Monthly Archive for January 2013

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
New year's restitutions Poem SSmoothie 5 Jan 1st
Her Poem XxF00LxX Tag what you will Jan 1st
BARK Poem AngryLaughter 1 Jan 1st
James Mattioli Poem writinggirl93 Jan 1st
Avielle Richman Poem writinggirl93 Jan 1st
Don't Regret the Rhyme Poem RoC 10 Jan 1st
Valhalla Poem Adam아담 Jan 1st
Letters to a Dead Best Friend Poem FindingLife Best Friends, death Jan 1st
Sleepless by Dfx Poem davefx dark depressing stare secrets love desperation alone loneliness, Lost love, sadness Jan 1st
LovesWound by Dfx Poem davefx Depression, Loneliness, loss Jan 1st
the color of blue by Dfx Poem davefx blue Jan 1st
LOST by Dfx Poem davefx Jan 1st
'13 You Said Taste Poem Joel 3 Jan 1st
What Good Is Hate Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 1st
What Then? Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 1st
No Celebration Poem Adikaran Jan 1st
Self Control Poem Adikaran A spiritual poem Jan 1st
Blessed Be (Happy New Year) Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 1st
I have not met you yet Poem Adikaran Jan 1st
Nectar of your eyes Poem Adikaran love Jan 1st
Moon Light Poem Adikaran love Jan 1st
Putting Off the Pain Poem Adikaran Pain Jan 1st
white Carpet Poem Adikaran Brevity Jan 1st
When I look back in my life Poem Adikaran relationship Jan 1st
Trust Poem Adikaran 2 Jan 1st
Communication is the key Poem Adikaran 2 relationship Jan 1st
My Name Poem Adikaran Jan 1st
Rock Star Poem Adikaran Jan 1st
Combat Zone Poem darkpool Jan 1st
What do you think will happen now? Poem Icanpiccem deceit, deception, emotional abuse, Hopelessness, illusionary, letting go, liars, lies, Lost love Jan 1st
i'm Scared Poem javier21m love Jan 1st
A NEW YEAR. . . Poem SnickleFrittes Jan 1st
The Dream Poem circleofstars 1 Jan 1st
Daniel Barden Poem writinggirl93 Jan 1st
SONNET (FREE SOUL) Poem truedreams love Jan 1st
Josephine Gay Poem writinggirl93 Jan 1st
Efficiency Poem Irockpoker Jan 2nd
Bringing Back My Life Poem FindingLife Jan 2nd
Morning coffee postulations Poem SSmoothie 11 Jan 2nd
Cities Poem Fitzgerald 4 Jan 2nd
Drugs Are Tempting Poem MissSaigon 6 Jan 2nd
نفثة شامية Poem nasheed Jan 2nd
Locked Away... Poem WhatIAmOrWillBe 1 depression that it feeds and all that it takes, drug addiction Jan 2nd
The daily sound Poem Fitzgerald 2 Jan 2nd
Look! *Slam Poem-not meant to rhyme* Poem Beautiful_Struggle 1 Jan 2nd
Forbidden Poem Beautiful_Struggle 1 #love #sad love Jan 2nd
I am no writer. Poem Adam아담 2 Jan 2nd
To a dearly boss! Poem Dileka Hard Work Jan 2nd
My lonliness Poem Mrsingh 1 #Love #Him #Her #Together #Apart #lonely #sad #life #empty #hurt #frustration #heart #relationship #struggle Jan 2nd
Dedicated to a wonderful boss! Poem Dileka Hard Work Jan 2nd
The confidence i gained from the pain Poem Mrsingh #Love #Him #Her #Together #Apart #lonely #sad #life #empty #hurt #frustration #heart #relationship #struggle Jan 2nd
HER TEARS Poem Mrsingh Jan 2nd
I Feel ( A Song Not A Poem ) Poem HannaThePoet anger, feelings, friends, mean, mood, Music, nice, Reality, sad, sadness, true Jan 2nd
Numb Poem Beautiful_Struggle Jan 2nd
A portrait Poem Benjamin Life, POETRY, time Jan 2nd
Free as the wind (Ode to the native American Indian). Poem moog american, buffalo, eagle, freedom, History, HOME, Indians, Peace, stallion, wind Jan 2nd
Because of You Poem MissSaigon 2 Jan 2nd
Your feathered friend by Dfx Poem davefx humorous, Revenge Jan 2nd
Puddles Poem davefx losing Jan 2nd
unfinished 2 Poem Imprinted-soul 9 Jan 2nd
He will be missed (in memory of Tiny) Poem ChryWizard Brother, death, family, loss Jan 2nd
