My Rogue

My Rogue

By JFarrell



Hurt him, hurt his

He will hunt you down and cut your throat

No poisons,

He wants you to hear him breathing behind you

As he cuts your throat

He wants you to know

This is not an accident,

Not some bad wine, or foul cheese


Revenge, atonement

Sharp, serrated, deadly


He is hot headed

Quick to anger

Quick to act,

While others might make plans


He is in and out

With everybody dead

A whirlwind of serrated steel


And he listens

And I mean, REALLY listens

To me, to you

To everyone

He hears what we all say

He hears all our secrets

He knows where you buried the bodies

He knows where the King hides his favourite rings

He knows who the bishop slept with last night


And here my rogue, my thief is born

I hope the three of them will be good friends

My rogue, mage and dragon

I hope they have wondrous, magical adventures

With lots of rainbows :)


Please show me your dragons

I bet they are majestic

I bet they would take my breath away

With their beauty

And the world needs more beauty


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i now have a dragon, a mage and a rogue. they need more work, but my story is slowly coming to life

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Bad guy

Call me the bad guy here.
How the fuck is that fair.
I do this for payback not payment. I swear
I dare you to say it again.

Then. I want you to admit your sins
All I do these days is sit at home alone
In my den trying to escape through xbox
I just sold my mom’s ex-boyfriend’s wristwatch to piss him off

I did it. He just coughed blood
Because I shoved his ass down in the mud.
Bam, pow, Thud! Was that.. th-thunder. Wow.
I’m not going to pretend I’m black. This beat is just my nack
But at least I don’t sag and hold my sack

Oh wait. Was that raciest
Don’t get pissed. Please I must insist
Just kidding because I don’t believe in color
Well, Bill Nye said it’s just the reflection of light

Well my sights bad and I stared at the sun till everything was bright
That’s a reason I wear glasses. So fuck off. Ight?
So stop with the stereotypes you fucking dikes.
I’m a fighter. Ivy said I was a brawler.

So I guess that makes you a crawler
I’m 6 foot now. Feet, whatever. I’m even taller.
From this height you appear even smaller.
So call yourself a lawyer and call me Tom Sawyer

Because I can write whatever my inspiration desires
I may look weak. But I seek to build my own empire.
Like a motherfucking Eagle flying to the top of the tower
Did I just use a simile to make a single? Damn right. That’s my power

Now cower because I’m reaching my fucking peak.
If I have to walk through more fire than fuck it. I’ll do it 7 days a week.
You’ll call me sire when I stomp on that devil you call a liar
I’ll do whatever I have to in order to inspire and I’ll never fucking retire

Here we are. In the middle of the night
So grab this wire and wrap it around your neck
Keep it tight like this rhyme.
But now you’re dead so I guess it’s time

To throw your body on the deck and let these eagles peck
At your fucked up corpse like it’s a picnic. Fick, Fick, Fuck.
Your parents are mad so I drove by and said what’s up.
Ill drive by their house, rope em up

Leave em strapped while I listen to them quack like a bunch of ducks.
Fuck it. I’m not really insane. I just have a mind vivid with imagination and pain.
Revenge consumes me so call me Cain.
But unlike my dad I don’t binge but he loves me and I love him so I can’t fucking cringe.  

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Revenge is Inevitable

If a deer is cornered,

It tries its best to protest,

When all the options are shut,

No matter if he can win in his quest!


Yet it endeavours at least,

Even once for the last time,

This is the very feeling some feel,

And stand like Berserkers against crime.


Such the circumstance has become thus far,


Act like a hero and beat the drum like Oskar!

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The Field

Torrents of hazy clouds begin to block out my happiness as I sit waiting for my mind to release me from my perpetual imprisonment from these chains of broken people and run down lies I tell myself to keep aloft in these dark days. As I look around, bare gnarled trees flex their fingers and are the only witnesses to this hell that I have incarcerated myself within. The sky goes darker as I find nothing within me to brighten the few stable thoughts that I have recycled too many times. My affection for the desire to breathe and take my revenge cements the chains and acts to drive the few things around me that have not already made their escape from my black hole of cycled misery. The grass goes black and the ground dries to a bone like state as I scream to stab my torturers.


