem Jimoh_Is_Good jargon, sleep, Tired Aug 1st
Post Card To Heaven Poem liltigg10 1 Aug 1st
essences Poem nightlight1220 2 essences, flowers, invisible, joyous, Life, lives, living, love, loving, painful, Rebirth, scent, seeds Aug 1st
I Miss You Poem Joblanford 1 Goodbye, Lonely, loss, love, miss you Aug 2nd
Two Paths Poem Joblanford loss, love, separate, Soulmate Aug 2nd
Mother, Mother Poem WordIdealist 1 family, mother, poem, POETRY Aug 2nd
Above Poem dormir_leao absurdence, alone, clarity, Failure, Fear, ironic, isolation, Life, Nightmare, Reflection, regret, unmotivated Aug 2nd
Nuances: Reunion DownHome Poem S74rw4rd Aug 2nd
Untamed Heart Poem pinkdot7 4 Aug 2nd
essences 1 Poem nightlight1220 beating, bleeding, dying, flowers, heart, honesty, love, loving, scent Aug 2nd
Follow Your Dreams Poem LittleLennonGurl Aug 2nd
THE UNGRATEFUL HUMAN Poem Layem kind Aug 2nd
Change Comes When You Stop Living Blind Poem LittleLennonGurl 3 Aug 2nd
Introspection Poem RoC 1 Aug 2nd
Ashes.... Poem nat_w_dogg Aug 2nd
No longer rejoicing Poem Scandalofgrace #heartbroken #love #hurt Aug 2nd
Meaningless Encounters of an Epic Kind Poem RoC 2 Aug 2nd
The girl who searched for strength Poem Scandalofgrace #building #strength #reduced #loss #worth Aug 2nd
Significance Poem nightlight1220 7 Children, education, Health, HOMELESS, Humanity, Life, love, poverty, significance, wealth Aug 2nd
Through Dreamers Eyes Poem LittleLennonGurl Aug 2nd
Rocketship to the moon Poem nighthawk21 Aug 2nd
A Global Rebellion Poem LittleLennonGurl Aug 2nd
Realizing Poem nkorinko Aug 2nd
To Those Who Inspire Me Poem LittleLennonGurl Aug 2nd
Never Back Down Poem LittleLennonGurl Aug 2nd
Equality Poem LittleLennonGurl Aug 2nd
Dreams do come true Poem joy 1 Aug 2nd
A Summers Day Poem a.griffiths57 5 Keeping cool Aug 2nd
This Nonsense Must End Poem LittleLennonGurl Aug 2nd
After the Rain Poem a.griffiths57 after the rain Aug 2nd
The Truth About Diversity Poem LittleLennonGurl Aug 2nd
Seek Truth (Don't Regret It) Poem LittleLennonGurl 1 Aug 2nd
Be Who You Are Poem LittleLennonGurl Aug 2nd
all the above Poem osiriss- 1 Aug 2nd
We Are The World Poem LittleLennonGurl Aug 2nd
Be The Strength Poem LittleLennonGurl Aug 2nd
PLANE Poem liltigg10 1 Aug 2nd
.............. Poem liltigg10 1 Aug 2nd
8-2-13 Poem liltigg10 2 Aug 2nd
Don't Cry Too Long Poem allets 2 Aug 2nd
War's Inheritance Poem allets 6 Aug 2nd
back then Poem liltigg10 Aug 2nd
I am a deleted line Poem 9inety 10 Aug 2nd
tiddles Poem osiriss- 1 Aug 2nd
,,,,,,, Poem liltigg10 Aug 2nd
Hell When Well Poem allets 2 Aug 2nd
come on Poem punkpoet 3 Aug 2nd
Happy Birthday, Mom Poem randyjohnson birthday, death, Dedication, mother, Nonfiction Aug 2nd
Get Up Poem exthias1983 1 #depression, #hate, #love, Faith, Redemption Aug 2nd
Schizo Poem BlackRainbow0fHope 2 astrology, bleeding, blue, conviction, Crazy, crucifixion, Darkness, Demons, God, grounded, insanity, learn, Leo, Libra, lies, light, plague, run, screams, sister, smoke Aug 2nd
pumpkin patch Poem redpyramid9000 Aug 2nd
Anywhere Prose humanpulse 2 Aug 2nd
What Lies Beneath Poem Vallantiel 6 Aug 3rd