O LOVELY ORYX Poem Jimoh_Is_Good Jan 2nd
My Ivy Dream Poem LovingLovelace 2 Jan 2nd
Your Body Or Mine Poem LovingLovelace 1 Jan 2nd
How Can I Forget Poem LovingLovelace Jan 2nd
What did you think... Poem IamWhoIam 6 Jan 2nd
Death of a Crowded Planet Poem KingofWords Power of Nature Jan 2nd
Mercy for the weak Poem IamWhoIam Jan 2nd
Love is... Poem IamWhoIam Jan 2nd
The Rhyme and the Reason Poem IamWhoIam Jan 2nd
Float Poem Agapame Teenage love poem Jan 2nd
Shadow Dancer Poem IamWhoIam Jan 2nd
Lifes Journey Poem IamWhoIam Jan 2nd
Beginning to the End Poem phil_carcione 5 Jan 2nd
Nutshell (inspired by Alice in Chains) Poem IamWhoIam Jan 2nd
Medicated peace (TODAYS PROBLEM WITH TH RX) Poem IamWhoIam Jan 2nd
until drunk Poem anita51 4 until drunk Jan 2nd
Sorry For Nothing Poem Dark_Scorpion Thoughts Jan 2nd
my ode to 2013 Poem DaztheDruid 2013, happy, New year, Peace Jan 2nd
My ode entiled,' if your not buying gold and silver right now' Poem DaztheDruid 2 financial armageddon, gold, silver Jan 2nd
experiencia mistic Poem anita51 2 experiencia mistica Jan 2nd
my ode entitled 'if bonds are a bubble' Poem DaztheDruid bubble, burst, Duck, finacial terrorists Jan 2nd
Freedom Of Speech Poem Dark_Scorpion freedom Jan 2nd
little buds Poem anita51 1 little buds Jan 2nd
Wanna make a mess with me? Poem running_with_rabbits 5 Jan 2nd
ThoughtShock: A Manifesto Chapter 16 Prose MatthewWayne Addiction, death, desire, dream, illusion, Lust, Pain, Reality, Sin, Suffering, temptation, ThoughtShock: A Manifesto Jan 2nd
when Poem babygirl22 Jan 3rd
I don’t trust myself with you Poem running_with_rabbits 15 Jan 3rd
Tonight Poem dampsoup 1 Jan 3rd
Ana M. Marque-Greene Poem writinggirl93 Jan 3rd
2012 Poem Joliebelle 2 Jan 3rd
An Exhibition of Disloyalty Poem breaking_the_cycle 2 Jan 3rd
The War Poem breaking_the_cycle Jan 3rd
Blinded by beauty Poem Bailscott 7 Jan 3rd
Moonbeams Poem patrsza Jan 3rd
11 through 12 Poem krisharbor5526 Jan 3rd
concrete pillow Poem Anonymous Jan 3rd
Ahhh... Poem AngryLaughter Jan 3rd
Your Temporary Forever Poem Envy Jan 3rd
China Doll Poem Letgetgo 3 Jan 3rd
CATHERINE V. HUBBARD Poem writinggirl93 Jan 3rd
MY CANDLE Poem writinggirl93 2 Jan 3rd
Selfish Love Poem BleedingAmbition selfish love family loneliness alone Jan 3rd
What I've Learned Poem rapsusklei Jan 3rd
passion Poem Anonymous Jan 3rd
Blood Poem Beautiful_Struggle Jan 3rd
almost there Poem ADAPT 1 Jan 3rd
Which One Are You Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 3rd
Be The Change Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 3rd
The Fear Poem MoonCruxCollision 3 Fear, love, the sea, time Jan 3rd
an ode to my mum Poem DaztheDruid mum, Ode, poem Jan 3rd
an ode to my dad for his 91'st birthday Poem DaztheDruid birthday, Dad Jan 3rd
MILKY GUARDS Poem truedreams SATIRICAL Jan 3rd
MILKY GUARDS Poem truedreams SATIRICAL Jan 3rd
Teach Peace Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 3rd
reality defeats Poem Cwisdomslight Jan 3rd
Brief Moments Poem MoonCruxCollision 7 break through, brief, glory, love, moments, sad, struggle Jan 3rd
Alexander Skarsgard Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 3rd
My Fake Superman Poem redacediamond Jan 3rd
Broken Record Poem redacediamond 1 Jan 3rd
No Stanzas Poem redacediamond 1 Jan 3rd
Breaking Man Poem redacediamond 1 Jan 3rd
Red Poem redacediamond 1 Jan 3rd
I Think? Poem redacediamond 1 Jan 3rd
Fighting Poem redacediamond 1 Jan 3rd
Nice Farmer Poem redacediamond 1 Jan 3rd
Paper Things Poem redacediamond 1 Jan 3rd
Rhyming Poem redacediamond 1 Jan 3rd
