Sometimes there's a tap on the shoulder you can't ignore

Dear Lord, 

I don't want to believe what you're saying

But I know you bring only truth

I know you want to save me, 

Or challenge me,

Am I wise enough to see the signs

And will i be strong enough

To  say yes? 

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*Your the everything I need *

Time passes to quickly when im with you,

Time passes to slowly without you,

Your everything i need and the only one id ever wish for,


Im very lost without you,

cant help but need you even more,


Your my everything I thought id never have,

to good to be true through and through,

im so glad that im alive and with you,


I love it when you stroke my hair,

I love it that you take the time to show me you care,


Your gentle ways have me dreaming and im mesmorised by the magic that shines from within you.


Theres no ends to your talents,

Your one of a kind,

A rare treasure to find,


So who or what pointed us in the same direction?


I know the magic that flows from your beautiful being will take me on a journey that i wont want to end,


Together we can acheive perfection


You and I have forever together xxx

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is dedicated to my husband Richard Wing written years ago but only put up today ;)

A Pathway

there is a mountain that must be passed
there is a way that must be conquered
Travel through the perilous path, leads to freedom, leads to life
Only those who dare to risk, only those who dare to cry


There's another route that stirs attention
It calls out against the moon in the darkness of the night
Whispers gently to the people, prays upon weakness, then bids unfortunate goodbye
Seek to follow, seek to listen, fall prey against the morning light


A choice must be made and the choice must be followed
strum on with ambition, or slip short to desire
May perish or triumph, yet emerge the same, you cannot
Its a journey, we're all born to go, just a bit more than forty degrees below


Meant for me, and meant for others, there's certain peril that lies ahead
Who we are and how we're set, will forge a stone within our chest
Don't heed lightly to my warning, don't drown a fool without first walking
its up to us to rise or fall in the bitter face of it all

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Nightly Hells And The Right Way

Where do I go from here?
I'm so lost, so full of fear.
I'm tired of these motels, these hotels, These nightly hells,
I cant stand the back pain from sleeping in the back seat of my car,
Or living for fight to fight, each payment coming with a new scar.
What I've done with this life has taken me so far,
so far in fact that it's gone to far.

I can't help but look back and feel I've been traveling in the wrong direction.
And in what direction was my misdirection?
I'd like to think it was left.
I want to believe I've traveled so far left that there is no more left.
Everything I do from this point on has to be right.
The right direction, the right choices, the right way.

So say what you may,
But in order to understand you have to follow my life back a bit upstream.
At first I was following a dream,
But was it my dream?
It started so long ago
I don't even know.
It's as though my dreams have been stitched together with seams from another mind,
I was so young, so blind.
I followed the dreams they made for me, but left my own behind,
And I find, that lately,
I've started living to forget the memories of yesterday.

I know by tomorrow, I'll be denying today.
There's not much else I can say.
I just want to break down and let the world have it's way.


Yet I fight.
Even though I don't want to, I make myself fight until the world has no fight left in it.
No more left!
I will drain it to its very last bit.
And it's funny how I justify it;
Because when there's no more fight, all that can be left is peace.
And peace is right.
I mean, Isn't this what's right?
The right direction, the right choice, the right way?

After all, whats the worst that can happen If I follow this path?
What would happen to me if I can't stand this worlds wrath?
I'd die.


But I don't mind,
It doesn't have to end like a fairytale.
Even if I fail, I can finally rest.
Sleep in eternal blackness.
It would be so calm, so simple.
Simplicity at its best.

But I want to succeed,
I want to win this fight,
I want it to be over,
I want to be right.
Choose the right life, the right direction, the right way,

And you may think I'm crazy,
But I think I'm right.
I think This is the right direction, the right choice, the right way.
All these words, the right words to say.
This is how it shall be.
This is what will amend me.
This is right,
You'll will see.


- The Lazarus

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Please let me hear your opinions on this one. It is my favorite piece to perform.

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how i feel
how much i feel
nobody cares
just walk and walk
that much they dare
i exist from the beginning to the end
did anyone ever questioned how i repaired
from the foot, from the truck
that includes you my friend
your kindness and your laws of dignity
i'm just a way
just a path to be followed
at the bottom which filled with hollow
how much i bear
how long i bear
did anyone questioned

I'm just your path
i just give you a direction
of your success
for your life
live with no care
every time repair whenever there is need
with empty hollow and empty shell
from the beginning to the end

Author's Notes/Comments: 

describing road

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Doors Won't Glow

I wouldn't wince
with a finger to chest.
A murmur of heart,
a horn around neck.

The take off and pull
had me down deadened,
threatened by mention
of hands on my head.

So I sought out the seeking,
and seeking sought too;
maddened by empty -------
that had become you.

But you wouldn't know,
and I couldn't know,
and doors wouldn't glow.
Doors wouldn't glow -------

Doors won't glow -------
She said to me that
doors won't glow -------
No matter your vision,
your center, your stay,
doors won't glow
for you, either way -------

And given to me, that they
haven't believed, nor would
they struggle to see the
beauty observed in these
worlds -------
I'd understand, and reach -------
I'd just pretend, and be -------
I would defend you
seeking all halls full of
doors -------
that glow --------------

Before all the settling
down that was needed,
you were the call
to which I had heeded.

You brought every storm
and formed every crack
that start in the cellar
and run down my back.

When I lay my arms
down at your side;
within you would dwell,
within you would hide.

And convince you I couldn't
that I was your realm,
made for belonging
with us at your helm -------

You wouldn't be buried
beneath all my love
encompassing grey
that flitters above.

You told me to leave,
you'd told me to go,
and neglected to say
That these doors wouldn't glow --------------

Chorus -

Instrumental Bridge -

Chorus -

Doors won't glow, nor could they
show me the way to your
core --------------
I don't know they're here for --------------
For these doors --------------
Just wouldn't glow --------------
For me ...

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Life's Nature

Breathe with the world
Be intentionally guided 
O'er land and sea and wind

When deepest of calms
Your soul overtakes
Peace does grow within

A light in the eye
Exotic in nature
A thirst for the ways of the world

Foundation provided
Cannot be derided
Your life awaits your whim

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Fate of direction

Where do I go from here
is the right direction anywhere near
or could it be my failure is based upon fear
in my head I have a plan, but my heart has no motive
scared to fail, yet scared to move forward
at this point faith is questionable
and adapting to it all makes it more subtle
I know that the final outcome can only be positive
knowing that God wouldn't have brought me this far, just to drop off a deposit slip
only that may be what I need, to get back on my feet
adjusting to leaving my worries behind, because with time all things will cease
and with time, things will fall into place, as they should be.

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The Road I Travel

Just a thought!

The Road I Travel

My road is long with many miles
It takes me on a tour
I look ahead from where I came
With magical allure
The road I take is boundless
It has many sites to see
The direction that I take
Will determine life for me
This road has gifts to offer
Lined with treasures from above
I seek a destination
Called, Harmony and Love
This road I travel brought me here
In search of something new
If you would like to share the road
I’ll travel it with you

by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"The dream of Life"