After the Rain

Oh! it's so good to mess about in a puddle.

A quiet moment and the water does ripple.

Here are we; all of a huddle.

I think I'll have a water tipple.


The water like silk; to bathe in.

Cascading droplets, riverleting away.

How wonderfull to become soakin'.

All to defeat the heat of the day.


Droplets of water; sailing through the air.

I'll perform a little dance there.

Riverletts of replenishing water; bourne by the air.

Stamping furiously in the water, I dare.


Deftly, I unfold my feathers.

Making sure all are washed.

Frothing the water. it lathers.

Dancing defiantly, not at all abashed.


A. Griffiths



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wildlife in the rain.

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