What I Have

You have a dream, and the determination to achieve it.
You have the knowledge, and the means to apply it.
You have a caring heart, and the support to prove it.
You have an unbendable will that will lead you to greatness.
I have a crippling cowardice that makes me hide any and all potential I have from the world.
You still manage to see it.
You still call me a hero.
You still look up to me.
You still see me as more than I could ever be.
I still try to figure out if it's even worth getting up in the morning...
You have reasons to get up in the morning.
You have a family that loves you back.
You have friends concerned for you safety.
You have a place you can truly call home.
I have a folded up futon in my parent's basement I try to sleep on when they're not busy blatantly insulting me...
You still say nothing but the best about me.
You still think I shouldn't settle for this life.
You still comfort me in my times of doubt.
You still have nothing but faith in me.
I still look for a reason to have faith in myself...
You have a beautiful smile, with beautiful eyes to match.
You have someone you love, that makes you happier than can be.
You have what so many want.
You have an ideal life, with no need to change a thing.
I have a mind tormenting me, asking "why can't I change?"
You still come to me with all your problems.
You still trust me with all your secrets.
You still listen to all my advice intently.
You still think you need me.
I still think it's me that really needs you...
- The Lazarus
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