War's Inheritance

Vintage Words


There is only so much

the brain and emotions

can absorb or feel

before the mind

and feeling anything

shuts down.


Recollect the running

screaming child in the

Viet Nam photo

when her world was

burning. Life

was the nightmare.


It may take years

to become whole again

after seeing mass

graves, being the reason

for them. Some wounds

heal in time, some

never will.










Author's Notes/Comments: 

The photo still haunts. You can see the pain of a child burned by napalm and war ~slc

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Wars Inheritence

Yes the senses reel and go into overdrive at the amount of violence and atrocities war portrays. Really good poem good read, I agree with you when the senses are closed down to so much violence it's an automatic response I think to enable the senses to recover. Sad topic but I enjoyed reading allets.




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We Build Huge Military Capability


It is like having a pantry full of cookies, you eat them because they are there. Now we shoot missiles for long range bombing. Is it about jobs? Wealth? Russia postures but can not afford a war. What do impoverished states with nukes do? Take the world hostage? The next world war may be the last hot time. ~A~


Lady A


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A more darker, introverted to

A more darker, introverted to your usual wit and cheek, but I enjoyed this muchly

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...s a good epitaph, dark is too...but the vets are all mine if it will keep them alive long enough to heal. Sincerely, allets.

Lady A


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a reason to make

a reason to make unconditional love a life goal for the world. my sighs could be endless..for this i will beg on my knees for strength.


...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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We can not seem to have peace very long. Belatedly,  your poem pal , Stella 

Lady A