So much...and I bet you can Poem DaphneeD 2 Aug 3rd
The Door with the Light Poem hardware 2 #depression #expression #personal Aug 3rd
MY ANGEL Poem harm012002 Aug 3rd
How To Lead Change Poem LittleLennonGurl Aug 3rd
Minds In Trouble Poem pinkdot7 Aug 3rd
Free Your Mind Poem LittleLennonGurl Aug 3rd
Amor facit ut sol Poem C3rtifi3dShAke_... 1 #love #sun #feelings #soul #transformation Aug 3rd
with a feather Poem Morningglory 2 Aug 3rd
Thank You Poem beccaloni Aug 3rd
Wall Of Masks Poem lupus Aug 3rd
'13 A Social Emotional Plethora Poem Joel 1 Aug 3rd
I don't make sense after wine Poem running_with_rabbits Aug 3rd
Just like us Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Aug 3rd
I feel like a forgotten slam poet knocked out in the first round due to a time penalty Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Aug 3rd
Oh… and I love you Poem running_with_rabbits Aug 3rd
You are too good at putting knots in my hair Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Aug 3rd
Don’t you just hate pants Poem running_with_rabbits 15 Aug 3rd
Thanks for the dance Poem running_with_rabbits 10 Aug 3rd
Distant love Poem Miss.Jenna 12 Aug 3rd
The place where I am over things (390 Albert Street) Poem running_with_rabbits 10 Aug 3rd
The simple power of love Poem Scandalofgrace simple Aug 3rd
Walls Poem Scandalofgrace troubled walls Aug 3rd
Train of life Poem Scandalofgrace secrets love relationships darn I have run out of suggested tags tongue twister sestina poem chugging train trip humor funny not serious tragedy awesome can't read this out loud Aug 3rd
mihi spes non deficient Poem C3rtifi3dShAke_... 1 #hope #love #sorrow # pain #warmth # desire Aug 3rd
Letting go Poem Miss.Jenna 3 Aug 3rd
Paper Airplanes Poem ADAPT Aug 3rd
Water filled lungs Poem ADAPT 1 Aug 3rd
Friends Poem evil_swag #Friendship #Relationship Aug 3rd
Like an animal [Sick] Poem HuliganFish 1 Aug 3rd
"I am" Poem Miss.Jenna 3 Aug 3rd
Tattoos Poem joy 1 tattoos Aug 3rd
DESPAIR, THE WALL OF GRIEF! Poem pbenarumairaj 2 Adversaries causes man to get into desperation and his acts cost him his family and friends Aug 3rd
Mangled Poem ADAPT 3 Aug 3rd
Hate to be god Poem ADAPT Aug 3rd
Voices Poem a.griffiths57 Mind Voices Aug 3rd
The Growing Season Poem a.griffiths57 2 Annual Aug 3rd
Autumn Poem a.griffiths57 7 Autumn Sonnet Aug 3rd
CARNIVAL CAN WE GO Poem chris Aug 3rd
All Hope Is Lost Poem MrsLivingston© dead, depressed, depressing, grave, Hope, Hopeless, lost, Nothing, sad Aug 3rd
promises Poem Miss.Jenna 1 Aug 3rd
Addict Poem Miss.Jenna 7 Aug 3rd
Woody Forest Poem bishu 7 Aug 3rd
Waterfall of smoke Poem Miss.Jenna 2 Aug 3rd
Aggravated Poem Readjustedtolife 1 #BreakUp #Relationships #Love #Moveon #Startover #Done #Life Aug 3rd
A Suicide Note Poem DarkLight Rape, Suicide Aug 3rd
I win (the breakup) Poem Miss.Jenna 5 Aug 3rd
Keys to freedom Poem Morningglory 2 Aug 3rd
Key Poem ADAPT Aug 3rd
DON'T BE ABUSIVE‏ Poem Anonymous Aug 3rd
Moderate Alternations‏ Poem Anonymous 2 Aug 3rd
Real Insight‏ Poem Anonymous Aug 3rd
Demon Dust Poem LadyRaine Aug 3rd
Cheating Yourself Poem Anonymous Aug 3rd
