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lake Isabella, California, USA

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I'm a hopeful (not hopeless) romantic... I'm the guy who steps up for the underdog! I don't believe women should be hit, or abused in any form... after all, they are the second most precious gifts entrusted to man (children being first) and should be treated with respect.
Writing poetry has always been part of me, I'm trying to write a couple novels; one is a fantasy for kids between about 12 to 16, and the second is for the adult reader, its a sci-fi story.w

ChryWizard is short for Cherry Wizard. I love all things cherries and they are my logo. Poetry is how I talk to the world, how I share my thoughts, dreams, ideas of love and the world at large. I believes in magick, (the simplest form of magic is a smile, it can change another from sadness to joyful in two heart beats.) Easy going and honest, people seek me out when they need someone to listen, someone who won't judge them or take advantage of their situation. I'm a Double Virgo who has learned that perfection is the hope we should strive for but if we fall short; we keep trying! To know the man who is Chrywizard, all you need to do is read his Poetry. Just as the Eyes are the windows to our soul, my Poetry is the windows of my heart! As to what I look like....well; it's not just because I believe in magick is why I'm called Wizard, with my long, silver white & brown hair I am often seen as a wizard.
Thank you for visiting my page!!! I hope you enjoy my Poetry.

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If I told you that... I'd have no secrets at all.

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A Stranger is a friend, I haven't met yet (my own)
The only thing necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing. (Edmond Burke)


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