A Feather in a Whirlwind




I cannot say I saw this coming,

any more than I can say I know the wind blows south -

and how should I know where the wind goes running

with all the wisdom of my youth?



Some day I'll fly towards heaven

wearing wings of honest faith

but for now I'm walking




as I run in reckless manner,

like a madman chasing desperately-

running after the wind.



I cannot say I even understand,

this ethereal gale -

it rips so passionately at my heart!

So shaken

So broken

Entirely beloved

It bewilders me!  Why should I be chosen?
And why should I risk my soul?



I love the wind because I know the reason -

it's Maker is in control.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hello again.  I wrote this quick poem about a very personal aspect of my relationship with God.  Some days I am simply overtaken by the awe of God's love.  It's like nothing else!  (Save for a feather in a whirlwind.)

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