Echoes Of Lies

Love Poems
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Nothing else I can add. It says it all...

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taglamig (in Tagalog language)

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Reedited 12.06.2022 [22:25];11.23.2022 [09:09]; 11.22.2022 [20:38]



1.  Prior changes have been made to this poem at an earlier time (but not enumerated them all at this moment).

2.  Changed the word "mukha" to "wangis" instead (just to avoid redundancy or the word being doubled in my verses).

3.  (11.23.2022)  Omitted a comma (placed formerly in following line: "o, baka.." (unedited version)

4. (12.06.2022) the line "parang itong asul sa taas," was changed to the grammatical "para itong asul sa taas,"








Afraid to love again!

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wrote this one because i am tired of being alone, i want to wake up next to a smiling face and fall asleep with the last thing i see is a smiling face!

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Road Not Taken (January day 11)

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Written 1/11/21


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Lay Me Bare

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it's better to be alone!

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i wrote this one because i have a hard time making a friend and keeping one!!! 


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