By JFarrell


I stare

I listen

I think

I dream

Of you

About you

Without you knowing

What I think

What I dream

What I fantasize

About you

How would you feel

If you knew

My fantasies

About you

Horror, fear

Delight, repelled

Am I

The creep

That stalks your nightmares

Hides under your bed

Is locked in your closet

I stare

I listen


The creep


Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by both radiohead's creep, but also phil collins' thru these walls

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Without You

The days that were before,

O, how have they been lost!

Another tear, the tear,

it will soothe in my love-tossed soul


Decidedly, I chose to not forget,

as if there ever was a chance

at this repair, so hopeful I let

the seen things go, until


But it is clear, oh very clear

that this soul you don't deserve

that this hopefullness doesn't strike

that it is I you don't care to like


for that, I set myself free

from your shackles,

from your tax

upon which you feed,

is there still a chance at this repair?

I stop pondering it,

for my life is to live now,

without this nightmare it's become

without the deceit to overcome

without all the tears you bring into it

Without You

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Winter Blood


She stepped out into the night

From out of the Nightmare came a cry

The creature's somber humming ever so quiet

luring the unsuspecting into a frenzy

She is all that stands between

a world of ire and a world of light

The shadows writhe in horror;

their ghastly creation a pale abhorrence

She was to be their Chosen One

A warrior angled to live more

than just a hollow existence

The souls were as bright as the stars

But unearthly blood stained the

tips of her hair, her sword, and her solace

Drop by drop it tinged the ground

The beastly burden of loss

The last chance to take a final breath

And all of it- gone.

No second chance.

However, the silence hungers and from

the fires she wakes

She steps out onto the plains

A blizzard creeps down her spine

The Demon Ruins she must bide

One last stop to sharpen the blade

Fill up the flask and check her Faith

The fool she may be

But bathed in blood, a kingdom undone

She will walk the unknown, let her story unfold

To find the truth

To end the curse

...of Winter Blood


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by the Dark Souls and Bloodborne franchise :)


I'm walking now

There is a man staring at me

From inside the classroom

through the window of the door.

I was walking down the hallway when I first saw him

His face was contorted in a fleshy spiral

Curly hair and a dumpy body

Something told me he didn't mean well

Something inside me shuddered at the thought of coming near this creature.


I'm running now

And the hallway has decided to play a trick on me

The double doors get further away from me.

Every classroom the same as I ran passed

Fleshy was still there.

My head snaps to the side to see he is still staring

From inside the classroom

through the window of the door.


I'm panicking now

Every sound terrifies my head

I can't get out of this hallway with this terrible creature

My body tightens as it heats and tingles in a cold sweat

I freeze in my steps as I see fleshy has gone from the room

A very horrible silence rests on the hallway.

Then I felt a warm breath on my neck.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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The Reign

To Be Illustrated

"Where so many rush to fall asleep,

I tend to creep,

afraid of the a lack of light, 

what's in store for tonight. 


Would you like to know why?

I'm afraid of what's inside,

what I always seem to need,

what sleeps within me.


When the darkness falls

and my mind succumbs to sweet slumber,

lumbering in comes the pattering of feet,

clawed, and I can't seem to scream.


I try to get out from underneath the covers,

to run away, but I am stayed 

by the sudden jacket, holding arms back,

while at my heels chases the maniac. 


It is the ghoul, it's in my room,

and now theres nothing but abyss,

amiss of clothes and shoe and tooth

as I run to only bring closer nothingness.


And now I am within reach, looking back

at the black teeth, to tear my wide and tall,

before tripping onto face,

no hands to break the fall. 


And looking to what had cause the trip,

innocent children, empty faces,

look into me, through me, and it hurts,

it burns, no clue why they are in my plight.


And now taking flight, they chase me too,

I am running to a single point,

straight jacket still applied,

my escape impossible, my voice mute. 


Again, so focued to the rear,

I forget about the front, 

looking ahead to see now in front of me

the biggest snake ever slithers on scene. 


The snake grows bigger, stopping,

rearing its head, baring its fangs,

it wraps me in it's tail,

and squeezes me tight.


