Like Cats and Dogs

Gabriela Jaime A01192597

Jose Luis Valencia A00820392


It is the year 2687 and humans have been eradicated from the face of the earth, their excessive pollution and continuous wars has taken care of them. At the end of The Old World, the human species lacked compassion towards their brothers and sisters, which was another reason that led them to extinction. Just some instants before the last human heart stopped beating, they observed what their unconsciousness and apathy had led to. Before them laid a destroyed world; one without a trace of drinkable water, no uncontaminated vegetables and cows have been long gone before that. Half of the flora in the history of humanity is either extinct or has mutated to this point. A few months have gone by since the last human heart stopped beating, and the animals that had gone into hiding are starting to come out of their safe place. Now, on the planet formerly known as earth, there is nothing left but animals and nature. It is a new beginning for whatever flora and fauna is left.

After the extinction of humans, animals started to speak in a long-forgotten language which allowed everyone to understand each other. After a few months went by all animals were able to understand each other. Cats and dogs took it upon themselves to make sure that the planet was well taken care of, after all they were the closest animals to humans and they were the ones who had a better idea of what society should be like. Cats and dogs took it upon them to organize The New World, but some animals didn’t believe in them, because history has shown cats and dogs rarely get along. So they questioned cats and dogs’ ability to run a functional society.

A meeting was held and all the animals were to express their opinions on what cats and dogs wanted to do with society. Horses, birds, foxes, and all of the animals that were left showed up in the remains of what used to be the Great Bear Rainforest.

“The session is about to begin, please be kind enough and take your places at once.” Said a german shepard, with an authority characteristic to its bark.

“Who is he?” Said a mighty persian cat.

“He’s the leader of the dogs, his calls himself Prometheus.” Said a skinny little egyptian Sphynx

“Can the leader of the cats stand up.” Demanded Prometheus.

A white fluffy British shorthair, with eyes so golden they competed with the sun, came forward.

“My name is Brahma leader of the cats” Said the British shorthair.

“Could I have a moment with you alone Mr. Brahma.”

“Sure thing, let's go to a more secluded place.”

Prometheus and Brahma walked to a secluded place, behind some trees where they couldn’t be seen by the crowd, and left everybody else in what was left of the Great Bear Rainforest. Time went by and the two leaders seemed to be taking their time. The crowd began to whisper things among themselves. Both cats and dogs were worried but they kept calm, until the cry of an animal was heard.

“He probably just ate him and he’s just waiting for everybody to leave so he can walk out freely.” said someone among the crowd.

The cats became more and more suspicious about what was going on on the “secluded place.” They  truly began to worry about their leader. An hour went by and one of the cats began to plot against the dogs in case Brahma did not came back. Nothing seemed to be happening so the cats began their sneaky little plan. As they whispered and began to outline their attack, they noticed that dogs were ready to counterattack. A cat picked up a fight with a dog in hopes of creating mayhem and distraction for his brothers to set in motion their plan. And just as the battle was about to get real, both leaders came out, without even so much as a scratch.

“My brothers and sisters,” Said Prometheus “This is what destroyed the human race.”

“If we are to build a new world —a new society– that runs with peace and harmony, we need to become bigger persons than they were.” Said Brahma.

And so Brahma and Prometheus stated the Postulates of The New Era, in which it clearly said animals weren’t to abandon their common language, for they must be able to understand their brothers and sisters —regardless of their fur. If conflict were to arise, no physical action will be taken, and in case any of their siblings were to break these, then the universe was going to collapse. Or so said the “prophecy” Brahma and Prometheus told to scare everyone in the world.

Years went by and animals lived in perfect harmony until one day Prometheus and Brahma had a disagreement, and like humans, they fought like cats and dogs, unable to resolve their problems, which further lead to the collapse of The New Era. And with it came the end of the Universe.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Moral: The best way to resolve a problem is by discussing it peacefully. Violence creates violence. Be tranquil, compassionate and kind.  

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The Cry of the Scar & the Birth of Levesque

The Maddening Scar, left to gape,
howls its crazed winds in anger.
Its keepers – creators – have gone.
The Vulmandr wage new wars.

