Pirate Curse


Nair rest the mind eye: trappings 
ensnarement in blindnesse die 
a dialogue here within
read beyond

 Oh when the winds change 
direction no one'evr  knows
the future of the story to unfold
insidious wickednesse or mutiny
n'er retreat but eye for eye

the humble boots man tread 
on the land once fed by the 
treasure gold and blood of red
fortune to be made or lost never
to return

Aye the cheats to fire and burn 
matt'r nought he be on land or sea
may be strick'n wrought with 

Oh damnedest soul of griefe and 
tainted swive 
Beshackle to thee Miss Fortune 
as ye bride.
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walking through a smokey fume.. in this sealed up dark room..
I saw your eyes bleeding blue.


going up, going down. spin spin around & around
falling to my knees, calling out to God, please
save me from this crucifixion
cut the ties to lifes addictions
spit up the lies you fed, on which I choked
climbing up these ropes
running away from the hoax
insanity, the only word she knows.


deep in the dungeon, I go plunging
searching for the meaning
intervening, I come between two scales..
a lions head with three flaming tails.


i'm not like this.. you're leading me to be crazy..
one day i'll run, forever away from you, maybe...
like the speed of light, in a flash, little hazy.
there's more for me then this demonic plague..
there's more to life then constant conviction.


wrists are shaking & those screams begin to take a toll..
driving round this winding road..
i'm done with your pitiful smold of an existence..
don't act like you know what i'm missing.
so here I plant my feet in the ground, not bending for you now
never again will I twist or turn
because bitch, you've got so much to learn.

The Brave and The Dead

There were a lot of so called "preppers" before things fell apart. Clogging up the radio and tv waves, talking like they had it in control, like they knew what was coming, but it all was rubbish...they were just publicity whores, trying to make a quick buck by selling their books and being on tv...when the world faced its own end, no one was truly prepared. The few of us who survived were just lucky.
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Plan B


There was no cure, no vaccine, no salvation; there had only been one backup plan, and that too had failed.The 12 safe zones; securely guarded, cleaned out, and used only for those who passed inspection, were the last and only hope for anyone lucky enough to get in. Yea, it was a good idea in the beginning, but like everything during and after "the event", it quickly fell apart. Once contact between the zones was lost, each one went dark, falling like dominoes to the very thing they tried to keep out...or so we were told. Those of us still trapped on the outside had only heard rumours through the squabble of our radios, so who knows what the truth really was. In the end, even the best laid plans fail.

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In the months after, martial law was already breaking down...we saw trained soldiers running like cowards in the streets, and scientists begging to a God they once denied...guns and knowledge had failed us, when we were for so long, taught to believe they would save us...there was nothing left to save, and no way to fight back..all we could was survive.

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Death and the Crow


The smell of the dying and the dead that littered the streets had become so overwhelming, the plague itself almost became a forgotten thing, next to the walls of decay. Body stacked on body; miles of arms and legs, and the crows and worms both living and dead that were left as a testament to the plague's power. Even the chemical masks that had been scavenged from the dead, did little to hold back the putrid stench of death. There are many stumbling blocks on the road to salvation.

The Coming of Sorrows


And they came, having the likeness of death, seeking the untouched,
those not afflicted of the plague;
seeking the the living, that they may devour them.

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Upon a wall, the words were written in blood/From the Land of Chaos


And out of the flaming mouth of hell, I saw the dead walk;
I saw the legions of the damned and the soulless, scatter upon the face of the earth
and the children of men consumed, and the seed thrown about in confusion,
to wonder the land that was once their own.

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Safe Zone 12


Safe zone 12, the place that was said to offer protection; that was said to welcome the uninfected, had long since become a living hell under the rule of the Sergent. Women were randomly selected for his deranged breeding program, which was nothing more than slavery, girls from puberty were routinely passed from one solider to another as though they were stock to pass inspection; however those who attempted to escape or defy his authority would know what true hell is. Many were tortured savagely and publicly shamed for disobedience, or worse; stripped of their skins and bound, and left on the outskirts to the rabid infected. Those who were simply shot, were the lucky ones.

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