I can't stand the grip, crying out,

but no sound comes, 

just the sound of my eyes popping out,

and the sound of the plop.


The drop of me, hitting the carpet,

falling onto the floor, blanket wrapped around me,

back in my room, not monsters,

no snake no ghoul.


Just the sweat drenched shirt,

the paper-dry throat,

rattled, another night lost

to the internal battle. Nightmares reign."  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

So many have issues falling asleep, though the reasons are as numerous as some of them terrorizing. 

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Bizarre! [Story]

            The little Sara sees a nightmare every night! Once it is over, she opens her eyes a little and looks for her mother Daisy. With half-closed eyes Sara embraces her as if she were never to leave her mother!

            Undoubtedly, panic seizes her every time she sees the nightmare. It has been appearing before her like hell since she was four. Daisy and her husband Jack have already consulted with so many doctors and psychiatrists but nothing has been fruitful.

            The stubborn nightmare appears again and again like someone suffering from acne! Even though Sara has become somewhat accustomed to it, yet the dream is so horrific that she cannot sleep for the rest of the night. She feels that if she sleeps again, then the nightmare will become true and she will die.

            The strange thing is that Sara has never told anyone what she sees or experiences in the nightmare! Neither the doctors have any idea. The parents along with the doctors have insisted her to tell about the events in the dream but Sara simply says that she forgets everything once she opens her eyes up.

            In fact, this is not true. Sara intentionally conceals the matter from everyone and there is a reason behind it. Sara sees that she has reached a high mountain with her parents. There is only one banyan tree in that mountain under which an ugly looking old lady sits. Her posture is like that of a yogi. She is naked; there is no piece of cloth on her body. Sara looks at the old woman; the old woman smiles but something comes out of her eyes- she notices that it is blood! Sara stares at her as if she were watching circus! The hair of the old lady is all white like the cloud of the summer season. Another interesting fact is that her hair is so long that it has flowed like a river! Sara endeavours to find the finishing point of the hair but fails. Like a snake, the hair extends beyond the horizon!

            All of a sudden, Sara looks at her mom but sees a skeleton is there. When she moves her eyes towards her dad, she finds that he has also turned into a skeleton. Now, Sara holds two skeletons with her hands!

            After that the weird old lady disappears like the fog. It is at that very moment when Sara cannot help waking up. Once Sara goes to a picnic organized by her school. The students are supposed to return home by evening. Her parents do not hesitate to send her to enjoy the picnic since there are teachers with the students acting as guides.

            However, the students reach the place called Liev. The place is alive with scenic beauty. There are sky kissing mountains, beautiful lake, and a wonderful fountain. In a word, there is a heavenly feeling prevailing all around that place.      

            Sara is extremely joyous as soon as she reaches the place. She looks about the place. The most fascinating thing to Sara is the fountain. She has never seen such an amazing fountain before!

            All the students are instructed not to go beyond the mentioned sphere. Sara is walking with Jessica; suddenly Jessica says that she has to go back to drink water. Sara tells her to return soon since she is alone. She waits for Jessica for about ten minutes but there is no sign of her.  

            Now, Sara decides to return to the place where all the other students are playing together. The moment she makes a few steps to that direction, she hears a sound. She sees back but finds no one there. Then Sara steps forward but the sound is heard again. Now, she stops for a minute to make sure if there is any student hiding somewhere and scaring her or not! She hears the sound again; now, it is clearer than before!

            Undoubtedly, Sara is a bit afraid but she wants to take the challenge. She wants to find out what exactly is going on! She moves towards the direction where the sound has come from. The closer she goes, the clearer the sound becomes. Strangely enough Sara realises that the sound is made not by a student but by some old woman!

            The thought of the old woman has taken Sara back to her nightmare and the old, ugly woman there. A strange, cold feeling passes through her veins; everything appears hazy to her; she starts sweating as well; the worst of it all is that her throat is dry like a desert; she needs to drink water quickly; she feels like fainting.

            Sara makes every step stealthily now. She makes sure that the dry leaves below her shoes must not make any sound. She has reached that particular place that the sound is coming from. There is a little bush that is acting as a divider. She knows that if she moves the bush and sees forward, then the mystery behind the sound will be revealed.

