Midnight Launchpad


sometimes I am more

human than being.

a car crash heart

on a freeway


having all my best breakdowns

when time goes missing

and I can’t feel my

skin cage anymore


my atoms are reverse explosions

and I don’t have a countdown

just wait for the

tick tick

boom that doesn’t end


hold me close like

something breaking


sometimes I am more

being than human.

stillest statue

drawing in all the colors


sit here with a face full of fists ready to swing

but I can’t stop existing to do it


so I will hold them until

the human sets in,

midnight launchpad ready to set me

all the way free


I can reach the rope

to touch the skylines

holding someone and

I won’t let go


I can dive so deep

you won’t find me

sitting in this Be

in the darkest sand


and then when my breath

catches at day’s end

make it to the surface

just in time to curl

into the smallest ball

you’ve ever seen

empty all of me


onto shore

so you can’t pull me apart

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 2/27/23

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crying at commercials


if I am no one’s favorite song

how do I keep spinning

back to you

cause I’ve been dying to tell you we made it

now I’m just fighting all my sorries



please let me sit with you

while I’m crying at commercials


I want to fit to you like

the best armchair

you don’t even have to notice I’m in the room

but when I hold you again

it is the most familiar


and now even as I’m free to leave

I want to notice notice

every minute of this home

so it is something I can hold without disintegrating

spill through the walls when I am dirt

coat the holes when I am crying


I will keep holding you through the scary parts

I am no painkiller but

I will kiss you through the pain

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 11/8/21

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drier than my mouth (after Desiree Dallagiacomo)


each minute

each year of my life is

spinning by faster

and I am unraveling it

as if in search of something

I long for pieces of crushed velvet,

jagged edges,

sharp silver tongues

that leap to me from all their loves and all their stories


I keep wanting things I can’t touch

I think I know how something feels

until I realize I am just the mirror

I am unraveling

until I will run out of moments

and then

what will it all be for


maybe if I’m as high as I’m supposed to be

if I don’t have anything to cry over

I don’t know what to do with myself…

and what would I do with all that time


so now I have inhaled a lifetime of pure feeling

I am soaked and can’t come up or down

my head is pounding

I am swimming in a sea of chaos

that stings my skin

feels like exactly what I want to be


I am bursting and still the silence is drier than my mouth

maybe now I’ll let you cut me open

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 3/11/21

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Drug (January day 7)

This is not how I thought Russian roulette would go.

I figured there would be a lot more…sounds.

Too loud, all the world’s chaos packaged into this room.

Not just me

diving too deep in my brain.


After feeling every color

a little too much

like I have been painted in it

I’ve realized

everything is just a different type of drug.

When I am lightest I am laughing.

When I am darkest I am shivering.

When I am in love with you my head is spinning.

When I kiss you I can’t feel my hands.

When I am helpless I am drowning

they hand me water.

When I am everything at once

the air is too loud.


I’ve realized

everything is just a different type of drug.


choose one for me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 1/7/21

Too loud

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তেজোদীপ্ত মানবী

অঙ্গনা তুমি স্রোতস্বিনী
নাকি অশ্বের পায়ের নল?
তুমি জন্মদাত্রীর গর্ভ কষ্ট-
নাকি পদ্মপাতার জল?
তুমি নির্যাতিত একরোখা-
কেউ ডাকে পতিতা,
কারো তুমি মায়ের আঁচল;
প্রিয়তমা বনিতা।

তুমি ধানের মঞ্জুরী স্নিগ্ধ শরৎ
উড়ন্ত শান্তি কপোত,
তুমি তুঙ্গ, তুমি তমিস্রা-
আবার নিশুতি পুর্ণিমা রাত!
তোমার যেমন খ্যাতি আছে তেমনি আছে বদনাম;
শত্রুর তুমি আশীবিষ-
অনাদৃত অনির্বান।

পিতার কাছে পুত্রী তুমি
কামুকের চোখে কামিনী-
প্রেমিকের টানে প্রেমিকা তুমি,
স্বামীর ঘরে ভামিনী;
ক্ষণে ক্ষণে বদলে তোমার
ধরা-বাঁধার নাম,
তুমি ছাড়া অচল পুরুষ তবুও পাবেনা দাম।

হে প্রসূতি!
হে কলত্র!
হে দুহিতা!
তুমি নিদর্শন এ ভুবনের মাঝে-
রেখেছো অগ্রনী ভুমিকা,
স্তিতি তোমাকে যাই করুক তুমিই সঠিক ধারা;
সব আয়াস ক্ষোভ ভুলে
প্রসিদ্ধ তুমি,
তুমি যে জগতের মা।

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Like Me Better


Waiting for you I am standing like

slowing down to get a better view of the ground under our feet,

waiting for the snow in July.


I like me better when I’m with you,

I can’t seem to create as much as I cry

but I still love the ache because it’s something.


Here I can trick myself,

I’m brave and bold and bulletproof,

I’m more than counting dimensions like falling asleep

and I run out of spaces to call home.



We can hang so much from four letters.


Sometimes I forget to say I’m coming home.

I just want you to know that I am halfway there.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 9/27/17

Kind Of


I am kind of asleep.

I am kind of screaming.

I am kind of lying.

I am kind of shaking.

I am kind of breaking the rules.

I am kind of on top of the world.

I am kind of on fire.

I am kind of in love with you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 5/31/17



Will I remember to breathe when you’re here,

when you’re gone?


I forget,

I remember,

I exhale a hurricane and leave steam on your skin.


I learn loss when the doors are closed,

I set sail at all the wrong times.


I am too human,

I leave a mark wherever I go,

it is not always a good one.


We all want to leave postcards, silhouettes, golden

but mine always turn gray and crumble to dust.

I want to leave color,

flood these hours with more than minutes.


I want to leave fingerprints

so you know I was here.

But this might be a crime scene,

if it is I will take all the blame

I hope if it is the blood runs beautiful.


Will I remember to breathe when you’re here,

when you’re gone?

Maybe it doesn’t matter.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 5/26/17



I am not getting smaller,

shrinking with feeling and letting go,

putting up all my defenses

to quit the confusion and instead use your hand.


I am not standing too long,

shivering until my bones feel so far away,

they crack like those arches and I am the gate.


I am not holding too tight,

forward and back like my constant insanity.

I am not knotting these fishing line heartstrings,

catch and release like those signs used to say.


I am not flying or falling,

I think here I am grounded.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 5/14/17

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