Timeless (012)

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Unburdened by time 

What's a second?

What's a month?

What's our life?

How sublime


My time with you felt

Not sped up, nor slow

Not feeling exactly

Correct though

Time with you

Feels timeless


No face

To face 

No hands

To handle

Nothing wasted 

Nor both-ends

Burning of the candle


Time to pursue

Never rushed 

Never dallied

Plans to hang

Never hung 

Just rallied



We flit

Feeling free from 

Father Time

Greeted us gayly

Granting gifts

To gather 

At our prime


Time with you 

Feels timeless


Time with you 

Is blissfully






Author's Notes/Comments: 

There is audio for this that I feel prudent to listen to alongside the written word. 

I don't know how, if such an option exists, to upload that audio file to this posting though 

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My Bad Temper

My Bad Temper

My Bad Temper
whirling around,
to  square off its own needs
found a prey.

Scolded till ears get deaf,
till my temper got evaporated,
found myself relived of bad mood.

No time feeling of guilt smiled at me,
 it is doubly painful
on realizing
to whom I hooked,
were not my choice.

Words once throw
can't be retrieved,
yet the bad temper,
tempted to do the Adam's sin
and I lost Paradise Lost
repent  and regret
whirling around
to fill the vacuum that
I bore of my bad temper.

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Paper stars

Paper trails troll troubling trends into contempt of the truth.

Discount viscounts will turn a rogue rat to a mouse.

No cheese, just smoke them out.

Blow them away with a flash sale.

Beyond the veil is a marriage of malcontent and a desire to fix.

Every troll has a bridge.

Who will hang who with the rope used to support it?

Will you pay per trail that you choose to follow even if it brings sorrow?

Will you step on old branches and leaves in the forest of tomorrow?

To scuttle as a borrower or play possum?

Stiff as the floorboards that formed your house.

Are you leader or louse?

Docile or doused in gangster or grouch?

Is it a straight fight for what you have inside or what you put out?

Sometimes those with those with the most beef will claim vegan for clout?

Sometimes we claim our walls are full of beauty yet we paint them with doubt.

Then we redecorate them and redecorate them until the paint tinge is all we are

So much more



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(Ain’t It Sad) How Things Turn Out to Be

When I was young,

I was so carefree,

At least that’s how

It seems to me,

Ain’t it sad

How things turn out to be?


Full of hope,

Full of passionate dreams,

A thrilling new world

Lay right before me,

Ain’t it sad

How things turn out to be?


Glass half full,

Then it’s half empty,

My mood can change

So very unpredictably,

Ain’t it sad

 How things turn out to be?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

 (Ain’t It Sad) How Things Turn Out to Be began life as a song, written and recorded in 2016, although, as the lyrics make manifestly clear, it stems from one of my episodic ‘glass half empty’ periods.

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I lost her


I yearn for you,

But we're, sitting in silence and im just trying to catch a word of your thoughts,

Are you thinking about me?

Do you even still think about me?

Brutal heartbreak, how much can one heart take,

You sleep naked infront of me and my eyes search your body for the scars that I left,

I want to, be inside of you and heal you from within,

I want to,

I want to bend you over and,

I want to, but,

I am not your enemy,

I am not your friend,

I'm everything I couldn't be for you,

And everything that I'm not, within.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Forever my Taco

My Lover's Touch

This is no time for romance. 


We've played our parts and done so beautifully, but now flowery script and greeting card banter is pushed aside for more base desire. 


Prowling on hands and knees towards you: a lioness stalking her inevitable prey. 


You love the way my full lips express my love for you without so much as a word; I adore how your fingers coax forth my innermost melody that erupts not in song

but in moans and whimpers. 


I'm clay in your hands, and there I want to stay forever.


Trace what you desire into my skin with teeth and tongue. 

Warmth and ecstasy will flow unbridled between us, the marks on your back testament to what you've done to me.


I am fully yours and you are mine...


Make me remember that tonight. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My first time trying my hand at erotic prose. CC welcome!


Her little head has a lot of imaginations,

From all the experiences she went through.

All the ups and downs,

She remained strong and happy.


No matter how hard he broke her,

She kept her head high

And focused at what matters most.

She’s like a soldier,

Brave, strong and resourceful.


Even if she has her friends and family,

She wants to be

That strong independent woman


No man will ever make her weak.

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Stand By You

Verse 1:
Days pass by,

Without a sound,

Without a whisper,

You suddenly left me.


I know that you are

Still in love with me.

But it wasn't meant to be.

I'll stand by you

Through it all.


Verse 2:
If you love me,

Just tell me.

I'll be your's to keep.

I think about the day

That I'll be the one for you.


Since the day you left,

Love doesn't feel the same.

Now, I must let you go.

If there is any way,

I'll stand by you through it all.



For al time,

I'm known that you were "the one."

Tell me, do you feel the same?

'Cause I love you, all of you. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this song today when I really should be studying for exams this coming week on Monday/Tuesday night classes. It's about moving on, letting go of the person you thought was "the one" and then finding "the one" in someone else that can love you better, treat you better, etc. 

Another Night Alone

Verse 1:
I won't spend another night alone.

If it's not you no one else can do.

'Cause we belong together,

You're my shooting star.



 All this time, I spent with you:
These memories will never die out.

'Cause I know you by heart,

Wherever you will go, I'll follow you.


 Verse 2:

Now, the time has come for me

To put myself into your hands.

'Cause you gotta know: We belong to each other.

Our hearts are continuously set in the afterglow.



If you and me, if there's a possibility

Of beconing one with you,

Let loose and come unto me tonight.

Fall apart or hold on tight.



Every time the phone rings,

I expect it to be you.

I spend each daily liviing like this.

Won't you take me home tonight?


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Songs that inspired me to write this song:
1) "Stand by U" - Tohoshinki

2) "The Best Mistake I've Ever Made" - Joanna Wang

3) "Take Me Home" - Oceanlane

4) "I Won't Spend Another Night Alone" - The Ataris