*Treat Today Like There Was No Tomorrow*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Live your life there is no time for sorrow

Is what I use to tell myself to believe

But then I realized I have little time to borrow

As God will always protect me

So I can live another day

So I can be here tomorrow

So I can live my life free

And each night I pray

To the lord above

To protect those That live so far

To whisper "I'll be okay" to those I love

Because we share the same sky

The same star

Let them know I have a long time before I die


Don't get lazy with yourself

For one day when God wants us

We will eventually have to die

And the angels will lead the way with no fuss

The ones left behind can do nothing but cry

So this I do say

Treat today like there was no tomorrow

Because you never know

When your time may come your way

And that bright warming light

It will show 

Gods angels in sight 


First thing to go is your sight

Then you frightly gasp for air

As forever will be night

And even though you past

People will always reunite and care

Because the feeling is still there 

It will always last 


So when you are here on earth alive

Your goals 

Go for it don't let it pass you by

Because you could be the next to drop

And your unfinished business

It won't get done....right there it'll stop

The things you wished you've done

Your chance for that you'll miss

Because now God with your soul he has won

So before you're a distant memory

In a persons mind

And your name is put on a stone

Treat your life so kind


Be gentle be kind

Love those you secretly love

Before they are left alone

Because you're on your way to God above

Treat today 

With respect

And thank God your alive another day

Because you may no longer be here tomorrow

You just realized that time you had

You no longer can borrow

It's really not that bad

Remember live your life like it's your last

Because before you know it 

You'll end up one day in the past

And a candle will be above your grave lit



Life is, as is Time

The time goes down

The age goes up
Neither to be stopped
Yearnings to be found
Plans to be made
What is it missing
The timeline of life
Time never ends yet always begins
No time is wasted in life, only choices made
Why regret
Why stress
When the decision is life
Every instantaneous still of life's path is beautiful in itself 
For life is not determined in our decisions, life is lived
Lived between
Lived before 
Lived after
Lived through
Life is simple
Why consider life to be past, present or future
Life is not but what it is
The course of our adventure in the limited perpetualance of time
Life is relationships
Life is mistakes
Life is accomplishments
Life is pain
Life is sorrow
Life is all that can be
Ones purpose is to be their life
To see all that there is to see
In every image
In every heart 
In life
While our limited, enigmatically wondrous gift of life is given to us
We must
Author's Notes/Comments: 

First draft

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The last prophet

In the distance I see a glowing light.
Elongating the shadows that follow my back.
Walking with steady steps across the cold earth,
Disturbing the rain puddles.
These shadows follow me,
Like moths to a flame.
I walk towards the flame,
Towards the warm light,
For it's heat calls for me.
The fire calls me back.
A desolate land, blood collects in puddles.
Like ashes the bodies return to the earth.
For we came from the mud of the earth.
We inhaled life's flames.
Surrounded by oceans that are just mere puddles.
We seek the light.
We were taken back.
All that is left is me.
Where does this journey take me?
This journey across the pitch black earth.
The heavy cross I carry on my back.
The lantern that holds an eternal flame.
The trials that made this luggage light.
The memories of old that turns tears to puddles.
Memories of childhood, jumping through puddles.
Sweet memories for me.
Where there was light.
Where life was abundant on earth.
War has engulfed this world with flame.
How I wish we could go back.
It seems as though God has turned his back.
The oceans now but dried up puddles.
Love no longer a flame.
He is still with us, to me.
Why else am I still on this broken earth?
To return the light?
I have reached the light. It is time to go back.
My body returns to the earth, the rain falls into puddles.
My ashes, scatter for me, and carry my eternal flame.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this sestina at work. 

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Game - March 29, 2013

Chapter One

Stuck in this chaotic madness,

I can't tell wrong or right.

I'm yet to see an end to this.

I'm yet to stand up and fight.

They held me down and made me hurt.

They showed my shame until it burned.

I cannot stop their hateful game;

they won't stop until my last day.

I'm so far away from home.

I'm trapped, desperate, alone.

It can't stay going their way.

I'm done with being lost prey.

I tear the key from their wretched hands,

I unlock my shackles and break free.

My heart's breaking, you leave it in strands.

All that's left is the shame inside me.

I stand in my prison cell, ready to fight

for my pride, my lust, my simple human rights.

I'm a person, deserving freedom too.

I am disgusted by the one they call "You".

I raise my fist, my rights, my pride;

I strike down the foe that deny my life.

I erase you from this cold society

in hopes you'll see that I've set you free.

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good guys finish last

Every little word you say
every little look you give
eats away at my happyness
week from week hour by hour and your allways on my mind
only to find doubt
to find hate
to find secrets
my love grows stronger
my saddness grows longer
to be wiped out by the three words she used to say
i love you
but thats the way it goes around
good guy's just finish last

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You won't cry
cause you've always known
that in the end
you'd be alone

so many moments
went to waste
now someones gone
You can't replace

Pain: it drives stick
and it goes so fast
takes you where you hate
but this kind doesn't last

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Because some pain won't last forever.

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