How Lucky Men Are! Poem Attitude_Don #Love #Him #Her #Together #Apart #lonely #sad #life #empty #hurt #frustration #heart #relationship #struggle, boy, boys, girl, Girls, love, man, Men, merriage, woman, women Jan 3rd
Missing stars. Poem moog eyes, found, lost, love, relationship, romance, searching, sky, stars Jan 3rd
SoAmI (Another) Poem LovingLovelace Jan 3rd
A Study Tale Poem Attitude_Don Jan 3rd
friends Poem babygirl22 1 Jan 3rd
i miss you grandpa Poem babygirl22 2 Jan 3rd
goodbye Poem babygirl22 Jan 3rd
Letter To My Childhood Self Poem TheLadyByron 1 Jan 3rd
I can't eat digestive biscuits Poem DaztheDruid biscuits, digestives, gluten Jan 3rd
my ode to Stan Collymore Poem DaztheDruid Depression, stan collymore Jan 3rd
When I Don't Sleep Poem SpecialSense 3 Jan 3rd
Bible Story Things Poem Kiddo 1 contemplation, Life Jan 3rd
Footnote: Planetary Conjunction Poem S74rw4rd Jan 3rd
its my time daddy Poem babygirl22 Jan 3rd
life Poem babygirl22 Jan 3rd
life time friends Poem babygirl22 Jan 3rd
Aftershock Poem pinkdot7 Jan 3rd
Remains Prose alkaharuno memory, remains Jan 3rd
How We Met Prose timodoug Jan 3rd
Puzzled Fractals (A collaboration with Whomnever) Poem Morningglory 1 Jan 4th
Miss Nothing Poem SSmoothie 3 Jan 4th
Scared of Love Poem RoC 1 Jan 4th
5% Poem thelohaspiral Jan 4th
Take It Poem RoC 6 Jan 4th
CHARLOTTE BACON Poem writinggirl93 Jan 4th
Balance Poem RoC 4 Jan 4th
Response at I wonder about you Poem anita51 Response at I wonder about you Jan 4th
Nightly Hells And The Right Way Poem VerbalVerbatim choices, death, direction, fight, hell, left, Life, Peace, regret, right, starting over, suffer Jan 4th
Just To Talk Poem trumpet7 Jan 4th
Just a Number? Poem roses.are.trans... impossible love Jan 4th
Clear My Head Poem gottgehirn Jan 4th
VICTORIA SOTO Poem writinggirl93 Jan 4th
Certain Thing About Perfection Poem Dark_Scorpion 2 Humanity Jan 4th
Writer's Block Poem Dark_Scorpion 2 Thoughts Jan 4th
The Feathered Love Affair Poem bluebird_ 2 Jan 4th
Dreams begin to end Poem MoonCruxCollision 2 crave, dreams, free, lands, moving, stop, tonight Jan 4th
Child of Cost Poem WoeIsMe child, Daughter, death, father, love, sad, Tragedy Jan 4th
Charming illusion Poem WoeIsMe 6 Jan 4th
Under The Sun* Poem WoeIsMe death Jan 4th
Where Moth And Rust Destroy Poem WoeIsMe death Jan 4th
Single Action Poem humble-assassin 1 Jan 4th
A drowning [wo]man is never tall enough Poem Lady_Makkara Jan 4th
Thirteen Ways of Looking at Teaching Literature and Reading Poem Lady_Makkara literature, teaching, thirteen ways Jan 4th
Sometimes Poem Lady_Makkara Jan 4th
The Song of my Uterus Poem Lady_Makkara 4 Jan 4th
Lover's Action Poem soulstonic 4 love relationships Jan 4th
An evening walk Poem Adikaran Jan 4th
Last One Poem Adikaran Jan 4th
I have not met you yet Poem Adikaran Jan 4th
an ode to my bro and his family Poem DaztheDruid Brother, Ode Jan 4th
Under You Poem creativehue10 Jan 4th
Between Here and There Poem Letgetgo 6 Jan 4th
Conquered Struggle Poem Dark_Scorpion 2 Habit, personal, struggle Jan 4th
A FOOL Poem Jimoh_Is_Good 2 Jan 4th
Man of Constant Sorrow Poem Diamond_Wills_N... 3 Jan 4th
Lover's Night Poem Diamond_Wills_N... 4 Jan 4th
The Valley Poem cevance 4 nature Jan 4th
The Cry of the Scar & the Birth of Levesque Poem Sivus Character, Concept, fiction, Sci-Fi, story Jan 4th
The Eleventh Commandment Poem Adeyokun 2 time Jan 4th
Gray Poem Avantgarde 1 Jan 4th
Radiant Dawn Poem MoonCruxCollision 1 Beauty, Darkness, dawn, everlasting, fool, forever, Goodbye, lose, lost, love, radiant, win Jan 4th
Three Wise Magi Poem blumentopf 1 Jan 4th
