Cold Rage

Scream, scream, screaming:


Help those drowning 


all around


and they look to their coffers,

and the piles fill into the coffins--


The tide is coming in and the flood

is just getting worse:

there's a rage building in the dead,

and we'll speak for them. 


Wretched bodies flung into a funeral pyre,

and the silence is deafening upon the pile,

and we see our love burned to ashes,

and we see their hands deep in pockets.


Cold hard cash for the winners and 

death sentences for everyone else. 


There's a cold rage building in the dead

and we'll speak for them. 


The march of the dead is coming and 

pitchforks are on our side this time.


Too big to fail too big to fall to big to take on

too big for their own good too big so


let's build ourselves and let them know


we're too big to ignore.


There's a cold rage building in the dead and

it just keeps growing and

we'll speak for them. 


If we're face down, six feet under, it doesn't matter

if their cash piles grow and grow

in the face of God they pray, bow, and pretend

it's fine as long as they say sorry


and it won't be. 


A cold rage is building in the dead,

am ember burning

threatening to blow it apart

and it just keeps growing



we'll speak for the dead. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

There's a cold rage building in the dead. 

God Is Greater!

God is Greater!

So, don’t fear bad weather, news, and the taunts of your haters

You show God’s love by forgiving and unfailingly loving all your neighbors


And it shall be given upon to you

For you are blessed and highly favored by God

All these things shall be giving a billion-fold of what was robbed

For, Great is God than he or it of this world

Use your talents to uplift all man, woman, boy, and girl

For the time has come

My Dear Chosen One

To spread your wings and fly

Flying high amongst the sky

For your dreams are big bigger than you can do yourself

So, learn to depend and to submit to someone else

For, the greatest good

Use your gifts to uplift and pull others out of the ghetto and hood

I wish I could touch you and hold you tight

For, this is a fight for your soul’s life

Get Right

And get dress for church to go hear the Word

Trust, eventually you live out what is heard

For no man can stop what God has already ordained as His own

I pray, let His Holy Spirit live in your body your temple your home

I promise with God you’re never alone

I speak victory

I hope you hear me

Greatness, Purity, Holiness, and Wholeness

For you are greater than this!

I speak rise up him and her!

Pick up your bed, walk into your true worth, and sin no more for  

God is Greater!

By Katrina T. Smith Copyrighted


I have your Word, visit the website below

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Let Your Light So Shine!!!

Gifts of Heaven

Season of Love

Falling are the beauty of heaven
Chanting their gifts upon our soul
One who sees are believers
Prosperity is amongst them
To Christ their souls are saved.

Gavin Sebake ©11.03.2018

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Thanking God For Each Day That We Live

We should thank God for each day we have to live.

We should thank him or every day that he gives.

He could take us twenty years from now or today.

Nobody knows when the good Lord will take us away.

But we should thank him for each day he gives to us.

We should thank him every day until we die when our bodies will return to dust.

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I AM is coming again

John 20, the resurrection. Where the dead man that saved all of man was lain for three days. Sunday morning had come around, and Magdalene, Simon-Peter, and the followers went to that tomb for it was the third day. Except the tomb was empty, no blood and no stains, but his linen wrappings, lay there, all folded and neat, for the savior has risen from his sleep, the veil was torn and had fallen down to the ground. He rose so that I can rise and open my eyes and try to pry into your heart and soul, and I know that he has tried and still tries, but you guys just want to cry and cry "where is my home" and "where do I need" or "where do I want to go". The answer is simple, you go where he wants you to go, it's either do or don't there is no try, you fly or die because you don't want to waste this opportunity because you're running out of time. Do you understand what I'm saying? Do you hear the truth through him who is speaking through my quivering lips? If you can't believe me, just picture this, he was called out for blaspheming, after praying so hard for humanity that he was sweating blood, they beat him, spat on him, and even made a mockery out of him, they wrote "Jesus the Nazarian, King of the Jews". Once they got up to cavalry, they nailed him on the wrists and ankles, they say that the word excruciating derives from the word crucify, they had to make a whole new word for the amount of unbearable pain that he had to endure for you and I. What's more is that, to top it off, they made sure that he was dead by stabbing him, they impaled him, in the side with a spear, he took all of that pain and endured all of his hardship because he loves you. Remember when I talked about the linen being folded nicely... That relates to an old Hebrew tradition where, when the master is done with his food and leaves, he crumples it up and throws it on the table, signaling the servant to clean up, but if the master were to fold it nicely like that, it showed his servants that he is going to return again soon, so the great I Am, is coming again soon, because what good father would just leave his children by themselves, he's got to come back soon.

