I Still Wonder If You Love Me

I still wonder if you love me.

Still I wonder through my time.

I still wonder if you see me,

in these ways that take me blind.

It's these thoughts, I'm still to ponder.

Still these dreams I choose to dream.

But alone I'm still to wander,

here as one upon the scene.

And though thoughts, they come to spinning

in my head when clouds appear,

we could start a clear beginning

should I somehow find you here.


I still pose myself the questions.

Still I search for reasons why.

Twas illusions and deceptions,

when my cup seemed draining dry.

Yet of butterflies and flowers,

through sweet strolls within the rain,

where the moments turned to hours,

in such ways I can't explain.

And though days might come to fading,

like my eyes before a tear,

tis of sunshine to be with me,

should I someday find you near.

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This made me cry... it's

This made me cry... it's devastating... and endearing... hopelessly hoping.. to "find you here" okay sorry I've written so many comments in such a short span of time... I'm just a bit infatuated.... and thank you for sharing these with the world... i feel deprived to have not read them sooner 

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Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful comments...

Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful comments on this. I'm just glad that you enjoyed it, and that you came to view it in a meaningful and moving type of a way. I suppose I had mainly just attempted to express some of my deeper feelings and emotions within the words, and had hoped for it to come across as true to the ways I had felt at the time. I sincerely appreciate your warm and thoughtful critique, as well as the time you took to read my work. Your constructive and considerate feedback means a great deal to me. Thanks again, and take care.




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This is very good, I

This is very good, I especially love the last line. Don't know why but it strikes a chord.

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Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for taking the time to both read and comment on my poem. I'm just glad that you enjoyed this particular piece. I had basically just hoped for this one to come across as something sincere and realistic to my overall emotions...expressing those certain ways I had felt during the time when I wrote it. Your considerate words are highly encouraging to me, as I truly value your feedback in relationship to my work!




New Wave Franky

(August 7, 2013.)