Stop Your Harassment‏ Poem Anonymous Aug 3rd
Don't Threaten People‏ Poem Anonymous Aug 3rd
Flower Of Consideration‏ Poem Anonymous 3 Aug 3rd
Cognitive Landscapes Poem ADAPT Aug 3rd
One Last Step Poem xephornite 2 Aug 3rd
In A Room Poem DarkLight 1 Aug 3rd
Lost Prose Miss.Jenna 2 Aug 3rd
YOU Poem Nadine_18magdy 2 Aug 4th
Mirror (BDD) Poem Miss.Jenna 1 Aug 4th
Elephant Poem bishu 4 Aug 4th
'13 Troubled Soul Poem Joel 1 Aug 4th
Can You? Poem LittleLennonGurl Aug 4th
'13 FeatherWeight Poem Joel 1 Aug 4th
'13 Love is Like a Vacuum Cleaner Poem Joel 4 Aug 4th
Alone I wept Poem Scandalofgrace 2 #alone #depression #sad #lonely #pain #tears #Lord #waiting Aug 4th
Breath of grace Poem Scandalofgrace breath Aug 4th
the pain in lies Poem Miss.Jenna Aug 4th
The last prophet Poem Scandalofgrace 2 last Aug 4th
The ice witch Poem Scandalofgrace #Ice #Emotional #Woe Aug 4th
Deeper Waters Poem LittleLennonGurl 1 Aug 4th
Be Yourself Poem LittleLennonGurl 1 Aug 4th
Out with the old, in with the new Poem deeplysensative 1 Aug 4th
Good Luck Logan Poem joy death, family, love Aug 4th
About Poetry Poem a.griffiths57 Emotion curiosity Aug 4th
About Poetry Poem a.griffiths57 Emotion - puzzlement Aug 4th
Alone at Night Poem arjunvaish 1 Alone Night Arjun Vaish Aug 4th
A News Article Poem a.griffiths57 news Aug 4th
Song of the campfire Poem HuliganFish 3 Aug 4th
Inferrior Interior Poem TheShadowKnows Aug 4th
Free Poem TheShadowKnows 3 Aug 4th
skilled verbiage Poem nightlight1220 bad, blatant truths, Compassion, Cutting, facing facts, gentle, Good, ignorance, insight, manipulation, Slavery, society, truth, understanding, usury Aug 4th
notes from an egomaniac Poem Morningglory 4 Aug 4th
Dr Clockstop's Sinister Sideshow Poem nelgenielark caberet, circus, clowns, Feminism, horror, monster, Murder, Non-naturalism, puppets, Scary, strange, terror Aug 4th
Cows' Cross Poem saiom2 Aug 4th
A Claw From A Cloud Poem nelgenielark anger, fantasy, girl, manipulation Aug 4th
Fred Ferocious Poem nelgenielark anger, death, emotion, Happiness, sadness Aug 4th
Marcella Poem nelgenielark City, Depression, girl, lights, london, Moon, sky, stars Aug 4th
heat seeping machine Poem redpyramid9000 Aug 4th
osmosis Poem nightlight1220 4 babies, baby, child, Life, mama, mother, osmosis, procreate, procreation Aug 4th
Ancient Scroll Poem saiom2 Aug 4th
Thorn Never Attacks Poem saiom2 1 Aug 4th
Not Who Others Think Poem FindingLife Aug 4th
A LETTER TO MY READERS Poem heatherburns35 Aug 4th
True Strength Is... Poem VerbalVerbatim 3 Aug 4th
a crescent sorrow Poem 9inety 5 Aug 4th
What I Have Poem VerbalVerbatim Aug 4th
PAIN Poem ljmills 2 sadness bereavement loss Aug 4th
Gambit Poem furgeson1 ccompanies a painting in 8/1/13 art show, New Orleans Aug 4th
Rain Poem furgeson1 8/1/13, accompanies a painting in art show, New Orleans Aug 4th
Rain rain Poem furgeson1 on the Tchefuncte River Aug 4th
Equilibrium of Mind Prose a.griffiths57 3 Emotional mind Aug 4th
no regrets Poem nightlight1220 5 achievements, Appreciation, bad, Children, death, dreams, eventful, experiences, family, Fear, Good, gratitude, Happiness, Hate, Hope, joy, Life, live in the moment, love, Memories, no regrets, now, Parents, Peace, shared, sorrow, Strength, Struggles, time, zen Aug 5th
