Tribute to Dad

Tribute to Dad

You took the voyage of life,
however cursed by fate.
None to help you,
none to shoulder your pain.
You had strengthened
the family as fist.

Your adversities tested you
 throughout our budding years.
The word rest didn’t show off
till heavenly gates flung open.

At our hard times,
your aroma of strength,
At our joy,
your aroma of cheers,
lingered all around.

A better tomorrow
was always been your choice,
By and large sun shines
as your footprints.

None can keep us stand apart
when nightmares and thunders
make an evil eye.
Your beloved family
needs the warmth,
bygone days you showered on us.

It is been paradox we miss you,
our own prejudice mounts us to believe
still five fingers makes a strong fist.

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Recreation for the Whole Family

Does your family often scatter in all directions, running to work, activities and events with little time together as a family? If you've answered “yes,” then perhaps it's time to change that. You can get started by setting aside time for recreation that the whole family can participate in together. In this article, you'll find a few ideas to get you started.

Play Sports

Perhaps you've never thought about playing sports as a family, but this can be a great source of recreation. Gather everyone together for a game of catch or a badminton match in the backyard. Play croquet, or toss bean bags, or go ice skating. If you have older kids, you might all join a team together. You could play softball or volleyball, for instance. Be sure that you have the right equipment. New softball gloves or ice skates make great gifts.

Have a Game Night

Another excellent opportunity for family recreation comes in the form of a regular game night. Have family members vote on the game of the evening, and then go over the rules of play. Gather some snacks and beverages, and then start in. You can hold a tournament with the same game over several evenings or select a different game each night. If you do the latter, combine old favorites with a few new options. You can try board games, card games or even tabletop roleplaying games.

Go on a Special Outing

Your family may love the idea of going on a special outing together. Part of the fun lies in the planning. You should start by determining the time and budget you have for such an adventure and come up with some reasonable options. Then present them to your family, and watch their reactions. You'll likely see quite a bit of excitement about one or two ideas, so you may have to end up taking a vote.

Your possibilities will depend on the amount of time and money you can spend. You might suggest a sporting event, a camping trip, a day of shopping or a visit to a museum. If you have more time, you could turn your special outing into a real vacation. Get the whole family involved in the planning. This is, after all, part of the fun.

Start a Family Hobby

You might also suggest that your family start a hobby together. If your family members groan a little about this at first, you'll have the job of convincing them that this really will be fun. Choose something that the family as a whole shows an interest in. This might be a particular craft or a family collection. You could garden or cook together, too.

Just make sure you start small. If you want to do crafts together, for instance, you might begin with a family collage and ask each member to contribute a special photograph or drawing. Then frame the finished product, and hang it up in the family room. A foray into cooking might involve baking bread or cookies or making a special breakfast. Gardening can begin with a small indoor garden or window box. You can always move up into larger projects when you know if all family members enjoy the hobby.

Just Relax Together

Finally, your family recreation might simply be relaxing together at least a couple of times a week. You don't have to do anything special. A family meal with a good conversation around the dinner table might be just right. Or you could gather the family for a movie (complete with popcorn, of course).

For your family to connect with each other and truly enjoy each other, you need to spend time together. Recreational activities like sports, games, special outings and hobbies can draw your family closer as you all have fun together. You can also just spend some time each week relaxing as a family. When you do, you may find that life slows down just a little bit and that you reconnect with the people you love the most.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For your family to connect with each other and truly enjoy each other

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I'm not sorry

I'm not sorry for giving you up!

I am sorry I was not given the tools to be a better mother.

I am sorry for all the pain and suffering you endured over the years. 

I'm not sorry for walking away, as I believe it would have been worse had I stayed!

I can not change the past.

I live in the present and look to the future.

Dwelling only prolongs the pain.


I'm not sorry for giving you tuff love.

Sometimes it's the only way to love.

I don't have all the answers,

I have my feelings, emotions and experiences!

I'm very happy that you were able to break the cycle,

able to raise your children.

I am sorry I was not able to be a part of your lives.

I'm sorry I missed out on so many memories.

I am not sorry I gave you life.


June 13 2022

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I regret not being able to care for my children! Addiction and mental illness can and does rob us of so much!

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Family: The most Important Agent of Socialization

Family is considered the most vital agent of socialization because kids are most frequently greatly reliant on their families and family is the leading source to teach progenies their customs, ideals, and principles. It is done by the parents verbally and non-verbally. Family assists in cultivating the echelons of faith, freedom, enterprise, a sense of skill, and determination and help them to make proper choices in life.

Many scholars accept as true that the family is a predominantly significant establishment of socialization as it executes the decisive tasks of socializing the youngsters and takes care of the sensitive necessities of its members. Moreover, a stable family reinforces social order and financial steadiness.

