A hand full of air

Something stirring 

A cautious hover 

Over a breaking smile 

gratitude spills 

tumbling over the reverently held ether 

life lives here, moistened with 

Blood, sweat, Tears and rain 

Every fall a rise 

Like the breath of providence 

A dip left 

A twist right 

the rhythm of life inspires dance,

Poetry, art, music and song  

Like air slipping over chords

Sacred Verbage 


Your hands are never empty 

There is no void, 

There is only the appearance of nothing 

Which by the mere thought is even something 

So grab on tight!

Even when it seems there is no thing

it really is something, isn't it? 

Oh what we see, be and do when nothing is impossible! 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yes, yes you can! 

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Bored today

I have done nothing

For it to be worthwhile

carrying on about

My tourtured soul

Demons come and go

Angels and saints

Preach as hell of a lot

I receive signals

From my mind at play

To make me think

impossible things

Are happening to me.


I have a few rules

And the law supports me

in my living

Irregardless of their demands

In my own fantastical world.

I am deluded into beleiving

There is a point

The plan is mine?

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Nothing matters

Nothing really matters

Nothing really matters to me

You're never really doing nothing

cuz you're always doing something


















Nothing really is something....isn't it?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

WPOM poetry prompt....write a poem about nothing...

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Figment of my Imagination

Figment of my Imagination

By JFarrell


I am just a figment of your imagination

I don’t exist

The grumbling of a piece of cheese

Eaten too late at night


A shadow stirred by a

Tap-tap-tapping on your door

Memories awakened by

A howling on the wind


The breath on your neck

Of “Spring-Heeled” Jack

The knife at your throat

In Whitechapel


A ghost, a wisp

A vivid dream

Already forgotten

As you wake


The flea bites me

Then bites the arm of God

And I am nothing, forever

Just a figment, an echo


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i'm i my imagination or yours?

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On The Edge Of Nothing

The air up here is see-through clear


The only fog comes from our hot dry mouths


Rubbing our cracked hands


Licking our cracked lips


Teetering here, on the edge of nothing.


The air up here is blank-minded thought blinding


The only thought to shine through as stars in the nightling sky


Stomping our frozen feet


Shouting our frozen fears


Standing here, on the edge of nothing.


The air up here is falling down


The sky throws itself upon the mount and cries


We hold the frozen tears in our cracked hands


And catch them with our cracked lips


And looking up to cry with it


Happy tears


Teetering here, on the edge of nothing



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The Note

I don't know how to start, I've only known sadness, 

I hate it  but I don't know anything else, 

I'm tired of waking up everyday knowing I won't be doing anything,

I just want you to know, I was never happy, I try, I really do.

But it brings frustration and despair, 

I want you to be happy, forget me and live your life, I was just that person in the back that isn't worth it.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just something I was...  feeling. 

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Nothing Lasts Forever


I'm standing on an island
An island of blue
Surrounded by chaos
But caught up in you


Storm clouds shaded my desire
Yet, this rocky terrain fuels the fire
I've been lost for so long
Never looking for The Way


And now you've found Me
I wasn't looking for you
But something told me
It whispered your name


Come on and take My hand
Baby, we can't stay forever
But for a little while we can pretend
Nothing lasts forever
'Cept on this island of blue


Dark shades find us
We turn the light and blind them
Voices carry but don't you worry
The sands of time will guide us


Here and now
I fight but fall
Win or lose
I only know
Nothing lasts forever
'Cept on this island of blue


I look on past the distance
you pull me close and whisper
"I want you so bad it hurts"
And the earth below deserts us


Ill fated illusion cast it's net
But, let's forsake this ruin
And find what we've always been wantin'
Because, nothing lasts forever
'Cept on this island
This island of you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This started as a poem but evolved into a song.

*You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At All*


  Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Your kiss says it all

Your touch tells me 

You'll catch me if I fall

Your stare lets me see

That you'll never forget to call


Sweety you say it best 

When you say nothing at all

But I must be certain not to make a mistake

To make sure I can put my fears to rest 

I'm still going to wait to let my heart awake

For I promised myself I would not hurt again

And for me to do that I must not feel

For true love is not pretend

I got to make sure your heart is real


But with you the one sent from above

From the bluest skies of heaven

I have a feeling... with you I could fall in love

Because You say it best

When you stare with your eyes

When you touch me so gently and nice

When you hold me under the starlit skies

When you say more then twice

I know you truely mean it from your heart

And whenever I start to cry

You will surely be the first one there

To gently wipe it away from my eyes


I tell no lies

When I tell you my heart skips a beat

When I have you by my side

I really can't wait because next to you I have a perminate seat

And when that time comes when I can truely trust

The way I feel I won't hide

Now I know its a definate must


Even through my body may shake a little bit

You holding me will calm me down

I want to be the one in control

On top I want to sit

After you remove my night gown

As we listen to our favorite hit

As we start to make love

We bothcan feel it...Together.. a perfect fit


You say it best

When you say nothing at all

Your own person your won soul

You're finally not like the rest

Making you mine is my goal

In love with me someday you;ll fall

But now lets just have fun and play

For we both are having a blast

Our true feelings lets share another day

Right now I just want to try

To make you forget your past

In every possible way

Let them bad memories pass you by


My love you say it best

When you say nothing

You express with no words at all

Just let there between us be something

And remember when you want some fun

You know who to call



*Nothing Lasts Forever*


Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

Nothing last forever 
Sooner or later it must break down and die 
Nothing stays together 
You'll realize it when things start to pass you by 
And you no longer see each other 

Nothing lasts forever 
The tears from your eye 
They will disappear 
You will no longer be able to cry 
You wont even be able to hear 
The words from your loved one 
Because you'll be consider air 

Everything will come to an end 
Soon it'll be just space 
You will no longer have a friend 
You will be all left alone 
You wont have any love left to send 
Your heart will turn to stone 


Nothing lasts anymore 
It goes on to another life 
There is nothing left to adore 
What would be funny is if you were human 
And you ended up a knife 


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