i have insomnia

if sleep is for the weak, why aren’t i strong?
clearly that saying is nothing but wrong
but i’m forced to smile when people play along
“oh i couldn’t sleep either! i can relate”
i wouldn’t wish this on my terrible roommate
to lie in bed as i deteriorate
knowing the next morning will retaliate
i’ll barely be able to make it through the day
or much less hide my decay
it hurts when you don’t understand what i say
i wasn’t anxious or in complete disarray
i’m genuinely insane or at least halfway
you don’t know what it does to a person to be forced to stay awake
i’ve tried everything, even posting want ads
in hopes to find the sleep everyone else seems to have
i cry every night, not because i’m sad
but because i’m so frustrated with my new fad
of staying awake all hours of the night
ignoring the aching i’m given out of spite
it’s enough to make me wish to run into the light
and finally reward myself with a sleep filled night
the problem is i’m a bit of a socialite
i keep what i go through out of sight
if i don’t i may be viewed as impolite
for speaking only of struggle in search of a spotlight
so every night i’m filled with nausea
at the dread of wanting to avoid the phenomena
of another sleepless night of ignoring the obvious
my brain is sick because I have insomnia

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Minimum Wage

Daily days of a routine craze

You are in an endless bottle where you will not find praise
and you're at the bottom of it, and one things for sure, you will not get to the top, it is not just a phase
It'll seem like forever,like a maze
But there's no ending, and there's no raise


You are their slave.
Are you angry!? Shut up! You better behave
Can you keep quiet about your nonsense about this word called "deprave"!?
You are my merchandise, you are my favorite and overworked microwave
If I could, and it was legal, I would work you in a grave
I could care less how it is evil, there are two people talking to me.
Greed and Crave


You, a cash cow.
Do you know how much you made us now!?
Get it done, right now! No! I do not care how,
But free time is not something I will allow!


You work for one, but they like to count, soon you'll be working for two
Two becomes four, and even more, workers will see, and working becomes few
They'll complain, but did they ever put on your shoes?
You're working for all of the fools, and for corporate, there is no end to what you will do!


Work the best? That's a mess
They go upstairs, put you apart from the rest, put you all of you up to the test
Sooner or later, they'll put you and all of your skills to the excess,
A break? A lunch? Forget about it, there is no time
For something like recess!


To us down here it's pretty sadistic

But to the people up there, it is more than realistic
They are always looking for you to do more the next day, you feel it's too sophistic
They don't want to hear about it, to them, finishing is just simple simplistics
Doesn't it just get you so ballistic?
You are just a mere statistic


You will not get further, they will not let you turn the page
Are you kidding me?
You are the bottom of the barrel, 
The lowest stage
Welcome to the daily uniform apparel
Welcome to minimum wage.

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Marathon Man

Marathon Man

By jfarrell


(classic of a film, but this ain’t related to that….

 Sorry. Still, a classic film)


I left for work 5am yesterday;

Got back 1am today;

16 hour waiting/running shift;

And long, cold (bloody freezing) wait for bus.


And I’m scared to sleep;

Gotta leave for work in a few hours;

If I went to bed now,

I dunno if I’d hear my alarm clocks ( all three of them.)




Writing something just made more sense

Than sitting there moaning about how tired I was.


I can’t run like Dustin Hoffman, or Forrest Gump;

(Run, Forrest, run….;   )

But, I can drink gallons of coffee, chew caffeine pills like Popeye

And finish my marathon with my eyes held open with matchsticks ;-)


Have a really fantastic day Everybody ;-)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

duracell bunny wags its tail, scared to stop in case it falls asleep and can't wake up, hehe

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Analog v digital

Perception v reality

Humanity v objectivity

Experience v existence

Recollection v memory

Moment v time

Essence v detail

Verbiage v promotion

Idea v concept

Cat v dog

Heart v stomach

Salad v sandwich

Dreams v awake

iPhone v Android (and all androids)

Despair v delete

Love v numb (so dumb, us people)

Equation v intuition

Simulated v real

Approximate v definite 

Close v precise

Soon v today

Now. Today. (Today-what a funny spelling for such a usual word!?)

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ক্লান্তি ছোঁয়ার আগে

ক্লান্তি ছোঁয়ার আগে,

বার্ধক্য পাক হানাদারদের মত উড়ে এসে জুড়ে বসার আগে,

কিছু একটা করে দেখাতে হবে,

যা সূর্যের আলোর মত অন্যের পথের দিশারী হবে।


ক্লান্তি ছোঁয়ার আগে,

মৃত্যু নামক ভয়ানক সত্য শয্যার পাশে আসার আগে,

নিজের নামকে অমর করতে হবে,

মানবতার কল্যাণে কিছু না কিছু করে যেতে হবে।


তবেই জীবনের সঠিক মূল্যায়ন হবে,

তবেই জীবন সার্থক ও তাৎপর্যপূর্ণ হবে।

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Death of Words

Words crowd my head

Tangling themselves

Just behind my teeth

Which bite them in half.

They die on my lips.

All my good intentions

Lie in ruins, wrecked,

Let me sink into the depths,

Let me slumber until

The end of time's beginning.

I long for numbing cold,

I tire of feeling,

Of feeling anything at all.



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where to go


That's how I feel all the time.
With no one to talk to...


Where should I turn?
Where should I go?

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Ahhhh! I yawn

from this fever it seems I can't run

Yehhh! My body aches

What now can I take

or do to regain my lost strength?

Nothing now, it's already late

Wouldn't it be better

if I rest my head on the sofa

maybe I'll be a little bit better.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Feeling feverish... sign of fatigue#

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To Watch The Time

To watch the time


During these hours I am alive.

I feel and love,

Most notably the lack, and with that hunger, thirst.


For I know not what is my hope.

I know not It nor the absence of knowing it.

One might say I face a grimmer fate...


To not know anything at all.

But this crimson destiny is nothing short of an adventure!

Yes, and what I face, I will face with a shining smile of optimism.


Let it be shrouded in misty darkness,

Or be blanketed by the blinding lights of the morning sun,

But I will face whatever fate come fort.


And to these lonely moments,

That come to me in wait,

And with their presence mock,


I bid to them a word or two,

For it is they that keep me sane,

Enough at least to walk as if I were.






Author's Notes/Comments: 


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