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You want to know about little ol' me? I won't disappoint you, curious ones. My biological name is Shawnice. However, you may call me any clever positive name you have to give. Yeah, I've said positive. Don't bring any negativity around this gal. I've written for a long time... ever since I was a youngster graduating Junior High School. You can say I've been driven to write poetry ever since I've read a poem in that good old yearbook of mine. Relax though, my writing years haven't reached the double digits yet. I always been the type to express myself in words and literature. Of course, most of us know books are a way to escape reality. entering another of fantasy and adventure. I like to read, making grand stories about learning about the developing characters' lives. Same with me, my life is still in development. I love poetry. It is my passion that I love to explore and express my emotions in style and rhythm. Sure, to each their own, I enjoy reading others' work for that way I can grow as an aspiring poet. I write poetry from a style I've developed over the years. Give feedback and criticism to my work and I'll definitely return the favor back to yours. Anything else, you can always ask a woman like myself. I don't bite intrigued people. I hope to see you around and to see your work. Until then, laters.

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Reading (My first love)
Poetry (My second love)
Video Games (Preferably RPGs and Shooters)
Music(Ah, the biggest inspiration!)
Meeting new people (Its always a thrill despite I'm a quiet and humble woman)
Anime (Its always been a favorite to watch than reality shows)
Expressing my thoughts(Give me a chance to do so and you won't be disappointed!)
Family (They're a bit nutty like myself but I adore them.)
Disney (Always been a soft spot since its part of my childhood
Kingdom Hearts (It IS my childhood, Ha.)
Talent and Passion (You got to have it somewhere in any field.)


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