in a pitch black room

I'm staring at the ceiling

searching for a reason

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just felt like making an haiku whilst having some bad feelings :-(

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I'll never forget 
I remember when 
Forever meant eternity not;
Until you found a better me. 
I'll never forget 
I remember when 
You said you love 
Me for Me 
Not for who I was 
For who i will become 
I'll never forget 
I remember when
We talked everyday 
About everything
About Nothing 
I'll never forget 
I remember when 
Phone calls where hours long 
not seconds fast and done 
I'll never forget 
I remember when 
I Love You 
Was said 'cause you 
meant it 
Not 'cause you though
you had to say it back
I'll never forget 
I remember 
All the lies 
I'll never ever forget


One of the greatest victories in history unravelled before her eyes, more gruesome than she ever imagined.

Flames and blood ignited in her mind as the powerful sight of the ruin forced a vision of the jewel city shattering in her mind.

The vision slowly ebbed away revealing the crumbles and ashes of the same city.

The smallest of her steps created a tornado of cinders around her.

After one step her knees no longer supported her and the ash covered her as completely as a cacoon when she fell.

Pain like the sting of a bee overwhelmed her eyes, blurring her vision. The once clear scene in front of her became a swirl of dark black smoke. Suddenly, a figure walked out into her hazy sight. As far as she could tell, the person was a woman with long silver hair that floated around her head like a halo. Steadily, her blinking cleared away the fog but once her vision was crystal clear again the woman was gone.

An apparition?

A hallucination?

Or just a slight trick of the fog?

Whoever or whatever it was, was gone. Now the bricks of the fallen city lay still, as silent as the darkest midnight. She stood up shaking off the last of the ash and walked into the city. Small buildings surrounded a marketplace, the type of place where a normal family might have walked and played and laughed. Farther down, there was an arena built into the ground. The pit was flooded with rains after being unkempt by the owner. Normal everyday life was taken from this city--and because of what--A pretty girl. Unfair doesn’t even begin to cover the senseless violence that occurred here, in Troy.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is only a part of a longer story that I'm writing, so sorry about anything that doesn't make sense out of context.

Sound of Drums: Based on Les Miserables

Sound of Drums

Smoke, ashes, sound of drums.

Smoke, ashes, sound of drums.

Smoke, ashes, sound of drums.

Smoke, ashes, sound of drums.

The day is past.

The dead are dead.

Their lives for naught.

Rebellion, they led.

Their Freedom!,

Never was.

Their Freedom!,

Will never be.

Slaves, chains, sound of drums.

Slaves, chains, sound of drums.

Slaves, chains, sound of drums.

Slaves, chains, sound of drums.

The time is past.

The slaves are slaves.

Their lives ruled by law.

The rebellion, did not last.

Their bravery, their flaw.

Their Freedom!,

Never was.

Their Freedom!,

Will never be.

Smoke, ashes, sound of drums.

Smoke, ashes, sound of drums.

Smoke, ashes, sound of drums.

Smoke, ashes, sound of drums.


It dropped with disappointment,

I could almost hear it rip in half,

As if I had a piece of paper tearing apart in my heart,

His smile had a glint as if he was proud,

He knew the pain he caused as he fucked his silly whores,

Cheating, lying and crying,

Is what he thrived upon,

Adrenaline through his veins that he could not contain,

Was his only way to feel alive,

His chest buzzing with a craze,

There was no stopping his heartbreaking ways.

Did You Ever Care

Ever gotten that feeling where you wanted to die?

Felt like nothing was left of you,

And you just wanted to say goodbye?

Tired of the sorrows that reign in your heart too?

Thought about the blade in all of its shine

And the regrets that buried in time?

What happens when all you have is hope,

But that leaves you too. How can you cope?

Do you begin again,

Or do you put it to a final end?

What happens when all apologies have left your heart?

How could you ever forget that feeling, so tart?

Resolutions seem too far past

To reconcile the love that was meant to last.

Maybe hope is too much to ask for

Even for the love that we promised to adore. 

I Can't Write Happy


Dark and depressing,

that's all I write.

It could be about death

or about a fight.


Suicide, murder,

it's all the same.

And because of this fact,

I'm kind of in shame.


For that's all I write about

don't you see?

I can't write "happy"

it just can't be.


I tried to write "happy",

never came out good.

It came out dark and depressing,

like I knew it would.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hello everyone, sorry I missed yesterday's upload. Remember how I said something about how sickness can't keep me from posting? Well, it did. But to make up for it, I'm posting 2 today, this one being the first. Criticism is welcome and appreciated.

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All Hope Is Lost

All hope is lost

Gone forever and a day

There is nothing to be said now

There is nothing left to say


All hope is lost

Buried beneath a grave

All is dead and gone now

There is no one here to save


All hope is lost...

Help Me Take Flight


I feel empty and hollow, and I'm not sure why.

Kind of like a bird, except thats how they fly.

I'd like to take a chance, I would love to try,

if it weren't for the fact that I'd fall and die.


I envy these birds, as they soar through the air.

Some travel in packs, some in a pair.

They all have a knack for not giving a care.

What I would give to feel the wind through my hair.


It feels like I'm trapped, and I can't see the light.

I need someone to help; to free me from my plight.

This person, however, is hidden from my sight.

Please, show yourself, and help me take flight.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I Wrote this poem recently, and I wasn't very depressed when I wrote it. However I was kind of lonely at the time, hence the whole "show yourself" thing. As before, any criticism is welcome and appreciated.

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