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It Gets Better - January 27, 2021

Chapter Three

It Gets Better

January 27, 2021


Several years have passed, but it feels like only days.

Everything in my life is foggy, nothing has changed

since I was younger and had more time to write.

I've grown into an adult, but nothing is all right.


I've hoped for so long that I could find a place

where I can be myself and not have to chase

validation and acceptance for the thoughts in my mind.

I've searched, I have, but there is nothing in sight.


I have love all around me, with my family and friends.

They assure me I'm safe, they'll be there 'til the end.

I don't doubt that, but they seem to misunderstand

that these problems I have are out of my hands.


It's three in the morning, I'm working at eight.

If I go to sleep now, I'll still probably be late.

I'll get through the day, pay the bills, go to bed,

just to have this cycle repeat itself again.


When the night gets darker and my mind is awake,

there is nothing I can do but hope I don't think

about the forks in the road- which one I'll take.

I could visit the skies above or pretend I'm ok.


The medications, the drugs, and the alcohol

have never helped me feel better at all.

The only thing that's stopped me from leaving forever

is telling myself at night, "I promise, it gets better."


It helps for a moment, but soon my mind persists

that it isn't true- it doesn't get better than this.

I have tried to change all the errors of my ways,

but to no avail. This may be the last of my days.


To everyone who loved me, to everyone that cared,

I don't want you to think that any of you shared

a part in this self-destructive game of my life.

In the end, everything will be all right.


Nothing will change in the world outside my own.

Everyone else will have a place they call home.

My only hope is that by relieving my pressure,

maybe for the others, it actually does get better.

if tomorrow i dont see!

If Tomorrow I Dont See!            02/23/20

one day while i was sitting around and thinking about you all
The thought had crossed my mind when my number God would call
When memories of your childhood flashed thru my mind to me
and i was thinking i didnt say enough if tomorrow i dont see
then i thought about the day you was born and smiled from ear to ear
i watched you sleep those first few days afraid you'd disappear
thru the rough times i spent on my knees praying for God to set us free
once again that thought had crossed my mind if tomorrow i dont see
did i help you accomplish all your dreams and keep you safe till i depart
have i said enough thru out your life so you'll know whats in my heart
then my fathers words came back to me and they have set me free
he simply said remember i will always love you if tomorrow i dont see!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this one for my kids  hope you like it

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Goodbye for now

Can it be real

or am I just fooling myself?  

To believe that your love for me

Has not been put on a shelf


Packed away and discarded

Like an old photo or toy

Your pure and unconditional love

Like when you were a boy  


Innocent and sweet

You held me in your heart

But now the years and life’s challenges

Have torn us apart


You have chosen a path

That is rocky and tough

And my guidance and attempts to divert you

 Have not been enough


You ran from youth fast

Confused and unsure

Towards the deceitful blinding light

Of adulthoods allure


As I stand here and watch you stumble

Like when you took your first steps

But now unable to help or reach out to you

Now that you’ve fallen into the depts


But my hand will always be within reach for you

And my heart open wide

To take hold of either

If you should ever decide


I wish you only happiness

And pray you will find

All the things you’ll need in your life

To replace what you’ve left behind


I will say goodbye to you

But only for now

Because I know you will find your way back to me

Someday or somehow

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for my son during turmoil in his teens.

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dark night

as silence leave its place 

hatred took guarantee

leaving all memories behind 

thou couldn't see anything


tears roll down from everybody's eyes 

without noise at various intensity

heart filled so high

hatred took guarantee

still, she wanted to stop this race


caring was always there

love or war

whichever in the way

as heart poured out

calling your name

hatred in ones heart

took its place


the whole night was so big, so scary

seems like darkness worked its part

took light from our soul

put darkness in our heart


tears roll down 

without any noise 

how come thou couldn't hear anything

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cancer kills

All alone with the voices inside of my head. ill put my pride to the side and write it out the rest. 

I hate how cancer kills the one you love and not the one you hate instead. 

it puts you through so much pain, id rather see hell, face my demons and be better off dead then to see another loved one go through that again. 

Your body is eating you from the inside out and theres nothing you can do cry and take pain meds. 

losing hair and weight at a fast scaling rate. worry and confusion, i swear this all feels like an illuision. 

sitting alone in my room every night thinking why didnt they take you. (maryanne)

they didnt take the right one, and now its fucking me up in the head.

trying to sort this shit out like why god?

why take not her instead.. 

take the crackhead.

not someones mother, a family friend.

but you cant pick and choose

so let me cry and lay in my bed. Wishing i can see you again and tell you all the things i never said. 

see your face and tell you that i love you, and thank you again.

youre in a better place, with danny. so atleast youre happy. 

im sorry for the pain this shit has put you thru. its a cold world, but atleast i got to know you.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Elaine Mousie 

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