New York


Ole would have loved
New York
he often said
he’d like to go


before untimely death
and stopped the show
I can see him now


treading at his own
casual pace
walking the sidewalks
taking in the streets


block by block
glancing down alleys
seeking out
the dives or clubs


hearing the music
in the smoky air
visiting a bar or two
having a beer


or Jameson whiskey
sitting on a bar stool
alone in his quiet manner
dressed in his black


dark glasses
and black hat
(even in summer


he felt the cold)
maybe then
he was getting old
not saying


as was per norm
what troubled him
no one telling him
what to do


I can see him
go in the stores
and walk
in his usual


laid back tread
taking in a show
on Broadway
and being in spirit


not flesh and blood
getting in to see
for free
and that


would have brought on
his Mutley chuckle
that infamous Ole grin
or smile


but I guess
he may not
have gone alone
but have gone


with some other
in their ghostly shade
a Hendrix
or Jim Morrison


walking side by side
and I wish
it could have been me
there by his side


drinking in
his gentle quietness
and deep breath
if he hadn’t had


that sudden
out of the blue
29 year old death.

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Penn Station

The last one way ticket-
Pulls in.
Force a smile for the-
casual close and capture.
You release your embrace.
Our sweat-filled pores slip away.
Here comes the downfall-
There goes my farewell.


So many actions.
I miss them.
I miss the words-
The words you dare not say.
I miss the love-
The love you never gave away.
This is my goodbye.
This is my emptiness.


The doors slide open-
We both start anew.
Your future-
My demise.
Your path-
As bright as you.
Beautiful lilacs and blues.
You flew-
Raise my glass.
Here's to the girl of yours dreams.


Stone by stone.
My castle-
Crumbles to the ground.
I stayed.
As you-
Floated in the waves.


Your smile-
Whites of cotton-
Bleaching in the sun.
Your smell-
Sweet peaches-
Juice with an orange hue.
Your voice-
Soliloquies of a Shakespearean taste.
Washed away.


Your love-
Closes with the sliding doors.
As my heart, you.
to find yourself.
I'll be here.
Waiting for you to find-

One Good Thing

One good thing-
With New York.
It's far away from here.

Bring it back once again....
Cradled in the street lights.
Next to me are you-
Your silky brown hair.
Eyes of crystalline.
Those of Zeus.
Make myself a fool-
Sleeping on your arm.
Swooning for your-
Useless charm.

There's one bad thing-
With New York.
I'd rather be with you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is extremely close to my heart. It may be a short piece....but it means the world to me.

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Shiny Apple




O my great one! 


How you shine! Shine! Shine!


The arms of the ages open,


Receiving those worn, scarred and weary souls


To embrace a new freedom of dreams!




O my soul of loving concern,


For those beaten by war, 


And the ravages of man's frailties 


That most often lurk unseen within his being,


Lift up your best alms,


And transform those regrets 


Beyond the iniquities of the past.



Streets paved with the shadows 


Of lonely and searching immigrants 


Lost in time and groping for security,


Never allowing malice to obsure your divinity.



Shine! Shine! Shine On!



6:23 PM 7/8/2013 ©




Author's Notes/Comments: 

New of dreams for so many.

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The City

As you glide through.
Alone; You're suffocating. 
Drowning in this sea of chaos.
Reach out to them-
Your Audience?
Feelings of unimaginable lost-
From people you don't even know.
Scream- Your lungs are golden harps.
Stroke the roots of trees-
Your burgundy DNA-carries on.
But, this is your dilemma.
I hope it makes you tremor.
For your words go unspoken.
Unheard to the masses.

And when your world turns to black,
From everything you lack.
Just quote to them from books you read-
How to think and how to be.
For you're safe.
In these age stained pages.
These wood creaking closets
Cradle your precious scapegoats. 
You exhale with every turned page.
Keeps you from stalking the studded streets.
Visible by flickering lights.

You lie awake for years-
So synthetic.
Your eyes scream for something-
More epic.
All your fears are multiplied.
But your life becomes more defined-
At the age of twenty-nine.
So sleep.
Continue to sweep these New York streets.
Your city. Your nightmare. 