The Sight of You Poem BamBam bambam, bambamchillin, bambampictures Jan 4th
BamBam's Poem List Page ( ) Poem BamBam bambam, bambamchillin, bambampictures Jan 4th
I Hate Aunt Floe(NOTE: This is a humorous stab at PMS from a Man’s point of view) Poem BamBam Jan 4th
I also shoot music videos... so I give you "Kamakazie Life 100 - M.A.N. -Directed & Produced By -M.A.N. [Official Video] 2012" Poem BamBam BamBamVideos Jan 4th
I also shoot music videos... so I give you "A Picture in A Picture Behind A Picture - (Music Video)!"- M.A.N. ,DOC, BamBam!!,TIGG Poem BamBam BamBamVideos Jan 5th
I also shoot music videos... so I give you MILLIONDOLLA - " MILLIONDOLLA'$ ANTHEM " (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) Poem BamBam BamBamVideos Jan 5th
The 9th Cup is Missing Poem SSmoothie Jan 5th
New year Poem booblack Jan 5th
Shadows<3 Poem Taylorluvsyeww Jan 5th
Trapped Poem StevenShinofield Jan 5th
Facade Poem StevenShinofield Jan 5th
The Endless Road Poem StevenShinofield Jan 5th
The Torrential Hill Poem StevenShinofield Jan 5th
Friend Zoned Poem StevenShinofield 1 Jan 5th
JOURNEY THROUGH SMOG Poem SnickleFrittes Jan 5th
The Pain of Others Poem babe1233 Jan 5th
Buttered Toast for Two Poem RainGirl7999 3 family, family happiness, Reminiscence, stream of thought Jan 5th
To Harold on His Wedding Day Poem RainGirl7999 2 Jan 5th
MARY SHERLACH Poem writinggirl93 Jan 5th
Uncertainty in Normality Poem jfrizzle02 change, City, DIFFERENT, future, hoping, leaves, Life, manhattan, New York, past, ponder, present, Seasons, snow, storms, thinking, winter, wishing Jan 5th
Stairs Poem writinggirl93 1 Jan 5th
To free your soul. Poem ADAPT 1 Jan 5th
Silence Poem itsthesmallthings 1 Jan 5th
Insignificant Poem itsthesmallthings 1 Jan 5th
A Drawing Poem itsthesmallthings 3 Jan 5th
Fawn Poem itsthesmallthings 1 Jan 5th
Symphonia Poem SSmoothie 7 Jan 5th
Back To Us Poem MoonCruxCollision 7 ask, back, be there, broken, destiny, fate, gloom, us Jan 5th
Cycles Poem lillycheer12345 2 Jan 5th
Pins and needles (scribble naughts and *theories) Poem SSmoothie Jan 5th
The Upside of Insomnia Poem Beavis 13 Jan 5th
Magical Night Poem ginsywilde 8 #love #sad love, MAGICAL, night, poem Jan 5th
BIRDS LOST IN THE MIST Poem craigbale Jan 5th
Help Poem StevenShinofield 4 Jan 5th
Love Drunk/ Fuckin Faded Poem millyardo 2 -Love Jan 5th
Start Your Engines Poem joewillard Depression, inspiration, Life Jan 5th
INSIDE THE SHADOW Poem heatherburns35 Jan 5th
INSIDE THE SHADOW Poem heatherburns35 Jan 5th
INSIDE THE SHADOW Poem heatherburns35 Jan 5th
INSIDE THE SHADOW Poem heatherburns35 Jan 5th
THE OAK TREE Poem heatherburns35 Jan 5th
THE OAK TREE Poem heatherburns35 Jan 5th
THE OAK TREE Poem heatherburns35 Jan 5th
THE OAK TREE Poem heatherburns35 Jan 5th
Someone Will Knock Poem Wolvejl Someone will knock love mood sound feeling emotion Jan 5th
The Name of the Feeling (Ida) Poem Wolvejl Name feeling Ida more than human emotion Jan 5th
Awake Poem Wolvejl Awake mysterious dreamy other worldly interesting mood emotion feeling theme moral Jan 5th
expectation will get you nowhere Poem DaztheDruid Jan 5th
DAWN HOCHSPRUNG Poem writinggirl93 Jan 5th
Beautifully Different Poem IamWhoIam 2 Jan 5th
GENTLY ON ME Poem Jimoh_Is_Good Jan 5th
Reasons to beleive Poem IamWhoIam Jan 5th
Grand Grandpa Poem Bloodbutterfly 2 death, Grandpa, sad love Jan 5th
Because of You Poem IamWhoIam Jan 5th
[themorning] Poem thisiswhatiwrote 2 Life, love, nights, sex Jan 5th
Footnote: Suburbination, 1 Poem S74rw4rd Jan 5th
[poco] Poem thisiswhatiwrote feelings, Life, orlackthereof, sex Jan 5th
Footnote: Suburbination, 2 Poem S74rw4rd Jan 5th