The power is out,
The lights are gone anyways,
Seems I couldn’t find my way,
Always astray,
These days.


In a word,
Past people,
Irrelevant sequels,
Happiness tainted by a frown.


Living to love,
Accidentally creating hate,
Emotions churn,
Leaving a burn,
Logic arriving too late.

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The sun shines bright,
The wind is strong and cold,
Yet the warmth overpowers,
And fills the soul with memories old.


A reminder to smell the roses,
Engage with the passerby of life,
And take your time to enjoy,
Without any worry or strife.


Let the lights flicker on,
And perhaps off again,
Concern should be lifted,
Worries shall be slain.


For once in our lives,
Let us live in peace in harmony,
Enjoying the world,
In a place without melancholy.


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Keep The Lights On


We've got a good thing going here.

We've got great things coming near.

But I fear,

It will veer,

In the wrong direction.

And we had such a good connection.


We can't lose this.

We can't let it go.

We can't let it die.

We must keep the lights on.


I will fight to keep it tight.

And keep it right.

We must keep the lights. 


Keep the lights on.


Keep the lights on.

Keep the love strong.

We can't let it go wrong.


Don't let it go.

Let it grow.


Don't let it be gone.

We've got to keep it strong.

And keep the lights on.


Let it live long.

And grow strong.

Keep the lights on.


We had a good thing going here.

But now it's just fear.

Because it has veered

In the wrong direction.

And we're losing connection.


Because our love is getting dimmer and darker.

And duller and smaller.

I just want to holler.


And shout and scream.

And wish it was what it used to be.

But we really need

To try to keep

The Lights on.


Keep the lights on.

Don't let the love die out.

Don't let the love die down.


Keep the lights on.

Keep the love strong.

And let it live long.


Because I will fight

To keep it tight.

And keep it right.

We can't let a good thing go wrong.


We have to let it live long.

Stay strong.

And keep the lights on.


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The Drabble Ditch

Marcella is a girl so mocked, she enjoys it.

I see her in the window of a high-rise in London,

Where by day, the sun is sulfur yellow, 

Clings to skin and streaming eyes, 

And by night, heads are down and stars shine black 

And dull as a November London road.

Marcella, you are the only moon I see here, 

Your face and hair glowing like a china doll in a wedding veil, 

The white against shadowed streets,

The headlights and streetlamps glare at hooded city stalkers,

Never looking up at people like you, the pure light, La Luna,

Marcella, your eyes seem to speak truths of this city

That airwaves and black print cannot:

Red, yes, that's the colour of a blunt blockade, 

The beefy bloke who bars us from going further, 

Red is the pestilence of London, smiling and shooting streamers in the streets,

All the while crushing and compressing until we're cold.

Marcella, sometimes I wish I could coax you down from your nest,

Show you the steel concrete chaos that your sight has survived.

It's intimate here, I'll give you that, 

But the stars remain anxious for awe-struck eyes,

Lights can be dazzling, claustrophobic and pressuring,

But stars wait forever for our smiles.

Funny-looking Marcella, but in a nature-lover's way,

This maze: Where each twist and turn is a park or a book or a new song,

Where each needle of fern is a final notice or a corporate climber,

You can follow me. Take my hand. 

Marcella, take my ticket. Board a train and run. 

Pretty birds like you don't belong in the city,

Where vultures of all natures watch hungrily for prey. 

Just promise to find the right flock, and fly.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

© Lizzie Ayres, 2013

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On Keeping Tabs Of Mind.

I have shoe loose

Trips train of thought

In lace untied

And scattered mind

Is lost inside

Entangled head

Untidy round

Eyes listless blue

The night is on

No Sun is home

Moonblind my eyes

I feel waylaid

In this dark maze

Just seeing stars

Way overhead

As then I bump

Into a girl

In whose face

There looms a tic

Of eyebrow quick

About the figures

Her features take

As my heart sinks

To fish for pearls