The big train ride to New York City (with an afterword by my underpants)

So I was drinking and all that and
Had enough of Chicago at the moment
So I hopped a train to that big Ol' Apple they call New York City 
Biggest Apple I've ever seen
Nothing but a guitar a half-smile ya know
But that's about enough to get you any damn where in this world if you can perfect it
I went straight to the drink car and spent most of my money
All that booze and adventure propelled me those 23 and a half hours
And the kid next to me
Can't recall his name but I know he was from Yemen
Didn't speak a lick of English but that was alright 
We got along just fine
It was nice to have a shadow for a little while
A woman told me she repairs guitars and that I remind her of Hank Garland
I got nice and lubricated the first train-night and passed out in another passengers seat
Woke up to flashlights and yelling
I opened my eyes and looked out the window 
Thought I was in Europe
Castles and water and all those old things
Pulled into Penn Station and stepped my first feet on that New York City concrete
Harder than Chinese arithmetic that stuff
Wandered out onto 40-something'th street
Hailing a cab is a hell of a chore
Stood by a hotel and after some time a sketchy letter hand- off between my cab driver and an 11 year-old Asian boy who disappears into alley 
 I was on my way
Or so I thought
This was no blueprint trip
Off- the -cuff the whole way
No place to stay
But I figured SOME hostel would take me in
Little did I know ever damned hostel in the city was booked through the weekend
No plans
No disappointment
 As the old wanderer says
I went to a diner on Bowery
Got a grill cheese and a beer
Asked everyone around if they knew a place to lay my head
Hot lead from a passing by nicotine fiend
$225 a night!
Shit, I'll take it at 3 in the morning at this point
Wandering, guitar subway playing, made some money at least, Central Park, ecstasy on a rooftop apartment with 3 strangers, stopping in at every bar in Manhattan to try at least one beer,
It's not true
Everybody in New York City sleeps
Except me
(To be continued)....
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Uncertainty in Normality

I walk through leaves
To stolen storms
Where green is not an option
I want to see the powder stream down
And paste the sidewalk frozen
The towers above me I do not fear
I have come here many a year
To places so familiar
I am home
Lights of brightness and of snow
I spread my wings and land on a cement rainbow
Grey for streets that never end
Yellow lines instructing you to keep to the path you choose
A palate of colors
That are always knowing
If I walked by you
Yes you that billboard there
Would you remember when I was here 3 years ago with my father?
Seeing my first staged production?
Or do you remember the summer after
When I went running forever through the streets
Looking for the cast of a television show
That no longer gives me laughter
I change with the seasons
I become different yet the same when it snows
When I enter the steel garden
I remember what has been
And I am never quite sure if I should be happy that it has been
Or sad that it can no longer happen the way it once did?

Lyric to "I Only Know New York From the Movies"

This is a song about the limits of human perception and the stories that people make up to explain the unknown. I hope to record this song within the next couple of months.

I only know New York from the movies,
A fraction of what's there is seen by me,
What the camera doesn't show, I doubt I'll ever know,
And to step outside the frame can never be.

I only know New York from the movies,
As I only see the world through human eyes,
I understand there will be things I'll never understand,
But I understand your story's laced with lies.

Beyond what you can see,
Beyond what you can feel,
Beyond what you can know,
Why pretend?
Why pretend?

I only know New York from the movies,
I can only sing of Queens in scales I've heard,
So this G major key gives an alphabet to me,
That limits and constrains my final words.

Beyond what you can see,
Beyond what you can feel,
Beyond what you can know,
Why pretend?

Why pretend? The Atlantic Ocean was created on day one,
Perhaps the Upper East Side on day two.
Why pretend? Day three saw the streets of Brooklyn rise out of the bay
Then the stars you rarely see were made for you.
Why pretend? Day five saw the pigeons and the gulls that fill the air,
And things that in the murky Hudson swim.
Why pretend? On day six the first man and first woman from his rib,
Went forth and filled the city to the brim.
Went forth and filled the city to the brim.

I only know New York from the movies,
But I might describe a street, a house, a tree.
It seems my mind is free, but all my thoughts are born from,
What I can sense and words bequeathed to me.

Beyond what you can see,
Beyond what you can feel,
Beyond what you can know,
Why pretend?
Why pretend?

The stars you rarely see were made for you. Why pretend?
The stars you rarely see were made for you. Why pretend?
The stars you rarely see were made for you. Why pretend?
The stars you rarely see were made for you. Why pretend?

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