The Fear

waves of desperation convey us upon foreign shores
sunlight begins to trickle in the far off distance
a gasp for air, images flash the scene unwillingly
how we fly with the fallen leaves remains a mystery


don't be so swift to arbitrate; a warning
foolhardy will the message be when its your turn
to have a bitter taste from an unripe tree
such a loop that engulfs all who deem it naught


for cannot return from whence you started
the serpent grasps around all fainthearted
then we know how our cruel desire
will leave others in a world of fire


an oblivious chase ensues to revert time
how we all wind down from that awful climb
to be assailed by what gets left behind
rage, misery, and hate swallows and makes us blind


a point comes where we've had our fill
do we give in, or shall we keep on fighting still
our heart and mind battles for what is right
deep down they're both telling us to see the light


The score concludes with a jolt of melancholy thought
is forgiveness not meant for the distraught
try and move from here and see where we get caught
just we will know forever of what love has brought

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This poem really got my mind

This poem really got my mind going. It's really great.

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well done

well done.

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The Fear Poem

I just read your poem, I really enjoyed reading it though I am not sure I know exactly what is being said it is a brilliant poem I think though. If you would care, I would like to know more about it? :)