my ode to Stan Collymore


Greetings colly and how do you do?
Just had to write a poem to you
Been listening to talksport today
Whilst doing mums decorating
Talking about a survey done
Footballers; rigged games: Depression

And I’v appreciated your honesty
So you get some also from me
Brother paid for the priory clinic
Just for an hour, didn’t stay in it
Was having issues; sorted myself
Not having any more personal hell

Footballers such a spoilt bunch
Most of them only train till lunch
Getting paid extreme money
And doing very well materially
Most would think, why the blues?
Can effect badly the likes of you

I’m pretty sure I do know why
Darkness appears in many lives
This life is not reality
This world is madness: Materially
I’v only figured this out now
I choose money not to cow tow

I used to care what I drove
Designer labels; immaculate clothes
Now I’v found more important things
In this world, materialism cannot bring
I’m talking about the unseen
That used to effect me badly

I have been a student for a while
Intent on making the world smile
And can’t stop writing poetry
I’m sure this is just the bard in me
Wonder if you could do me a favour
Well super Mario if you care

He is at the top of a slippery slope
Though I’m sure he is a nice bloke
Was in a meditation little while ago
Hes got demons, dark energy ego
All of which can be got rid by mme
And happy to do the lot for free

With also ticking the box of
Zero publicity
He could be better than Messi
But got loads of bad beings
Which stop people achieving things
And they thrive on suffering

Please also check my poetry out
Most is self help and devout
To the god inside both me and you
When empowered it chases away blues
And a happy new year from me
And thanks for giving this a read

Depression is a really bad thing
And leads to undue suffering
And just cos you can see
Doesn’t mean the thing aint real
I am a specialist in etheric energy
And can help people find inner peace
Some seek, others truly need

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