most of them think that you are not cute,

they say that you are silly and probably a fool

but I,

have a diffrent opinion though,

i think you are attractive and cute...

not because i'm attracted to your face or body,

but because i'm attracted to the kindness in you.


i like your both sides..

the wise side and the funny side too :) 

i believe you are handsome and strong.

not because your hair is gorgeous or your eyes are blue,

but because your personality is cheerful and pure..

because i respect your mind and your attitude

because i like your forgivness and your thoughts


To me , you are really sweet and cool

not because you try to show of or wear nice clothes

but because you face your problems and you were never rude.

because you know how to treat a girl and how to compliment her too


you are amazing and wonderful

not because i only think of you like that,

but because you are an idol and you do everything by a proof

because you are humanitarian and from the things that you refuse:

bullying and human or animal abuse.


everything you say is effective and true,

not because you know everything,

but because i trust you.

However,the stars are beautiful,

they can never make us not notice the moon!


that's not only about you,

sometimes you are just like a mistery

and we need to read your character by a hint or a clue..

but mostly you are easily read,and your mind speaks too.


your silence,is what attracts me more to you.

not because of your pride or your EGO,

but because you prefer to listen and understand more.

and because silence is the best answer to a fool.


you are experienced and you know.

because you have faced alot of problems and you made mistakes too.

but you believe that you learn lessons from every mistake for sure


all of these things make me really want you..!!

because you care and because of everything you do!

because you have never tried to change 

and you always prefer to be you !!


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