15 Poems: Bleating, Home As Priority, Etc

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-saiom shriver-


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In her flesh is the agony
of the lamb's fight for life,
her bleating
In her 'juice' are the
fat and uric acid
of her bleeding.

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The plant weaves
its lilygild.
Its only desires..
rain and sunfire.

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His mother told us
that Matt was reading
Charlotte's Web
to their child growing
in his mother's womb.

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Tree choppers send
caterpillars live
through a chipper.
Long lines fishing boats
cut off dolphin flippers.
Mowers shred the fabric
of blooming ladies' slippers.
Sheep freeze when too soon
the fleece removed by clippers.
Jockeys who bet on races
more likely horse whippers.
Whales killed by pollution,
sonar, and shippers.
For cinnamon some kill
the plant as barkstrippers
Sturgeon cut open for
by modern fishermen rippers
who don't care that
the sturgeon have no zipper.
For topiary, plants
mutilated by
gardening snippers.
All of this happening
beneath the Big Dipper



1st draft

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Baby boy chicks
in San Diego sent
alive through
a chipper
and in Iowa
they are
sent through a crusher
as do the rich
and religious haters
send the poor
into profit sired wars.

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A certain cows' milk

company in our area

manufactured milk

crates which

said "Thou shalt not

steal" to which we

wished to add

"their babies' milk

from mother cows".

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Seedless are
some watermelons
and limes,
grapes and clementines


Human manipulation

is plant castration.

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Clutter is sometimes
crystallized sadness,
or fear,
sometimes an ethical
decision to recycle,
or maintaining a warehouse
for those in need,
or simply someone
who doesn't have
enough time in the day
for all the work he does.

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The master key unlocking all doors is love.
The eternal password opening all secret places
is love.
The answer to all questions is love.
The solution to all problems is love.

The way out of all mazes is love.


(My muse: tommy ohalloran's poem 'god')

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Often criticism is

projected guilt...

we haven't forgiven

ourselves and fail

to see the

other as God-gilt




The Course In Miracles says the messages we give to others are

first meant for ourselves....

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"And my soul from out that shadow

that lies floating on the floor
Shall be lifted" - EVERMORE


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He's a princebound frog
in training to leave for
the palace
from the slimy bog

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Why should I rip
from tree fruit unripe.
Let it fill slowly
and swell with rain.

Why should human beings
hurry relationships
which unfold
gradually, peacefully


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December 28th:

the feast of the Holy Innocents
.. those 2 year old baby boys
slaughtered by Herod
in his mad search for the little

December 28th.. when little
baby trees.. slaughtered
.. begin to show up on the curb

their resident flightless
baby birds and squirrels
long smashed or scattered

other trees' green flesh turned
into ephemeral wrapping paper
and Christmas cards

.... forests shattered


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Picking Where To Make My Art??


Picking a spot on my body

to make my cuts today.


There are so many 

places I can choose from,

so many places that I've already cut on.



Maybe I'll cut on my hand,

maybe on my palm.


Maybe on my wrist,

maybe on my arm.


Maybe on my stomach,

maybe on my waistline.


Maybe on my thigh,

maybe on my legs.


Maybe on my ankle, 

maybe on the insides of my thighs....


Maybe where my underwear can cover,


hell, It's not like I haven't cut there before...



There are so many places

on my body

that I can take a blade to

and draw my art.


One cut here,

another cut there...


maybe a big one here,

and a small one there.


Cut, cut, cut, cut

my head screams to me,

my hands beg of me,

my blade calls to me.



I'm picking a place on 

my body,

a spot to make a new cut,

a new piece of art...


Where will I pick today?



Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Title is a rough draft... I'm not totally sure about it... Any ideas would be much appreciated!


Let me know what you think about it!

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Supernatural Show Dream: July 27, 2013

Okay here is the dream. First off there is this show called: "Supernatural" over here. It is a show about two guys who fight off demons and try to stop the Apocalypse . At least that's what I have gotten from it... I don't really watch it and I have only seen a few episodes... Anyways here goes the dream: 
This dream was about the guys from the tv series, "Supernatural". I don't know their names though so I will just say "guys" or guy" or whatever...
 It all started when I walked into this warehouse-like room and saw the guys from supernatural. One was all evil looking and the other one was normal and the normal one suddenly ran up to me and picked me up and ran out the door.
 But as he was running with me, before we could get out of the door, I looked over and saw the other guy twitching and his eyes were rolling into the back of his head and they were turning black.
 I was freaked out. I remember thinking, "Oh my god, this is it, I am going to die!!!"  It was so intense. When he put me down I realized that I was bleeding..down there... I thought that I had started my period and got really embarrassed and apologized to the guy. 
Then, the guy said. "No, you are giving birth to Lilith " I freaked out again.
 All of a sudden there was blood everywhere coming from me. I know, gross right? Then through out the whole dream I was fighting off demons with the guy and one of the demons wanted to father my baby.
 And the whole time we were fighting off demons I was still giving birth.... I was just walking and running around in labor and bleeding everywhere... 
We ended up banishing the demon that wanted to be the father of my baby, too... Among other creepy demons... or what ever.
 And also, the whole dream I was still giving birth. Let's just say it was very bloody and gross...
 I woke up before I even had the baby, or "Lilith" or whatever!!
 It was fucking crazy and intense!! I didn't even tell you the whole dream. There was just too much going on in it to tell it all. I woke up feeling so wierded out, lol. Then I went back to sleep and had another dream that I barely remember... And that's it... Crazy, right???
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walking through a smokey fume.. in this sealed up dark room..
I saw your eyes bleeding blue.


