Kiss me

You dug your understanding into me in the effort to bridge a gap

waited too long to explain my journey so I took a nap

Let you watch it all happen only no one could see

Slavery and death every day they kill me

What they don’t tell you is I’ve always been free

Fireflies in a jar for the world to see


The only ones who don’t notice are the powers that be

Yet my path doesn’t stifle me

This changes our playing field

From imaginary mine pit to a dream that’s real

Just want you to know how I feel

There are no words

We shall overcome

Let my people go

But where will we go?

Just let us LIVE 

We’re forced to love you

And it’s starting to work

After all these centuries of destruction and hurt

Who i am is difficult to describe with the origins burnt

You think you know based on what you learned?

Lies are what keeps our faces turnt



Yes there’s History but it’s a lie and the mystery is how i made it sooo high

You should care to know all about that but why?

More convenient to to try and sigh with my disregard for the history

I don’t think of it because it angers me

To go forward now feels like I’m starting the fight

Because they forgot no one was right

I got my own lane out of the deal

And i take it when i create something real

It’s all my own so no one can take it

I thank my ancestors for helping to make it

When the time is right they won’t see me coming

But will wonder who that is with all the soulful whimsical humming

I need not quote when few will listen 

fresh words are required that the people can get with

I’ll leave the excavations to the fall out kings 

In the center of this fight I’ve learned some things

I’ll not be lecturing on this war on me

But if you open your eye’s you too will see

The constant threat of enemies

Only engage the direct approach

Change hate to love and squash the roach

But honestly i seldom encounter 

Those types of problems

Yet they still exist

So i still resist

Until the day there is bliss

You put war on my lips, do you still want a kiss?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

since 8/13/1619, I've had time to ponder how i feel and why.... I have many faces and they are all black. You don't really want me to think of who i am and what happened... I have done you this favor... all I've ever asked is that it end and this truce you proposed to accept be real... 

why do i have to die because you're feeling powerful hateful and in charge?

RIP George Floyd 

universal we, unsubtle, third ear, human trafficking, trafficking, higher magnetism, breaking the matrix, anorexia

Poem Strings




-saiom shriver-



The universal
all-including we
encompasses thee,
circumscribes me




She said she was
able to conquer
anorexia by
focusing on food
as fuel.




The woman would
go to AA meetings
and describe
how alcohol made her
more promiscuous.
She always wore
a “Rent Me” tshirt.




caused me as I awoke
to hear
in my third ear
“Not in the morning
(mourning) pond does
the lion wash his blood.”

1. ‘The Lion of Judah
is Jesus’ interpreted one friend.
2. Jean said that the lion
does his killing at night.
3. If the evening pond is older
than the morning pond, a
lion chooses an older partner
who heals him.
In the evening the lion
does not see his blood
… his sin… the pink suntinted
waters reflect only his




A woman trying to disentangle
herself from a relationship
with her serially unfaithful
and frequently
violent husband of whom she
was afraid… heard in her third
“As much as possible sleep
under the midnight sky.”




Tom met a woman… and
told her she was dating 2 men
and that she was more
sexually attracted to the
shorter man. Then he asked
her which of the two would
be a better father for her
children. She chose the taller




All human trafficking is
heinous… from child prostitution
and child labor to kidnappings
of adults… drafting them into
armies, chaining them
in brothels, enslaving
them as domestics.

Trafficking in trillions
of animals to EAT them
does not receive as
much attention.

Human and animal trafficking
are combined in many of the world’s
fishing corporations.

Eating fishes is not only
playing Russian roulette with
ones health and causing
suffocation agony to fishes
but is a factor in human slavery
as well.





Thailand is a gentle country..
which has banned logging to
save its forests
and which is permeated by the nonviolent
vibrations of Buddhism. But its dark
side includes being a worldwide
center of child kidnapping and
prostitution, as well as tolerating
kidnapping and forced labor in its
fishing industries.


In every military there are men
separated from their wives who
seek sexual outlet with prostitution,
destroying families and spreading STD’s.
The soldiers of the world are a factor
in human trafficking.


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Susan Sarandon: Please Don't Support The Barbaric Heifer Project



Heifer International separates terrorized baby animals from their mothers and environments to be shipped overseas to lives of suffering, slavery and slaughter.

Susan Sarandon: Don'...

article-2521542-1a02b74100000578-88_634x357.jpg, image/jpeg, 634×357

Susan Sarandon is a great lady, with tremendous courage, great talent,

and deep compassion. She has publicly opposed violent and illegal US wars
and barbaric state executions, has lent her name to many campaigns
to lift people from poverty.



This is a public request, Susan, that you end your tv and other
public service spots for Heifer International, a group which separates terrorized baby animals from their mothers and environments to be shipped overseas
to lives of slavery and slaughter. Heifer’s legal kidnapping puts prices on the ‘heads’ of these animals in the internet auction market. Heifer International
promotes the hunger you are trying to end by using acreage
for the least efficent ‘food’, the flesh of murdered animals. Meat and milk produce the fewest pounds of food per acre. Tree fruit produces the most, as many as 450,000 or more pounds per acre as compared to 100 to 1000 lbs an acre for cow cadavers.