The field is dead and I am its killer, so filled with loathing that my acidic personality caused it to shrivel and become a lifeless waste where even the worms of self pity and vultures of depression dare not tread in fear of dying due to the lack of prey: My happiness long since dried up and the few ideas of self righteousness consumed by my horrible self. I try to unclench my fist but as I do so, my bones break and cease to be flexible. I shriek in an effort to portray that I care about this, but I don't.

I know I don't.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

First Poem! Hope you enjoy this, just want to know peoples opinions on this type of writing :)

Gorgeous revenge

The severity of the situation is reaching an all time hi

should I violently react or just let it fly?

your engorged words have pierced the innocent ghost

a 40 ton wieght of revenge is what would get me off the most

if I choose the darkened path my future will cease to exist

however the beautifully dressed possibilty of revenge is at the top of list

like a beast in the night, a monsters dreams, like a lions roar

maybe someday I'll have no choice but to deliver death to your door. 



The tainted foul flesh of a hideous beast
With a mouth that spread rumours no longer deceased
For they thought she was fair and trustworthy 
Before the true traits became unearthly 
The lightening summoned to hit its place
Where they pointed, spat, and stared in disgrace 
Her rage, her anger, of misplaced attacks known
Now they know where their seeds are not to be sewn
The humiliating attacks she though she had made
Only backfired as this one wants her slain
She tried to retreat back into her cold shell 
But she knew it was far too late to dwell
The tainted flesh of a foul hideous beast
Where the eyes which were led, looked no more
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Revenge Factory






Violence is a revenge
factory, multiplying
hatred and driving
it underground.


-saiom shriver-


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you killed me

open door's

I want to see your face in dirt.... I want to see your heart dry as ash... I want to see your soul leave your body lifeless.. Hate, anger and pain is all you showed me and brought to my life.... I want to see you put in the ground never to rise again... Pain is all I want you to feel.... Anger is want I'll make you feel when you see me.... Hate is what you will feel every time you hear my name.... But I'll never see nor feel that cause you put my face in dirt, you put my dried up heart and soulless body in the ground and you will never hear my name and all I can do is wonder how did I let you go that far.... You killed me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My thoughts scare me at times but I'll never be afraid
To write it down

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She Said She Hates

I certainly can empathize with the weight of passion expressed in this poem. It is not an easy thing to place your feelings aside when we see horrific crimes such as are acted out daily in our society. I was raped several times as a minor child, and eventually had to come to grips with this truth about our society. I went through the rigorous process of exposure therapy, and found it to be a very lengthy, arduous, but extremely fullfilling path towards getting in touch with the core reasons about why I personally, felt the ways I did about being raped. Our society sees rape as a lesser crime than it does murder. It makes no sense until you realize the many different ways in which one can be 'raped'. Physical rape is one thing, then there is date rape, and then there is coersion, (which becomes debateable as to whether it is actual 'rape' or not), and then there is psychological rape, which is done with or without physical contact. Many of us experience psychological rape on a daily basis without thinking twice about it. It stems from a lack of personal boundaries, and/or enforcing those boundaries in our lives with all we meet. If we are to live in the world peacefully and content, we all need to learn the value of personal boundaries. 


Thank you for writing such an exquisite and intricate piece (for lack of a word that would fit better), and allowing an opportunity for 'rape' to be looked at rationally, as we accomplish nothing through hate....but for poetry's sake...awesome awesome. You put things in clear and concise words, and on subjects that carry as much volume as this one, it can be very cathartic for those trying to work things out within themselves, so that they can be in touch with their true essence of love and forgiveness, and not allow hate to consume them...(it was for me...I remember way back when).


I wouldn't change a thing about my past....because if I did, I would not have all I have today, and I am sure I would not be the the person I have grown into. I am not saying that it does not deserve to be corrected in whatever way brings the core of the issue to transform into a better world for us all, but I am saying hating doesn't help it, and I do not believe it to be part of a solution.



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