going up, going down. spin spin around & around
falling to my knees, calling out to God, please
save me from this crucifixion
cut the ties to lifes addictions
spit up the lies you fed, on which I choked
climbing up these ropes
running away from the hoax
insanity, the only word she knows.


deep in the dungeon, I go plunging
searching for the meaning
intervening, I come between two scales..
a lions head with three flaming tails.


i'm not like this.. you're leading me to be crazy..
one day i'll run, forever away from you, maybe...
like the speed of light, in a flash, little hazy.
there's more for me then this demonic plague..
there's more to life then constant conviction.


wrists are shaking & those screams begin to take a toll..
driving round this winding road..
i'm done with your pitiful smold of an existence..
don't act like you know what i'm missing.
so here I plant my feet in the ground, not bending for you now
never again will I twist or turn
because bitch, you've got so much to learn.

essences 1




honesty can, and

has been known

to strangle

arteries of 

bleeding love 

that feed a 

beating heart,

but flowers 

that never reach 

their intended 


only leave their 



to live half 

of  a life 

is like 

not even 

living  at all, 

but  the seeds 

of dying  flowers 



5:48 PM 8/1/2013 ©




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Antidote - March 24, 2012

Chapter One

I'm sorry about my burden, how I'm so wrong,

And how I'm so stupid with all that I do.

I'm sorry about the way I am, I dont belong.

I'm sorry that I never at all deserved you.


But you can't see this part of me I'm hiding,

That's so crudely hidden under what you see?

I'm sick of crying, and I can't keep on trying,

Without you I'm worthless, you are so free.


You're my antidote that gets me past every day,

You're the one to always save me from my agony.

I wish I could show you I can't live this way.

I wish I could show you my sorrowful blasphemy.


The infectious pain quickly tears me apart,

And shatters my will within a few words.

I feel so helpless, I wish I could restart,

And go back to when I wasn't such a coward.


You're my lost antidote, come cure this poisoning;

Come reverse me, turn me to my former being.

Please stay forever and keep me from maddening,

And keep me from the edge, stop the bleeding.

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Feeding off of the sickness itself


your cold eyes are like a knife coiling through my heart, & from the very start I knew you were ill intentioned.

manifesting hate & digging it into others like it's their own fault...

& your compliment was a penalty..

then you proclaim, that i'm not how you'd like me to be.

i'll rip this knife from my chest & show you I know myself best.


melancholy self destruction, the world around me spiraling into more corruption..

when will Jesus come & be my abduction..?

to free me from this ever-traveling fog..

saliva like venom.. taste just like a bleeding throat infection..

if my feelings were in a needle, i'd give you the injection.

the effects would prove to be quite unexpected.

your vision may experience some clarification..

your body will crave detoxification.

maybe you would stop harming yourself, & run towards perfection..

instead of feeding off of the sickness itself.. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was really feeling this when I wrote it a couple--few months back.. sometimes I wish it could of been longer.

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Desire Fire

My Love

“Pitch black all around
Was how my life looked
Until you came into it
And brought me light.”

Nah, that’s too cliché

How about:
“I was just fine
Before I met you
And I didn’t even like you much at first
I thought you were cute
But I didn’t like your attitude
Yet you grew on me
Like a rose growing onto a stone wall
But the closer I got to you
The more I could feel the heat of a fire out of my control
It wasn’t that you loved me
It is just your personality
To burn those closest to you
But I couldn’t leave
I had fallen for the flames
And though I sometimes danced in your inferno
I couldn’t help but to come out burned

We’re opposites, you and I
For where you burn
I am ice-cold
So it didn’t hurt me when you left
Not as much as you would’ve felt
But I still want you back
It’s not a pain
But an ache
And the only thing that can melt my heart,
That can teach me to love again
Is you.”

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Just A Dream

Light and Dark

Swirling phantasms all around me
Death and life both in accord
Time is years in seconds counting
And yet no time I can afford

A flash, a face
A twinge of feeling
Just a second
Sends my heart reeling
The old scars
I thought were healing
Suddenly open
And start bleeding

I can’t take it
My heart breaks
All I want is your embrace
Please come back
Don’t leave me here
Don’t leave me to the void I fear

Time is fading, eternity ending
Daylight’s footfalls at the door
Reaching out so you can save me
Just a dream, nothing more.

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