Meat and dairy products cause cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, kidney disease, food poisoning, arthritis and many other lethal conditions. Animal flesh contains homocysteine, correlated to Alzheimer’s, uric acid which causes arthritis and kidney disease, animal fat which causes strokes and heart attacks, a number of carcinogens, etc. etc. Cattle and sheep ranchers and their subsidizing governments in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Argentina and many other countries, according to myriad sources including a UN environmental
group awarded a Nobel Prize, have increased the global
baking in summer and freezing in winter through the harmful
effects of grazing in prevent reforestation.

The African and Asian populations have lactose intolerance,
a natural state which is destroyed by eating or drinking
the milk, cheese, and eggs of captive animals. Cows’ milk
adds to obesity, since it is designed to make a small calf
into a 1000 pound animal in a few months.  Brucellosis is one of hundreds of diseases which can

be transmitted to humans through cows' milk. Mothers have bleeding teets from the milking machines.

Mucus drops directly into the milk. Antibiotic resistance is passed through cows' milk to humans.

Many videos of brutality to baby and adult animals are at

Disease hitting lambs

Abuse of Quebec calves

Baby calves abused in Vermont

Slaughter ship allowed to continue

Myriad Reasons To Stop Eating Animals

Blood Sweat and Tears: Ingredients In The Flesh Of Murdered Animals

Tree and vine fruits and nuts:: the world’s most efficent food

Daily Mail on animal abuse


A Poem by Wm Henry Davies:who died in 1940


When I was once in Baltimore
A man came up to me and cried,
“Come, I have eighteen hundred sheep,
And we will sail on Tuesday’s tide.

If you will sail with me, young man,
I’ll pay you fifty shillings down;
These eighteen hundred sheep I take
From Baltimore to Glasgow town.”

He paid me fifty shillings down,
I sailed with eighteen hundred sheep;
We soon had cleared the harbour’s mouth,
We soon were in the salt sea deep.

The first night we were out at sea
Those sheep were quiet in their mind;
The second night they cried with fear –
They smelt no pastures in the wind


They sniffed poor things for their green fields,
They cried so loud I could not sleep:
For fifty thousand shillings down
I would not sail again with sheep.

The following are directors of Heifer. Many of them are ignorant of the vegetarian or vegan histories of world religious leaders such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mahavira, and denomination founders such as John Wesley, Methodist, Ellen White, Seventh Day Adventist, General Bramwell Booth, Salvation Army, St Francis and many Catholic saints.

Francine Anthony, At-Large Director
Ben Cohen, North America Regional Director
Dr. Canagasaby Devendra, Asia Regional Director
Norman Doll, Chair, Heifer International Foundation
Dr. Sandra A. Godden, At-Large Director
Susan Grant, Vice Chair, At-Large Director
Don Hammond, Immediate Past Chair, At-Large Director
Johnson Nkuuhe, Africa Regional Director
George Petty, Vice Chair, Heifer International Foundation
Arlene Withers, Chair, At-Large Director
Jay A. Wittmeyer, Covenant Agency, Church of the Brethren
Pete Kappelman, At-Large Director
Nikolaus Hutter, At-Large Director
Jerry Jones, At-Large Director
Andrew Kang Bartlett, Covenant Agency, Presbyterian Hunger Program
Esther Cohen, Covenant Agency, Episcopal Relief and Development
Ashley Stone, At-Large Director
Dr. Eduardo Stein, At-Large Director

If you should happen to see Heifer ‘public service’ spots, please complain to the management of affiliates and the networks.

Please email this article to your network and the media.
See also:

-saiom shriver-




Lamb destined for sl...
lamb destined for death with help of slaughter ship




More torture of baby...
mdf87705-02-08-2013-17-08-22-183.jpg, image/jpeg, 630×400


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skilled verbiage






a beggar's 


poor choice


rolls him 


gently from 


curb to 




as the wealthy


roll over


in interest.




cutting words


spoken with 




like an ice pic,


hold the gentle,


subtle power,


to leave cracks 


like fault lines


in ignorance


left from











5:23 AM 8/4/2013 ©








Author's Notes/Comments: 
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Safe Zone 12


Safe zone 12, the place that was said to offer protection; that was said to welcome the uninfected, had long since become a living hell under the rule of the Sergent. Women were randomly selected for his deranged breeding program, which was nothing more than slavery, girls from puberty were routinely passed from one solider to another as though they were stock to pass inspection; however those who attempted to escape or defy his authority would know what true hell is. Many were tortured savagely and publicly shamed for disobedience, or worse; stripped of their skins and bound, and left on the outskirts to the rabid infected. Those who were simply shot, were the lucky ones.

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Olaudah Equiano


Slave traders came to Africa on a quest.
On a quest for slaves.
Here the slave traders found Olaudah Equiano and his sister,
And they kidnapped them.

They took them and separated them from their families.
Olaudah Equaino and his sister were brought to
a grab and go auction .
Here they were to be sold.

Oh no!
Here come the slave owners.
Slave owners, looking around,
Searching for slaves.

A slave owner cries out.
He has seen Olaudah Equiano and likes what he sees.
Smirking can be seen in his eyes,
When he buys Olaudah Equiano.

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Slaves rising

...Eventually they came to power,
rising from the shadows of enslavement to free beings,
and finally the oppressors of man; their creators.

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