It's Always Been You

It's you

It's always been you

Stealing my dreams

Keeping me from sleep

Late at night when I am in bed

You are always in my head

Telling me I cannot do anything

Then asking me why I'm so lazy

You reach your arms out

As if to embrace me

Just to shove me down again 

"Go back to sleep"

Curling up by my side

Fingers tangled in my hair

Whispering softly in my ear

"You should just die"

Tears trickle down my face

"Don't be a victim" you say

Your fingers tighen their grip

Digging your fingers in 

You pull me up onto my feet

I'm hanging by the strands of my hair

Tossing me across the room

You spit venom into my face once more

"What are you even fighting for"?

Shaking, I struggle to stand 

Your face turns into a crooked glare

My gaze shifts slightly towards the door

Laughing hysterically you begin to mock

"You really want to go out there"?

"You cannot run from ME"

"Wherever you go that is where I will be"

"So leave then, if you think you can handle it"

"Go on, go pretend that you matter"

My knees collapse as I crumple onto the floor

Hands on my face I begin to scream

You soften your tone and lean in close

"There there child it's okay" 

"It's time you listen to what I've said"

"Those people out there are better off with you gone"

"How could they possibly love YOU after all"?

My lips tremble as I look into your eyes

I know that you are right

A smile creeps onto your face

Arms open wide again

I lean my head against your chest

As you dig your fingers into that place on my head

"You know what needs to be done"

I begin to protest but can only shake

Chuckling softly you tighten your grip

"You're much too weak but its okay"

"For now just go back to bed"

The tears fall until I'm overcome by sleep


It's you

It's always been you

Every day I wake up 

And every day you are there

I push and pull away from your grasp

But you only tighten your hands


I must continue to fight

To push forward 

To move

No matter how deep your claws dig in

I'll continue to rip them from my skin


















Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's been a very long time since I have written a poem, so forgive me I know it's nothing special. I want to get back into writing again and the only way to do that is to start. 

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I believe in me!

I believe in me!         

they said that i was slow and not so very bright

they never once thought that i 'd put up a fight

to them i have no chance to be happy or carefree

but no matter what they say i believe in me

in school i was put down because i didnt fit in

but i was so determined to never let them win

they were all so very cruel  and never once letup

but still i carried on never once did i give-up

then i married him with his oh so angry hands

he was so very violent with all of his demands

and then one day it happened i had been set free

and no matter how you slice it i still believe in me!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one because i realised that i did believe in me and no matter what other say all you have to do is believe in yourself  it thats all that matters, hope you like it!


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Cover Girl

Cover Girl

(Verse 1)

You're too big 

You're too small

You're too short

You're too tall

These are just some of the things we're made to feel

All the makeup

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We’re supposed to fit in,
Believe what we’re told,
Follow the rules,
And do the right thing.


We’re supposed to be
Cookie Cutter people,
Never acting out,
Don’t cross the line.


You make one mistake,
And everyone knows,
You’re different now,
No one wants to be with that.


Nobody believes you,
Nobody appreciates you,
Nobody favors you,
Nobody is there for you.


You should have just stayed,
And conformed,
To your shape.


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Fight on...

I’ll come back,

As Muhammad Ali,

And raise my voice,

As a proud Bengali!


I’ll let you know,

My dream, my hope,

As Martin Luther King Jr. said,

For each fellow I’d create scope.


I’ll let you fly in glee,


Yes I mean it truly!

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Fighting against Pressure

Pressure is ever there,

As a possessed soul,

Be it within or outside,

Fighting hard should be the goal!

If you succumb to pressure,

You turn into a dead man,


Do not let the evil ones prevail,

Strike back as fast as you can!

They have no right whatsoever,


To make your life miserable ever!

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The dream

Always the same dream 

A sun covered in blood 

Over a field of grey

Lifeless thousands 

Innocents where Death took them

Now waiting for judgement

Waiting to judge

Blackness with a red star

Shining down on the aftermath 

Death has a large appetite 

Its jaws bite down on all

Gnawing on their inanimate bodies

The dying are crying out against it

But their life is but a candle in a breeze

Soon to extinguish

They were but innocents 

Caught in the crossfire

But not I

Too long have I fought this war

Come Hades, come quickly old friend

My time is near 

And I am tired

Take me

Depression's Defeat

Soul Poetry


Its such a deep, murky pit,

that drags you on under,

From the sobbed teary rains,

and your own personal thunder.


I cling desperate, to the walls,

in my life's effort to get out

Fingernails digging in,

I climb the only known route.


Escape is most essential,

for this aching, inner struggle,

As both the depression,

and the sanity, I juggle.


Brought about by pains,

of both my body and mind-

Some the result of abuses,

others have mentally assigned.


But never will I break,

and never fully, will I fall.

As always before, I'll come back,

-much stronger then them all.


For up at the perimeter's lip,

God's Hand extends outward, to me.

And His Amzing Grace, like always,

Lifts me up...and sets me free.


Long Way To Go.

The connection was rough,

Big thoughts every night,

Tear drops every fight.

Is he worth it? Will it work out?

A lot of things running in her mind.

Second thoughts were being considered.


A year has passed and they’re still strong;

Thousand miles connection, is it successful?

One day they will hold each other,

Never wanting to let go.

No one knows what the future holds,

Live for the moment is what he said.

Trust and faith from one another

Can be a big improvement for their future’s sake.