I love you, and God bless

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another one of my older works

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He Wept

He wept... John 11:35, he wept. Do you know why he wept? Even though he was "the image of the invisible God", he wept. He wept because he felt compassion for the suffering, he wept, because it killed him that the calamity of sin left all of this destruction in its wake, because the price for sin is death, and he had to pay that price on the cross, and he knew that he had to, because he loves us with all of his heart. He wept, because he was going to pay off the debt of bringing Lazurus from the dead by paying the price of his life with his own. He wept, because he was the gardener, and we are his wilting flowers, and he knew that the only way to save us, is by watering us in his blood, that he shed for me, and for you, and for anyone else who would put their full faith in him. He wept... And he's still weeping... Because he knows that I've been weeping, he knows what's going on in my life, and he knows that I have faith smaller than the size of a mustard seed, smaller than the head of a pin, and smaller than the period at the end of this sentence that I have written. He knows that I blamed him for taking MaGinger away, taking my joy, and taking all of the happiness that I have left away. He knows that I'm weeping because my mom, and step-mom has cancer. He knows that I weep because my dad has ulcers and that he wants a divorce, but can't leave that woman who has cancer. The great I Am is still weeping, because he knows that it's hard for me, But you know what... now I weep tears of joy, because my family has gotten closer together and closer to God, my mom's cancer is disappearing after every appointment since she gained faith in him, and after my grandmother passed I came closer to God and I yell out in victory to the Lord "death, where is your victory, where is your sting" because I know that one day, I will embrace her again in Heaven, so for now, I scream "hallelujah, he is risen, he is risen indeed" and tell Satan to get the Hell away from me, because he will never afflict me again, and never place any negativity in my life, because grace wins every time... So now, there is no more weeping, there is no more pain, because now my savior and I cry those beautiful tears of euphoria, because I know now that he loves me, and I love him, and we both love you.

Thank you, and God bless.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another class one

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Requiescat in pace


The feeling of rest

After a hard day's work

The weightlessness of relaxation




No reason to fear

No longer any worries

My mind is happily blank

White like new-fallen snow

While I sit by the fireplace

On a Christmas morning



For my spirit is calm

My soul no longer pains me

I'll soon fall asleep

To waking dreams

And an eternity

Of sunrises  



For at the bottom of my heart;

The dregs of my emotions lie

I'd given all to you

And you drank without satisfaction

I filled your glass over and over again

Yet you could not be content


I had nothing left to give

And then, like so many before

I was thrown aside

Cast out like a leper

But the thing about barrels

Is that they can be refilled

And someone wanted me to be filled

They poured their heart and soul into me

They completed me until I overflowed

They granted me a purpose, and a meaning


So now as I look upon you

Inebriated in your unfulfilled grief

Wasted in your past iniquity

I pity you

For we cannot be connoisseurs only

But we must be barrels as well

For we cannot drink alone

But must be drunken from again


Light and Dark

Men of Iron, Men of Smoke

Red hands hidden in their cloak

Helter Skelter in their hearts

Silence people, so they start

End beginnings, death of life

Pleasured pain, calming strife

All their “truth,” is but lies

Hide the demons in their eyes

Propaganda lead the people

Separate the laws and steeple

All who speak against them die

Total darkness soon is nigh

All of those who live are dead


In a white world made of red