The Royal Wedding



Bells are ringing.

The chimes sound fragile.

People loudly cheering.

Amongst the gathered pile.

Choirs' harmoniouosly singing;

To the couple gathered in style.

Hearts a sighing,

As the bride walked down the ailse

At the blessed vows and kissing,

What rapturous bridal smile.

Couple and crowd waving,

As they packed mile after mile.

Till no Royal remaining;

All had left in Royal file.

Everyone to toast the celebrating,

Way into the night a while.

Even a vicar into cartwheeling;

Brought a smile as he went down the ailse.


Anita Griffiths


Author's Notes/Comments: 


The wedding of a commoner into British Royalty.

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I know which wedding you have written about

I know which wedding you have written about.Love is barrierless a.griffith.57 rightly said.When there is a marriage it is fun for all

except for the heartbroken ones !!