Lovers Field

My Everything

A field before my feet.

The smell of wild flowers; my nose to steep.

Stems adorned with color, glimmering in the exhausted sun.

Waltzing amongst my fingertips; legs eager to run.

There's a shadow near the woods.

Quite a distance, from where I stood.

Gliding, like I sprouted graceful wings.

Twirling winds; in my ears do ring.

A pure familar fragrance, lingering in the air to find.

Something sweet on lips, I've somehow left behind.

The silence of the woods, hum in mysterious concern.

There you stood, a fire in me to burn.

Blossoming in daring flames.

Two souls, a mirror; the same.

Sundown Eyes


And the sky took with light

Reflected in my eyes; beaming

Feeling lighter and bright

Submerging my soul; dreaming


I’ve fallen into the crescent

A tight woven bond

Enriching the present

A long road too fond


A candle in the distance

Awakens the depths inside

A higher purpose of existence

From you, I cannot hide


I have fallen in to your grace

No sense of time; still

A torch for my darkened place

Adventures in twilight; surreal

A Poet's Wish

mystical magical words

of love,

bring me the child in all.


mystical magical child within,

remind me, 

unblind me

to my essence



mystical magical 

moonlit night,

let blankets of 


restore my sight.


mystics in poetry,

angels of rhyme,

shower me,

empower me,

twirl love 

to infinity,

your gentleness is

grace so sublime!



Inspired by Allets 






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Magical Night


I'll remember this night
when we hold hands tight
But you have to let go
'Coz we see your bro


I don't really know why
but I tell you what
I think I see a sign
when you smile like that


Never forget this night
when we eat this food
I never ate in my life
yet they taste so good


We run across the street
Even if the light's still red
My heart is fast to beat
There are things left unsaid


This is a magical night
Though the moon is not bright
I want to feel your dress white
And that we fly like kites uphigh


And as we go to the cab
I am starting to go sad
I don't want this to end
I can't seem to comprehend


Author's Notes/Comments: 

My debut poem
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Softly the touch from delicate wings,
like brush to air with flutter from eyes.
A magical wisp, darting hither to fro,
colored with hues from rainbow's rise.

Faint kisses' breath upon the cheek,
a brush of silk in swoop gone by.
With silent dip, and quickened flit,
the fleeting sight is a lone butterfly.

Heeding the call of enticement's gist,
astride a drift -- dainty frill follows.
Sailing course, steered by a breeze,
an endless search for flowering hollows.

Continuing on rifts of a ferry gale --
leads passage into a bluebell's hold.
Wafting fragrance assures -- nectar is sweet,
each sip savored from every petal's fold.

Alight in the midst of blossomed dell,
awaiting swish-- like quieted whispers say.
In the gusts they come, one after one--
skies begin to fill with butterflies today.

© C.E.Vance

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Antiquated wounds crinkle, above suspended bridge of the ancient coiler.
Ripe tare's into honour's sheath, cindered wolves, reminisent of desecrated lust.
Tender, ardent admirer penetrates His Virgin's Soul, bathing Her ovoid chalice.
Principle's prowess rock tamed upon sacred ground, nestled while suckling powers of She.
Atop steel limbs, His center unfurls, clutches to blood chambers.
Alchemy charred , decay tumbles upon silhouetted, Hermatic wisdoms.
Authentic droplets glare at window's corner light, deflowered, bejeweled, Goddess She.
Perched upon His higher force, Yoni petals at seat of Soul, billows on Psyches wind.
Divine spark emanates sentient, coupling tales, as amorous seals mount.
Potent force kindled by Her stirred flight landing in infant gardens.
Trickled, intent wrapped words, lustrous by deeds of heart.
Revered heads bowed, by lover's call, of depths yet spoken.
Principle chivalrous ways, wrap and spiral in Her seven veils, upon faceted mysteries glimpsed.
Eros spawned from a Goddess Virgin's Soul.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspiration...My Principle...GL

May 2012

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The Road I Travel

Just a thought!

The Road I Travel

My road is long with many miles
It takes me on a tour
I look ahead from where I came
With magical allure
The road I take is boundless
It has many sites to see
The direction that I take
Will determine life for me
This road has gifts to offer
Lined with treasures from above
I seek a destination
Called, Harmony and Love
This road I travel brought me here
In search of something new
If you would like to share the road
I’ll travel it with you

by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"The dream of Life"