The victorious allegiance,
contentious post-victory
and beyond negotiation,
implodes and bellows outward;
disputing through blind destruction
and opportunistic strife.
Our Vulmandr, instruments born,
lay their sights on those they'd loved
and are made to vanquish, eyes wide.
Circumstances so bemoaned;
they, wielders of might beneath heel,
despair and condemn themselves
for such slights against kin and creed -

a stark few grinned as they slew.

While the world spits and convulses -
flaking at edges and core
as its face is marred, defiled -
the wary superpowers,
spreading tendrils, hungry and far,
force their Vulmandr to breed.
A tinny cry is made: so frail,
yet heard and felt by all who
once occupied the roiled Scar;

whimpering Levesque is born.

This babe that emanates purpose -
cutting teeth on sanguine prose
and calculated heresy -
grows and matures; ignorant
of what lay inherent within.
The eldest surviving sect,
stripped bare of old Vulmandr lore,
are kept from the cooing young
lest they ignite a fantasy
in tiny Levesque that he
and his kind are anything more
than weapons in wiser hands.

No sooner a man is he made
to stand stoic on front lines.
An artist affixed to canvas:
the wrath that expels from him
is unlike anything yet seen.
Swaths of towering fallout
are generated and fall swift
by will of Levesque alone.
He, of the brazen Vulmandr,
can only defer, and serve.

All the while he orchestrates
his mandated march in woe,
the Maddening Scar of yore days
rages and gathers itself,
like a coiled spring wrought from stone,
and pleads with the planet to
return its denizens to home.
Spewing fault lines form and spread
about its wide perimeter
and the essence of the Scar
begins to pour into the sky.
Like its Vulmandr children,
the Scar now burns the atmosphere.
Those who've occupied it, flee.

Ill with the plight of their homeland,
the divided clan revolts;
suffer as they will at the hands
of those who now possess them.
Caught between State and Tradition,
Levesque is sought, battered and
sent to a solitary grove
where few disturbances reach.

The Maddening Scar, having wept
for its colonies before,
aligns itself and releases,
surging its anger to coasts
once unknown to it long before.
Distant Levesque, his ears perk -
the call of his true home is heard:

he escapes, and then, departs.

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In the casual boil of
a cathedral made by fuselage,
there woke a spoken nebula;
whose awareness sprang and spread
to shreds of mock-mechanics in
the hull of its misfortune.
Eyes attuned to all extension,
mind divulged and, strangely,
vacant. It, she, knew
that there was absence for
swimming and vacuums to
subdue. Form came gratis too,
and her advantage raised,
as her dreams sought purchase
and became something akin
to reality.

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The Vulmandir

None had ever bested us.
We, who were beyond rebuttal
were manufactured and
mesmerized by commoners
and set in one direction with
one purpose at a time.
From beneath we'd bury back
by blazing every mote of air,
every free and able space;
each man, each woman
who wore the colors we opposed.

Suddenly, they tucked us in,
and from our cracks beneath their feet
we poured like urchin toward the heights
as soles of boots did burn and scold
against the poured embankment.

While the blanket spread its death
and warmth, we fought our panic
and our foes did find us soon.
Collected, we then forced apart
all things, all people and
all constructs and their strata.
We do as we were made to do:
gorging on the dirty air as
we channeled hatred from
this distant place we had dreamt of.

But the many were just more than we,
who'd sunder they so ceaselessly;
informed by ours against their mantra,
chanted as they did seek our end.
The tidal wave of mortar, magma
and steel and stone emergent from
their mouths and beds that house the whole
of worth that they had gathered then.
Its weight was pressed upon our heads
and it was too much for rending thrice.
In hours we were widdled down
to matchstick men in drizzled ponds;
granted mercy in exchange
for our imminent departure.

Against ourselves, against our own;
we were perceived as threats and holy
smotes that left a pillared smoke
in wake of all we couldn't take.
Those who'd come, divided, took
a sampling of all our ranks -
like gluttons at a feast bones,
adorned by corpses, rotting, parceled.
And taken toward the other lands,
where paltry men once sought our guts,
we're flung aboard a soldier's hut
and told to be just as we were.

We would be deployed again
with a novel sense that we'd done wrong
in name of right or something close,
while we destroy our remaining brethren.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This has promise. It, along with my book, will come to real fruition some day.

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