Best Friends

Jade and Robyn

When you sit side by side

You seem to be double

Yet inside

You each have your own bubble

I never have trouble

Seeing your individual faces

The difficult world seem to crumble

Beneath your unstoppable blazes

Of defiance

Two different side of a coin

One, finance 

One, Science

You never seem to be falling

From the place you want to be

It doesn't take a lot to see

You are unstoppable forces

Breaking through the whispers and voices

Like a sharpened blade

To Robyn and Jade..


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is dedicated to my best friends who are also twins, Robyn and Jade.

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Your face is still etched

So vividly in my memory.

Your missing tooth,

Your dark green eyes,

Your shabby, old pair of converse,

Your overalls,

And the striped shirt

You always wore beneath it.


We were invincible.

You were Batman,

I was Robin.

Our imaginary capes

Blew against the strngth of the wind,

Our arms spread out

Like the wings of a plane

As we flew across cities 

Searching for trouble

Oblivious to the real dangers 

That would consume you.


The missing tooth grew in.

You replaced your overalls

And shabby shoes.

You laughed as much as you breathed

And you smiled

Even on the gloomiest of days.

No one could have ever guessed.


It was never supposed to be like this.

I thought we had more time.

We were supposed to grow up together.

To have all-nighters,

2 AM conversations, midnight drives,

Parties, prom night, graduation.


I don't know how it happened

Or why it had to be you

Or why I had to find you lying there

Pill bottles scattered across the floor

Your body, stone cold, lifeless


We were supposed to be invincible 

One Missed Call

I think, today, I'm going to smash my phone with a hammer.
because everytime it goes off, I get a false sense of hope that it'll be you at the other end.

But you're not there,

you never are,

so instead of sitting here wishing upon stars,

I'll distroy the thing that causes me so much pain.

On second hand, maybe I'll wait until tomorrow...
you know...
incase you decide to call.  

my best friend

she is more than a sister, she is more than a friend
she is close to my heart...N' we'll be friends till the end
she makes me smile whenever am about to cry
she makes me laugh when i feel down and sad
she wiped my tears away when i was broken one day
she took my hand and showed me how strong i should stand
she is one of the dearest and the closest to my heart
and i swear that nothing could ever make us apart
am speechless to say that she surprises me everyday !!
and both of us are proud to be sometimes crazy and insane
we laugh about some silly things but it makes us happy
we enjoy our time cuz we're always doing something funny
we have so much in common
and am proud to say ,
my BEST FRIEND i love u ...and i thank u so much
for giving me happiness... i swear that am blessed from God
and am sorry if i ever made u lovely sister Mariam Emad

Author's Notes/Comments: 

it is for my best friend mariam emad <3

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My Best Friend

You're my best friend,

and I hope you know that.


You are the one person

that I feel like I could tell anything.


I know I can trust you

with anything,


and I must admit,

that I love you, hon!


You're like a sister to me,

and I couldn't stand to ever loose you!



Thank you so much,

for being my bestie,

I have never felt

this close to anyone else.


I love you, sis.

I love you, Imani!

Love you like a sister!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my best friend!

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Letters to a Dead Best Friend

It seems like only yesterday I was waking up to your "good morning" texts.
Now I can only think of those fond memories.
You were my best friend and secret keeper.
My life raft when I was drowning,
and you didn't even mean to be.
The one I went to when anything went wrong,
how you could tell if I was hurt.
You knew if I was lying or if I was just being goofy.

Our last conversation.
I had my first car and needed help cleaning it up.
Who do I ask for help?
My Dad or Brother? No.
Just you.
You wanted to drive it sometime but I said no never.
I knew you'd be safe but you're driving scared me...

Who knew that that would be our last conversation.
When you hopped in the passengers seat of the car.
You even had your seatbelt on when a cop drove past,
But you took it off. And I don't know why.
The car was going to fast, gravel on the road. The car flipped.
The phone calls I got became frantic wondering if you were with me.
Not knowing if it was you or someone else with the same name.
I rushed to the hospital
pulling over to get control over my panic.
The final blow to my heart when it was confirmed that it was you.
Screaming and bawling I found the hospital.
My life shattered and not knowing how to make it whole again.

You were the glue in me.
My one stable thing in life.
When everything else was falling apart

Now, six months later I'm still picking up the pieces.
I wake up expecting a text from you,
or even hoping for one of those notes where you said you would marry me someday.
I always said no, I loved you but you were my like my brother.
it was always a sad thing to do. Crush your dream like that.
but you were my friend and that's all I saw you as.
If you were here we would still be fighting over that,
but at least you would be here.

You said you wanted to make an impact.
well impact you did.
Your short 17 years has made me,
molded me,
and encouraged me to live my life to the fullest.
I will always remember you.
because if there is a memory, you are still alive in our hearts.
I promise to try to make you proud,
Even if I stumble, I'll get back up for you.

You were my rock, so I'll live for God.
I'll see you again, you promised to save me a place in Heaven right beside you.

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Old Friends...

Ok, so we are friends right? Even though we've had our fights. still friends right? Remember those things we used to do... so long ago. I remember the things, even though we've been apart ya know. Life has changed in so many ways, but i still enjoy looking back at those days. No I'm not living in the past, just remembering a time when life was a blast. So when you see my face and see me smile, just know that seeing you takes me back there for awhile.

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Is My Best Friend Back?

Is my best friend back?
It's something that I must know.
It seemed like I was
losing my best friend,
for a while there.

But now we're talking again,
not as much as we always have,
but I'm okay with it right now,
because she's coming back!

I only hope that we don't
fall apart again,
because I cannot bear
to lose her again!

She's my best friend,
and we've been through a lot,
in only a few short years,
and she's the best friend I've had!

Is my best friend back?
I really hope so!
I will be so very pleased
if my best friend is back.

I believe I scared her off,
by being too "smothering"
and always wanting to
be around her.

Is my best friend back?
It seems like it,
and I'm just hoping that
it is actually true!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I think my best friend is back again, but I don't know for sure...

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All Along

Friendship Poems

People have told me that we could never be friends,
That you would grow up and not stay till the end.
But I know that is not what you do,
That you’ll stay by my side and always be true.
They said it was extremely strange,
Because between us there is 5 years of age.
They didn’t know you were a child at heart,
That you kept on saving me, from falling apart.
You were always there when times were tough,
When friends were fake and life was rough.
You would stay by my side and hold me close,
And always understand if things arose.
You were the big sister I never had,
Because you listen to my problems and never get mad.
Nobody understood why you liked me at all,
That strange girl with the untidy scrawl.
And quite frankly neither could I,
I thought you wouldn’t stick around and just pass me by.
So that’s why I’m writing this,
Just to say,
That I wouldn’t have had it any other way.
So I’m saying thanks for all that you've done,
For not giving up when it all begun.
I’m very glad that we proved them wrong,
Because here we are together, like all along.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for my best friend who is 18. My parents didn't and still don't believe that she's any good for me and don't understand why she likes me so I wrote this to show that I really value her friendship.