Lost Treasure Poem TheHouseOfR Aug 5th
AUTUMN Poem heatherburns35 Aug 5th
Lady Luck Poem TheHouseOfR Aug 5th
STORING MEMORIES Poem heatherburns35 Aug 5th
Graying God’s Truth Poem trumpet7 Aug 5th
Tranquility (For Those Who Stand Strong) Poem TheHouseOfR Aug 5th
WINTER TIME Poem heatherburns35 Aug 5th
Who I am Poem unknownever who i am. Aug 5th
Carnival repentance Poem Anonymous Aug 5th
The streets Poem bowiegirls_eye 1 Aug 5th
Full blown truth Poem BayKaraMarie 1 #happiness #depression #chance meeting #love #stuff #night # Aug 5th
Family? What the word means to me Poem BayKaraMarie Aug 5th
December rain Poem nighthawk21 Aug 5th
Environmental Carnage Poem a.griffiths57 Lets fiin some harmony Aug 5th
Lost For Words Poem a.griffiths57 2 confusion Aug 5th
DEDICATION Poem heatherburns35 Aug 5th
WAITING Poem heatherburns35 Aug 5th
LAURA LEE Poem heatherburns35 Aug 5th
IN MY YOUTH Poem heatherburns35 Aug 5th
MY HONOR Poem heatherburns35 Aug 5th
HER DRUMMER BOY Poem heatherburns35 Aug 5th
VERY YOUNG Poem heatherburns35 Aug 5th
AND I DON'T WANT TO Poem heatherburns35 Aug 5th
MY FATHER #2 Poem heatherburns35 Aug 5th
MY FATHER MY HERO Poem heatherburns35 Aug 5th
I Still Wonder If You Love Me Poem new_wave_franky 4 love song Aug 5th
The exercise fad Poem joy 2 exercise, Humor Aug 5th
WHERE ARE YOU? Poem pbenarumairaj 3 At times, God seems to test our patience by not responding to our calls instantly. Hence man likes to know where he is and make his appeal personally. Aug 5th
Blizzards Poem Opia 2 blizzard Aug 5th
Have Your Say Poem a.griffiths57 1 Topical Discussion Aug 5th
The Royal Wedding Poem a.griffiths57 1 Kate and Wills Aug 5th
Autumn song. Poem sweetwater 2 Aug 5th
Confessions volume 1 Poem angelic 1 truth Aug 5th
LOVE IS... Poem emmenay 1 Quatrain Aug 5th
Will Poem bishu 1 Aug 5th
The mistress Poem Miss.Jenna 1 Aug 5th
so fleeting Poem 9inety 6 Aug 5th
Charlie the Curious Sausage Dog Poem orYans_belt #Love #Dogs #Pets #Friendship Aug 5th
Rain. Poem sweetwater 4 Aug 5th
Good Things Must Separate Poem TheNightmare13 1 good times separate hardship future days love hate optimism Aug 5th
Home Project Poem hardware 1 honey do list Aug 5th
Letting Go Poem Brother57 1 Suicide Aug 5th
Adversity Poem Brother57 herpes, overcoming it, stds Aug 5th
lovely eyes Prose humanpulse Aug 5th
A Beautiful Color For A Dream Prose roryboliver@gma... Aug 5th
Lust Poem nightlight1220 6 desire, Greed, instant gratification, Lust, manipulation, marriage, more, power, Selfishness, Wanting Aug 6th
Scars Poem DarkLight 2 Aug 6th
What I've lost Poem unknownever a lost person Aug 6th
IF I WRITE FOR YOU Poem xio1818 Aug 6th
Love In The Wind Poem Burninggg3303 2 love Aug 6th
Interview Poem bishu Aug 6th
Poems and Misconception Poem SoulKritiC 1 #poetry #denied #love #confusion Aug 6th
Together Poem Burninggg3303 love Aug 6th
Neurons Poem bishu 1 Aug 6th
Terrorism Poem bishu 2 Aug 6th
The gift of love Poem Scandalofgrace 1 gift Aug 6th