an ode to my dad for his 91'st birthday


dad you get some poetry
today on your 91st birthday
football player on card front
the war came and stole your luck

you got such a great family
and i'm proud to be a party
to a family full of talent; beauty
you worked hard to provide our tea

I'm sure all of the family too
are just so proud of you
your work is now done, time for rest
rest assured you are the best

remember dad what you have got
love, perseverance, longevity; the lot
tho can't be easy; later life
your friends are dropping like flies

heres to many more years
new years, birthdays; festive cheer
we all love you to bits
just wish you wouldn't always sit

no choice when body doesn't operate
as it did; everyones fate
we all toast your amazing life
made all the better by
your amazing wife

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