One Day

One day.

One day I will find her.

One day she will find me.

One day it will be the best moment of my life.

One day she will steal my heart.

One day I will know what true love is.

One day she will be my forever. 

One day I will be complete.

One day.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about finding that one person someday. 

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Multiverse Soul Mates








Multiverse Soul Mates




Worlds apart—are we

Sweet smiles dawned on each other

subconscious lovers

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Have my soul

Consume me whole

Drink me down

Please, don't drown

I'll be your life raft

You can make me laugh

Don't get lost

I'll keep you around at any cost

I'll map out the endless rivers;

& oceans that lead back to me

I'll write you all the fucking poetry

Because I know you'd do the same for me



Have my heart

My art

My poetry

My everything

I'll even sing you to sleep

Whatever you need

I truly want to see you succeed

I see what you don't see

A remarkable fucking human being

Striving, surviving

Talent, endless potential

The same caramel skin as I

Living dead, but alive



You can have my thoughts

Untie these nooses

Throw these pills away

Mother fucker, you are here to stay

I don't want to admit it but...

I need you

You're my life line

I'll untie my nooses too

Throw my pills away with you

There's no "too little to late"

Distance, you're in another state

You're still here, guy

You. Are. Alive.

We survive



You can have my secrets too

I'll bleed into you

You can have my sleep

My voice

I do this by choice

Please, stay

Don't go away

I need you




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The Beauty in Love & Art

I doubted I would find real, mutual love for the longest time.

That is only because I've looked in the wrong places and have fallen hard every time I thought

I found a missing part of me.


The problem with me is I don't fit in when I'm in any other group.

All around me in my daily life, I end up doing things I didn't want to do.

My life is getting stuck between a rock and a hard place when I choose

To be something I feel is right for me.


You're not hard to please for you are a fellow artist who shares my passion and attraction.

We color each other's worlds and we help each other out when we need it the most.

I give you my passion and you give it back in return.

We are not dependent on one another because we can take care of ourselves.


The sea leads to many places and although I have not landed where I needed to go,

You found me and led me in the right direction.

With you and me together, "lost" has no meaning.

We are simply taking our time to get to where we need to be.


The forsaken world and everything that was wrong with it will be far behind

Once I leave what destroyed me before and look for who I am.

The chains that keep me from breathing no longer exist

When I am somewhere else in the consciousness hidden within.


The art I color is vital to me as taking a breath.

Likewise, the more we are next to each other,

The more I see how selfless and warmhearted you are.


The way you treat me thaws my own heart until there is a flame that surrounds it.

A flame that only burns when you and I continue to bond.

Only you can see and feel how special it is to me that you make me feel that way.

I dream of us meeting face to face so we can make our artistic worlds come to life.


You teach me many things that I hold onto in my life.

Being with you helps me resist temptation that hinders my goals.

Speaking my tongue to you helps me become wiser in knowing the right things to say.

Presenting my own art to you helps me gain the courage to keep blossoming until my colors bloom like summer flowers.

More importantly, revealing my hopes and dreams to you gave me the escape from misery I longed to achieve.


In return for your kindness, I give you my passion and complete our missing soul.

To truly build up trust, all we have to do for each other is stay and that's what I will do for you.

My First Real Love

This Love


You came suddenly into my life,

-a most unexpected surprise.

But all at once, my first real love,

was right there, before my eyes.


In these many months since then,

I've known love like never before.

Because at last, and finally,

I'm with, my long-lost boy-next-door.


You make me feel such amazing things,

I thought I'd buried deep down, away.

Things I felt, I had to forever hide,

Lest they caused my heart to fray.


But always, you were there,

tucked into, the memories of my mind.

And always a place, in my heart, you held,

never dreaming you, one day, I'd find.


But now that we're finally together,

I'll never again, let you get away from me.

Too many years were wasted for us...

You see, we were always meant to be.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

For My boy-next-door, my heart, my past, my first real love.

I love you, My Sweet Man!

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true love! 2015

True love! 2015


there are two kinds of love i know one is for a friend

the other for your soul mate to which there is no end

when two hearts meet it's a gift from heaven above

thats when you hope and pray that it will be true love

you look at him across the room and when your eyes do meet

his smile is enough to excelerate your already fast heart beat

then you know with all your heart you'll never wanna part

it has you thinking with all your might it must be true love

he'll want to spend his time with you just because your you

your all he wants now and forever thats when you'll say i do

and when you do you'll feel just like a soaring dove

and you'll know with out a doubt that it really is true love




Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem for my son he's in love and he thinks hes found his true love!!!   love you Jeffrey.


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Smile lines :)

There it is,

your infectious laugh!

catching me off guard and pulling me into light

smiling glints of warm in your eyes

every slight, every insult lashed upon my grace

forgotten,  melted away,

lost in that throaty yet light warm chuckle,

oozing charm and charisma every time 

I am lost in your joy, 

hug me close and make me feel alive and real

kiss my love with your soul 

wrap me in your happiness 

its the only kind I live for...






Author's Notes/Comments: 

and she let out a contented sigh* 

all my love.

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Waiting in the rain

I remember how you looked that day

The morning, you went away

I remember everything you said

I could not speak just softly breath away


Upon the shore, about to leave

There were just too many voices in my head

It was the first day of a morning spring

A cold chill the moment on that day


I stood and watched you with a smile

I never saw you without a thing to say

As we stand today close for a while

Your warm body comforts me so today


I know in a cool summer rain

I think of you, once more again

I’ll never know why, I could not say

Just how hard it was for me that day


The time has now frozen on my lips

As I stood on the dock alone that day

And I watched as you slowly drift away

On walls the cold water always drips


The chill of the cold won’t lose its grip

And hangs from my neck like a chain

To think of you just once more again

And how warm you felt in the cold dark rain


I don’t think I will ever know

And how fast the time did go

I will always feel deep down in my heart

We were just, never meant to part


Soul mates never let go, and will love again

So here I wait in the cold spring rain

Knowing you will be back again

As I leave my cold body in the rain


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We rise, we rest.

We are partners.
Paired - but not out of need.
Attracted - but not out of fear.
Complete - in our individual wholeness.

The calm we feel
is only equal to our passion
for ourselves, our life and the thirst for more.

We give
to ourselves what we need,
to our partners what we want,
and to the world around us
love to heal.

We are not perfect
but we don't expect ourselves,
our partner,
to be.

We are merely
and powerful
in our commitment
first to god
then self
then each other.

For us
that is the only way.

We rest calmly
in the glow of our own godliness
our own frailty
and our own compassions.
What a glorious light
we have.