miss you


Torn Love

What has happened to us?

You feel like a ghost to me,

Tell me what it is I have done,

Did you ever stop and notice all the hurt this causes?

Its as if youre not even there anymore,

Im like a ghost to you,

Its haunting me,

Its hurting me,

My heart is restless,

Who gave you right to make it break?

I dont understand it,

You mean so much to me,

Ive cried thousands of tears over you,

Ive bled because of you,

Dont put a knife in my back,

Stab me in the heart,

So I know its you who did it,

Look me in the eye and tell me,

Do you even care?

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In the Dead of the Night

In the dead of the night,

When the whole world is asleep,

I wake, I think,

I think of you and our love deep!


I wish I could rewind the past,

As it happens in the audio song!


I wish I had a time machine,

So that I could right each wrong!


All I am left with now is the memories,

Far-off are the remedies as the unseen galaxies!


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Even if I am Far-off

Even if I am far-off,

Even if the touches are absent,

Even if on leave are the tender kisses!

Still I can smell your hair fragrant!


It is love and love alone,

That has given us the power,

To feel and be one all the time,

As the butterfly does stick to the flower!


I let my mind journey,


To your adorable psyche!

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I Miss You


I miss holding your hand

Our fingers intertwined

Fitting perfectly with mine


I miss sitting with you

staring into your soul, swimming in your eyes

Breaking down my walls of lies


I miss feeling you next to me

Always safe and secure

Our love was just so pure


I miss hearing your voice

Talking for hours all day

Not needing anything to say


I miss sharing my life with you

That feeling when the world dissolves

When I'm with you my love evolves


I miss at night laying down with you

Stress and fears melt away

Opening our hearts for happiness and love to stay


I miss your finger twitching

As you fall asleep in bed

Against my shoulder resting your head


I miss the way your faces shines

When you laugh and smile

Every time you see me you grin a mile


I miss the way you laugh

Contagious and uncontrollable

At the jokes I make, just so lovable


Most of all I miss knowing

That each day my life becomes more complete

Because it's you I come home to see.