            Sara’s hands are shivering as if she were suffering from cold! She gains courage and goes for it; she moves the bush a little and to her surprise sees that very ugly, old woman who appears in her dream every night! She faints.

            Now, Sara is hospitalised; she is in coma to be precise. The doctors do not know when she will be normal again. They do not have any idea about the reason behind her fainting either!   

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I fear the demons
rising from my body
at midnight crowding
the mind and leading the soul
to deeper darkness 

Sleeps the night with
desires wrapped in blanket  —
spring in the eyes
gods couldn't change the rhythm
of the body and its needs 

Awake in dream time
he looks for the candle —
love's invitation
lighting up in the dark
and sings the body's song 

The night queen fragrance
seeps in through the window
coupled with full moon
adds to my delight though I'm
alone in my bed tonight 

The sleep is buried
in sex for diversion
yoga or prayers:
the dawn preserves bitter eyes
in the day's bleak passage 

An insomniac
weak with desires and prayers
hears the heartbeats
rising fast with dark hours
survives one more nightmare



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Drink Or Die: Dream - November 23, 2013

I had a HORRIBLE Nightmare last night that I was Dying.. And, the only way for me to live was to drink a lot of Water... 


I kept trying to drink Water, but, I couldn't swallow it! I tried so hard to drink the Water, but, I just couldn't get it to go down my throat! I was freaking out!


 After trying to drink Water, for what seemed like hours, I managed to get a couple, little, drops of Water down my throat... I had to force those drops of Water to go down my throat with all of my might!! 


Then, I FINALLY Woke Up in a Panic, and, I was sooo Relieved that it was only a dream.. Phew!!!

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Stay Forgotten

The tap tap tapping of his feet grow louder on the hard linoleum floor as his heart beats faster. Pounding in his chest, drowning out the sound in his ears and bringing his eyes to tears. He is lost. How did he get where he is? He has no idea what force brought him to this place. But wait he knows where to go, the next turn is right... no no no left. Breaking left he flies down the corridor. Pictures on the walls, bodies without faces, places he’s been before. Bursting through the double doors at the end of the hallway he enters an open plaza, and there she is.


This is it, this is what he was brought here for. A second chance, forcing his hand to finally make the move on… on… what was her name? What is my name? That hardly matters now, but here she is placed upon a silver platter for him to take as his liking. A noise from behind. He turns and out from whence he came, comes a familiar and distasteful face.


“I see you’ve found what you have been looking for,” says the vile looking man.

“Who are you?”

“I am your antagonist, I am the conflict that chooses where you step, I am your worst fear. I am your failure.”

“What madness are you speaking?”

“Take a look for yourself.”


Turning he notices his lost love, slipping from his grasp again. Down an alley through a busy street she turns without a glance back. Without a further look at this new profound man he is at a sprint again. Faster even than when he feared for his own life. She was more important than his life. What would be left to piece together if he let her walk out of his life again?


SLAM! Right in front of him a taxi from the street hits a light pole inches from his own body. Stopping momentarily he glances in at the driver, only to see the smiling face of his so called “antagonist.”


“Time is running out,” he says.

“Then I have no time to waste on the likes of you!”


Faster and faster he crosses the street and finally makes it to the alleyway that was his destination. He slows to a quick-walk, because it is extremely dark in the alley, even though it was mid-day behind him. Reaching about a third of the way through the alley he notices a curled figure on the floor… no two.


“This is your fault…” the man says grimly.


Tossing him aside, he takes a step toward her heaving, sobbing figure.


“Why must you cry my love? I’ve come to ask for a second… nay a first chance, that I never put forth before.”

She continues weeping for a reason unknown to him.

“Why do you weep at such a time to rejoice?! Speak to me! I’ve done my best, tried my hardest, I deserve at least a word!”


She slowly rights herself into a sitting position, looks up to him, and says, “Goodbye.”


Suddenly he is in his room in his apartment. He recalls his dream, the faces he saw, remembers who they are, remembers what they mean to him, and remembers his own identity. He lies back down, wishing he could forget.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this a few years ago, my friends back then liked it so I hope you like it too. Also I didn't have a title for it until I reread it five minutes ago.

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