Streets Governed Criminal

Can you grasp something that's invisible
In the streets governed by the streets driven criminal
In the sheets, painted up with a face that isn't yours
and your hands tainted with the blood of others, and unopened doors

The sun has gone down, and the homeless are freezing
Some dancing around, and with food appeasing
While you and some others are in the room all alone..
and the air smothers you, and anxiety brings life out of the zone

A hand comes out of your thumping heart, and suffocates you silly
It comes out screaming, and dumping the pain of the world, and you get chilly
You wish you could save the world, and cradle the ill in your hands
Bring, pave and stretch out the curled, lost, to comfort the bullied trans

What is the world, when you walk around to live with someone else's blood on your hands
To live when you ignore and talk happiness but can't give and end the flood to the disappearing lands?
Don't you ever wonder what the world means when there's a bunch of so called nobodies?
Acting like a blunder is a murder and people just have a hunch who you are, and lay on our tragedies?

What is morality?
When we are bathed in brutality?
Laugh it off like we don't know,
While people are screaming below
and someone has to pay and die
and all people say is "I'm sorry, I can't, goodbye."

This is humanity.
We all try to ignore the insanity.
and someone's on the floor crying for someone to be there
and others just seem to kick, scream and glare
but for their sisters and brothers they'd probably shed a tear
But for anyone else they say they can't be here

It's truly disgusting
Respect is forever rusting
Screaming "Equality!" yet fighting and burning homes in it's name, adding blood to the unnecessary sea of issues of gender and "race" and the others trivial differences we try to hold
Through actual frivolity of rewriting and turning around simple non-offensive words like its a game, yet somehow determining what you are by shape of your face, through privileged or how old
When we both share the same organs, the emotions, and planet
breathing the same air, through the grass and granite
and still we fight which status, and hands matter the most
Competing with our apparatus and plans, that catch the eye to bleed one of our fellow brothers as a host

What's the point if we stand on dead bodies to live?
To disjoint lives that are so much more meaningful and bite the hand that gives?

This must be the meaning of our lives
To bleed a poor soul and find the next one that arrives.

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El Artista Pirata

El Artista Pirata,
Le encanta pintar sus mentiras con brochas llenas de pintura de tus colores favoritos.
Es un Artista codicioso, sin importancia en como te hace sentir su arte.
Su único objetivo es que le compres sus obres de arte al final del día.
Las paredes de tu casa reflectan las paredes del Museo MOMA.
Vives cada día observando el arte que le comprasteis.
Cada pedazo de arte te hace sentir y pensar en cosas negativas.
Pero el insiste que no comprendes el significado verdadero de su arte.
Así qué tratas de entrecerrar tus ojos para ver si ves algo más...
Algo que te haga sentir bonito;
¿Pero cómo es posible, si tu misma sabes que esta frente de ti?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was inspired by a someone i was falling for. He was lying to me the whole time we were together, making me think he was single, but in reality he had another life with another women with kids; all living under the same roof. 

As soon as i figured this out, i wrote this and let him go.

Now im happy, and didnt buy anything from that Artista PirataWink

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What do you think will happen now?

what do you think will happen?
you lie to the ONE person you know you shouldn't
you say you love him and you don't
you see other men while you are "with" him
you continue your pursuit of your once secret relationships
relationships where deceit and lies are the foundation
relationships that think they are special to you

it didn't work for us
it won't work for someone else
you need to stop and take some time to yourself
and think about what will happen

you can't protect the feelings of those you care about
you can't use lies to heal
the truth eats away at you
and if you don't stop telling lies, it will consume you completely
and you will look back and see there is nothing for you
what do you think will happen?

it isn't true that not getting caught is things "working themselves out"
it isn't true to lead someone on, that they will be happy with that
it isn't true to sacrifice dignity for no ones sake is helpful to anyone in any way

what do you think will happen?
take the wheel and stop rolling dice
think about how it hurts them in the long run
think about being really nice
if you lie too much, you'll end up believing them too
isn't it a painful confusion to keep the stories straight?
how love for you turns into fear and hate?

try a walk without a report or an audience
try to have a dream and ask yourself what it means
try to listen when someone trusts you and shares with you
try to be honest even though no one really wants the truth
try to think about what it's like to be someone else
try, with the rest of us, to make Earth less of a living hell

what do you think will happen?
do you think you are invisible?
do you think everyone will swallow your pill?
do you think you've finally got your fill,
or do you have a lot more to dole?

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Brave Face

Brave Face

see me now,
Look at my brave face
I can be a charmer
Saying such nice things
Meant to disarm you
See me
I can be a liar
Saying the things
The real me cannot say
See my brave face
So patient and understanding
Hides the real me
I can be so unforgiving
Because I see now
I am not worthy
I am though
I am worthy of forgetting

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every place is fill with liars

every place is fill with liars

every where is a liar and liar

don't get it why people say lie everywhere

why they don't have power to say truth

a single truth

they don't know the meaning of truth

when you say truth to someone

it doesn't matter it is bitter or sweet

the matter is it is a truth

people drink that truth

to think about atleast it is a truth

but we can't drink lies and lies everytime

this fill the blanks in our mind

with hateness

with evil power

don't care about our friends

everywhere i see liars and liars

get free from one tension

get free from one opinion

but even then my eyes found

the face behind those liars

which make me feel that

i can't trust anybody

now i see everywhere lies and lies

want to kill this lies

but what should i do

if they are my friends


the question always came in my mind

if people don't have vigour to say truth

even to their friend

they are weakest one in this world

every place is fill with liars

everywhere is a liar and liar

Author's Notes/Comments: 

everyday when i'm trying to move on ,at that time i found the truth of people

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